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Final Chapter: Wish


The world was made of Light.

As the blindness left her eyes, Zelda gazed on a place unlike any other. Mountains floated off in the distance, their edges highlighted in a luminous white. Between her and the floating cliffs was empty space and on the horizon, clouds were shining like miniature suns, tinged with the reds and oranges of twilight.

But the sky; it shined of gold, not blue, and at last her mind caught up and she realized where this was.

"The Golden Realm," she whispered in awe, "the bond between worlds..." Zelda looked around, amazed to find herself on a grand staircase, cut into the side of an ancient structure. What land or architecture she could see, they bore no traces of time or decay.

Everything radiated peace and was a harmony of perfection.

Her tear streaked face glanced from left to right, her mind recalling the task she came here to do. Descending the stairs from the doorway, her eyes wandered, gazing at the thousands of miles one could see in either direction. Her feet moved of their own accord, her mind torn between the wonders in front of her and the reality from where she came.

Half in a dream, Zelda didn't realize how far she walked until a Golden Light took precedence amongst the other colors in front of her. She was rounding a bend, passing a large statue of marble, when the source of this Light came into her view.

It was far away, whatever it was, as it appeared to be nothing more than an intense star; a tiny dot in the vast space. She continued towards the edge of the land mass she found herself on and just as she passed a final set of ancient columns, a small square stone lit up before her feet. It pulsed and sparked a blue light and without a moment's hesitation, she stepped onto it.

Zelda blinked, the act seeming to erase the place she was in and instead painted another.

Not far in front lay a massive pyramid.

She recognized it from her history texts that she used to study. These structures were old, ancient relics from a time long since past. They were used to hold and display objects of the highest significance and Zelda knew exactly what this one held at its peak.

Shaking herself from the surprise of the sudden change in scenery, she moved towards the pyramid and began to climb its staircase. Time had no meaning here and it seemed that she had climbed for a lifetime before finally reaching the top and at this point she couldn't help but gasp. The peak of this structure was huge, the size of it almost as large as the grounds of the castle and in the center, whose light out-shined even that of the golden sky, hovered the Triforce.

'It's split in three,' she thought in a daze and found herself becoming sad, wanting in some strange way, to see the artifact united again.

Something happened then, something, extraordinary.

The world sensed her awe and in turn focused more of its energies into the sight before her, drawing on the very depths of the most brilliant colors. Each step she took drew more focus to the Triforce, her eyes and mind only subconsciously registering that the far horizon was dimming. If she could have seen from a distance, Zelda would have been shocked further for the Triforce was drawing in the colors of its home.

"Child of Hyrule, do not fear... Come to us..."

A shiver ran up her spine as the voice whispered in her ears.

"You have come so far, sacrificed so much... Tell us... What brings you to this place?"

Her heart was beating at an incredible rate and all words would not come to her lips or form in her mind. The Triforce floated slightly overhead, the three pieces separate and spinning slowly in unison.

"Speak young one, you have no need to fear..."

Through her tears, of which Zelda had not realized she'd been crying, her mind snapped to attention.

"You are the symbol that everyone believes in; the hope that drives all races in our world. Without you, Hyrule and Twilight, they would cease to be. You that was broken, must be remade."

The three triangles pulsed once, before closing the gap that separated them.

"You so desire our union? Nothing else presses your heart?"

Flashes of Link and his smiling face swam across her vision before fading. "I..." They happened again, this time she could see the light in his eyes as he congratulated her on the training they did together in what felt like year ago.


Zelda flattened her lips and fought hard to keep the tears at bay. She would cry for him later, mourn for her loss then. Not now, not before her makers. She would not be weak.

"I desire your union in the hope that it may bring everlasting peace."

Even as she the words, her eyes betrayed her, spilling tears as the golden objects pulsed once more.

"As you wish..."

The world glowed brighter then, and a wind picked up and blew around Zelda as the pieces formed spheres of light, too bright to look at.

The union of Courage, Wisdom and Power marked the end of nearly all threats and Zelda was both happy and pained to know such a legendary thing was happening right before her. In one last show of brilliance, the triangles emitted a final burst of energy which took the form of a ring and radiated out into the Golden Realm.

As the light dimmed, she could see that three had finally become one.

She bowed gracefully before turning to go back to the place she had come from. Her heart ached to utter the one wish she so wanted, but refrained, Ganon's words still haunting her. Heavy feet carried her to the tile and it took her back to the island which kept the door. As she came to the base of the stairs, heavier tears and finally sobs started to shake her body, but Zelda grew more determined, gritting her teeth and pushing herself forward. The door, open and shining in brilliance came into view once more.

She was nearly there.

'Every choice, every wish has a consequence...'

