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Sweet Victory

Chapter One


Exactly one year had passed since the particular fifth of November had passed; on that particular fifth of November, V had died, leaving everything he owned to Evey Hammond. This day was not like last year, the day had been dark and dreary with a threat of rain; it had begun to drizzle around dinnertime. It was around ten o'clock when a peculiar figure began down the street. Perched on an old, blue Razor scooter was a girl with straight, and rather damp, brown hair. Without stopping or even slowing down, she lifted a white hand to brush away the strands from her hazel eyes. She appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen, and she had a knowledgeable look to her. There was something strange about the directions in which she went; she had not been in London for over ten years, but she seemed to know exactly where she was going.

Evey Hammond was lamenting V that night by watching The Count of Monte Cristo. She had rather taken to living in the Shadow Gallery, as she was the only one who could take care of it properly. Strangely enough, there was a knock at the door. "Funny," she said, "I thought this place was hidden." Curiously, Evey opened the door. Outside stood the aforementioned girl, backpack, Razor scooter and all. "How did you get here?" Evey inquired.

"Intuition," she replied. "I've traveled for a long time. I would like to shower and then sleep for a little while, if that's okay. I'll explain in the morning."

Evey didn't know what to make of this girl. She obviously had a connection with this place, considering she had gotten here when close to no one knew the way here, and anyone who did certainly would've called before coming. Nonetheless, it was cold outside, and the girl was shivering. "Alright, but leave your bag here, and I should hope you don't have any weapons."

"Not on my body anyway," the girl replied.

"Can I at least ask your name?"


"There is a shower to the left. You can sleep on the sofa here."

Evey knew it probably wasn't a smart idea to let a stranger inside, but Victoire seemed harmless, and was it a coincidence that her name should begin with the letter V? Probably. Evey had no choice but to inspect Victoire's bag, for her own safety. Inside was a change of clothes that were considerably muddy, three American dollars, a fake ID, a piece of candy, and, perhaps the strangest objects of all, a pair of gleaming knives. Evey dropped them back in the bag when she realized what they were. "Is she crazy?" Evey asked herself.

Victoire showered and fell asleep as soon as she crashed on the sofa. Evey watched her, but she too was quite sleepy. Soon she made herself go to sleep, with the promise to herself that she would wake before Victoire. Despite the knives in her bag, Evey couldn't help but think that Victoire wasn't here to hurt her. Her arrival had been one of the strangest happening in her strange life. Victoire herself appeared to be from France; her name had that French ring to it, and her voice didn't seem to have an English accent.

Evey slept lightly that night, and she woke up several times. Her dreams were haunted by images of V, and the day he died. She didn't count them as nightmares, but they certainly weren't pleasant dreams; they kept her tossing and turning all night. There was no doubt in Evey's mind that Victoire might have woken up because of her tossing and turning, but she obviously wasn't bent on killing her that night because Evey woke up the next morning to find the Shadow Gallery as peaceful as ever.

Evey sat up in her bed, which was, as usual, surrounded by books. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and stretched as people often do in the mornings. Then Evey remembered Victoire; Victoire hadn't killed her in her sleep. Evey pulled out a plain blue shirt and a pair of slacks. After getting dressed, and fluffing her hair, Evey decided it was time to go out and see if Victoire was still there.


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