Ganon's final words burned angrily in her mind and she came to a stop, mere steps from the entrance. From the moment she had stepped through the portal to her place in time now, her mind and heart were plagued by the opportunity, the possibly that Link could be saved and brought back from the Void, but the Light Spirits had spoken.

Not even the Goddesses would venture to that place and Link was taken, body and soul into the blackness. He fought his entire life for peace and if a wish would destroy that, if the remaking of the Triforce would be undone by Link's revival either now or in the future; Zelda knew exactly what he would do. With a heavy heart, she took another step forward but was stopped. A warm presence appeared from behind and the glow of the portal dimmed considerably. All light seemed to drain into this presence from behind and a silent gasp escaped her.

Slowly, she turned around and there, but an arm's reach away floated the Triforce, although smaller now as to not overshadow her form. Despite this, the sheer potency of the object had not lessened.

"What ails you?"

The voice was calm, a collection of powerful beings, radiating comfort and worry. Did it want to help her? Could Link really be... and then she shook the thoughts from her head and beat back her desires.

"What ails you, Zelda Hanerkand?"

She watched in her mind's eye as Link died, not realizing her body had gone completely still with tears streaming down her face. Being called by her ancestor's name did nothing to shake Zelda from despair. Her heart was cleaved in two, one part for Link, the other for her people and she knew she couldn't bring him back but she also couldn't go back without him.

The Triforce sensed a great pain hidden within the girl's body. By the powers that the Goddesses had invested in it, the object gently combed through the memories of all living things, seeking out the cause to this soul's immense pain.

"You weep for him..."

This brought Zelda out of her daze and she could only nod, not trusting her voice. So much had been lost, all for the sake of others but him, but for them.

"Not all sacrifices are in vain..."

She froze, daring to hope as all light around her began to fade.

"Not all dreams are merely dreams... Nor all wishes an evil..."

The Triforce had grown smaller, merely the size of Link's shield and it hovered right before her. By just by lifting her arms, she could grasp the mightiest of all things.

The Golden Realm, once full of light was now dark and all that remained was that of Princess Zelda and the Triforce, a beacon in the night. She felt drawn to it and leaned in where she heard the whispering of words that only she could hear.

"If thou hast a strong desire or love... Wish for it..."

The air caught in her lungs and she could no longer stop herself. With shaking hands, Zelda grasped the Triforce. An immense power flowed through her veins and the three pieces in her hand lit up in brilliance. Although she herself had never experienced such a thing, it somehow felt familiar, like she had done this before.

"Link... I wish for Link..."

The Triforce had been given its command and the Realm knew it.

At the mere utterance of his name, the object glowed brighter than before and Zelda was forced to let go, shielding her eyes from the light. It resonated with a low, building hum as lighting streaked across the sky in the distance, followed by three glowing orbs. They flew towards the princess with unmatched speed and once they were close, the Triforce split, separating once again, but this time, each piece flew towards the approaching orbs. As everything drew near, Zelda did not believe her eyes.

Clad in golden garments, holding their individual piece, the Goddesses flew towards the waiting princess, determined to fulfill their chosen one's wish. In a blink of an eye, Din, Nayru and Farore had formed a massive triangle in the sky as they hovered above an awe struck Zelda.

"Do not be troubled by burdens of a false truth," spoke Nayru, wisest of the three. "The words uttered by Ganondorf Dragmire are mere lies in hopes of destroying your complete victory over the darkness."

"Rejoice, Zelda Hanerkand," spoke Farore, "Hyrule's existence has been solidified due to your efforts, and also that of Link's."

Zelda looked at them with an odd expression, finally registering the words spoken to her.

"Why?" she called out, finding her courage. "Why do you call me by my ancestor's name?"

Din smiled, "The races of all those existing on the plane known as Hyrule have had many names for the past Princesses of Destiny... However, my kin and I know those four leaders of different times by only one name, belonging to one being... Zelda Hanerkand..."

Realization hit her and it hit her hard, "Im...Impossible..."

The three Goddess all laughed together and their voices were like the ringing of bells.

"Nothing is impossible for the will of the Goddesses." smiled Nayru. "You have been our chosen one since the dawn of this world. We will not have any other."

"You mean... I've been... the Princess of Destiny before...? But... why don't I...?"

"Remember?" finished Farore. "We did not want you to be treated as a deity when in truth all you ever wanted was peace and good fortune for those who lived. So we kept the memories of your past experiences and molded them into what you already know."

"Wisdom beyond your years and skills of unmatched caliber." said Din. "You and Link have forever been fighting for Hyrule's safety. You did so when we first chose you, many millennia ago and you still do to this very day and shall continue to do, for there has only been and forever will be two chosen heroes of the Goddesses."

"Link...? You mean, he was like me...? The past Hero's of Time?"

For the first time, the light of the three deities dimmed and Farore appeared in front of Zelda. The young princess was humbled by the Goddesses presence and a biting pain clenched at her when she saw a silver tear fall from Farore's eye.

"I never dreamed that so much hate would spawn from the darkness. It pains me to tell you, but you above all need to know, even though none of this will remain with you. I only pray the feeling of comfort will never leave your side."

Din and Nayru appeared behind their sister, they too looking downcast and ashamed.

"Link has been our chosen protector of you. His will to keep you safe in the past has not dimmed, rather it's strength has only grown. At first, we never envisioned there to be the Hero of Time, but when the Triforce chose him, our eyes were opened. It was however, too late, and the scourge of the Darkling was allowed to endure."

"Our folly sealed your fates," continued Din. "Hyrule as it is today is not what we forged it to be, but even we cannot escape our shortcomings. Your first life, what marked the beginning of the Princess of Destiny forced you to come to this very place and split the Triforce."

"Link died in his efforts to buy you time. His selfless act changed everything and it was then he was marked as the Hero of Time. It allowed you to cut the Triforce and to seal the gates, effectively destroying the hold the Darkling had over our people."

"However our folly was greater than we could have ever imagined," continued Nayru. "Peace was gained, but at the cost of creating a cycle of hatred; one that began the same way the one before it had ended. In war and then peace."

The combined light of the Goddesses exploded outward and warmth flooded Zelda's senses, "But now, now the Darkness has been sealed away. Hyrule may once again know the light of the Golden Age."

The three Goddesses lifted into the air and hovered just above her, holding their respective piece.

"Go now, Princess. Take with you the peace and joy you have so rightly earned and spread it to every corner of the world!"

Zelda bowed low, more excited then she had ever been. The light from her makers was too bright now, thus she didn't risk a glance back at them and instead turned and walked through the gateway.

Din looked to Nayru as the three held up their pieces above them, "Will you hold everything in safe keeping?"

Her sister shook her head, "No. They deserve to remember more than before; it will aid in the land's reconstruction and for the future of all races. Our meeting will fade, but the emotions, the belief that she has known us and spoken with us will remain. It will be our gift to her, for everything they have endured."

Farore smiled at them, "Come sisters, we have work to do. A Hero is deserving of a glorious return and I for one desire him to have it."

The two others nodded and then the entirety of the Golden Realm was flooded with light.


Many of those who had been driven from Castle Town all returned, watching and waiting for who or what may come out of the door made of light. News spread across the country side and species from all over hastened to see this ancient, unknown portal. Days turned into weeks but the door never closed and the inhabitants never left, instead the people from various nations once again knew honor and cooperation as the ruins left in the wake of the Darkling's battle with Zelda were mended.

The town was rebuilt and celebrations occurred every night, even though no one was sure quite what they were celebrating.

But they could feel it, feel it in their bones, feel it in the earth and sky and in the darkest reaches of their souls.

Something had changed and it was a good change indeed.

On the twenty third day, the portal flashed a brilliant light and it drew a crowd of spectators once more. They all waited in abated breath and gasped as one when Zelda walked calmly out of the door made of light. She blinked, surprised at first and could only smile when the throngs before her started to cheer.

Zelda could see a light in their eyes that wasn't there before, a light that had been veiled by the darkness but was now removed. Truly, the cycle had been broken, the war was over.

'For now,' she thought but not in vain or worry. She knew, deep down that Darkness would one day creep back into the world and she would pray that the Darkling never escaped again but should it happen, she and Link would be ready.

Zelda reached for the Master Sword and pulled it out, holding it above her head and shouting to her people as they all raised their hands and shouted back.

"All Hail the Princess Zelda!" they chorused and she lowered the sword before turning back to the portal.

Just as she readied the blade to swipe it and close the door, it was wrenched from her grip, spinning widely until it was caught by a figure emerging from the passage she just came from.

The crowds did not gasp or seem all that surprised as Link stepped out of the Light and he too held the sword high. His actions however caused the door of light to fade but that didn't nothing to stop the crowd's cheer.

Zelda walked calmly up to him although her true feelings were betrayed by her eyes and smile.

"You're back," she said quietly, stepping into his waiting embrace which only egged the crowds on more.

Link didn't care though, he had long since tuned everyone else out, "Yes, yes I am. I'm sorry it took so long, Zelda."

"I never told you, my Knight, but I waited for you, always."

Link chuckled, knowing the words were coming from a different Age and instead of replying, he titled her head and gave the crowds one more reason to scream and cheer.



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