Kyoya watched Haruhi as she took in the sights around her. The recently re-hired driver had dropped them off right at the entrance to the fair, and Haruhi's eyes were wide with excitement. She gently clutched his arm, allowing him to guide her as she looked around everywhere except for where she was walking. The simple, trusting gesture made Kyoya smile to himself. He looked around discreetly for the other Host Club members, and was glad that they were remaining inconspicuous. He led Haruhi through the entrance gates, handing off their tickets to the attendant. He nudged Haruhi with his elbow, stealing her attention away from a man juggling household items for a crowd.

"Do you want to stay and watch, or grab lunch before we walk around?" he asked her when her eyes were on him.

Haruhi laughed, "I'm sure you already know the answer to that question." She grabbed his hand and began to drag him onward. "If I remember correctly, the food is this way."

This time it was Kyoya's turn to be led. The smell of food grew stronger as they approached rows of stands and carts. Kyoya grinned, watching Haruhi's head swivel around as if she was watching a tennis match. He was so busy staring at the pretty girl holding his hand that he forgot to pay attention to his surroundings. He chided himself for barely having time to pull Haruhi closer to him as a group of girls confronted them.

"Kyoya-kun!" One of the girls squealed excitedly. Kyoya was surprised to recognize the daughter of a wealthy businessman who sometimes worked with his father. They had been introduced a few times at parties, but her name never stuck with him. "It's me, Rina-chan," she reminded him when he simply nodded politely.

Haruhi looked at the girls with curiosity. With their high heels and high-fashion clothes, they stood out in the crowd. She could not help but stare at the strange hat that one girl was wearing.

"Allow me to introduce –" Kyoya began to introduce Haruhi, before he was rudely interrupted with a huff from Rina-chan.

"Kyoya-kun, come explore the fair with us instead," Rina-chan whined, completely ignoring Haruhi. The other girls nodded their heads eagerly. "I'm sure your father would love to hear that you accompanied us," she said pointedly. "And I know my father would be very pleased to know we are friends."

Kyoya was surprised by her blatant rudeness and obvious implications. The silly girl obviously did not realize that in terms of business, it was her family who needed the Ootori corporation, not the other way around. "Fortunately, I have someone more important to attend to, but I'll be sure to let my father know about our encounter. He loves to hear about the families who own a business before he hires them," Kyoya said coldly as he led Haruhi around the group. Haruhi tore her eyes away from the tall, green hat, and began to follow Kyoya.

"But she's just a poor, common, bi-" Rina-chan halted mid-word when Kyoya stopped abruptly and glared at her.

Haruhi rubbed her nose with a grimace, having run into Kyoya's back. Haruhi was surprised to look up and see the black aura surrounding Kyoya. Kyoya stepped towards Rina-chan and whispered something to her that made the girl blanch. Rina-chan quickly drew back and called to her friends to follow her as she walked away.

"Do you think that other girl knows there is a dead rabbit on her hat?" Haruhi pondered out loud.

Kyoya laughed and pulled Haruhi in for a hug. In his mind he thanked God that nothing seemed to faze her. She hugged him back briefly before pulling away, "Friendly, but casual. Remember?" She reminded him with a smile. "Now let's go eat." She grabbed his hand once more, and Kyoya was pleased to notice that she held his hand a little tighter this time.

"He gets a hug for that?" Hikaru exclaimed with frustration, slamming his binoculars onto the table. He crossed his arms and slumped down further in his chair.

Kaoru patted his back, watching as the couple continued to browse the food stands hand-in-hand. Their plan had failed miserably. Kyoya was supposed to ditch Haruhi for Rina-chan, a girl with far more financial and business merit. Instead, it looked as if Kyoya insulted Rina-chan and was now even closer to Haruhi.

"What is he trying to get out of this? He can't benefit at all from dating Haruhi!" Hikaru continued to rant.

"I don't know about that," Kaoru said softly to himself. He squeezed Hikaru's shoulder, pointing as Haruhi attempted to feed Kyoya the last fried squid ball on a stick. Kyoya was fending her off, turning his head away while laughing. Finally, Haruhi shrugged her shoulders and was about to eat the squid ball herself, when Kyoya quickly intercepted and stole her bite. Kyoya laughed, but quickly stopped at the look of disappointment on Haruhi's face.

The twins watched in fascination as Kyoya presented Haruhi with a new stick of squid balls. "Where did he get that from?" the twins murmured to each other. From where they were sitting several yards away, they could see how happy it made Kyoya to please Haruhi, who was now busily devouring the food, denying him any bites.

Hikaru's cell phone rang, and he answered it absentmindedly. He dropped the phone in shock when all he heard was loud screeching. He handed the phone to Kaoru, "Can you talk to Rina-chan, please?" Kaoru sighed and took the call, wandering a few steps away from the table to deal with the irate girl.

When Kaoru sat back down, Hikaru glanced at him questioningly.

"Kyoya-senpai told Rina-chan that if she ever spoke negatively about Haruhi again, that he would find a way to end her family's business. Remind me when we get home to send some of Mom's new clothes to her." Kaoru shrugged. "Did I miss anything while I was on the phone?"

Hikaru did not reply, staring down at his hands. Kaoru searched the crowd, and finally spotted the couple. Kyoya had an arm around Haruhi's shoulder, and was saying something into her ear that made her smile and blush. They were obviously in their own little bubble of happiness.

"Come on, brother." He tugged Hikaru to stand up. "Let's go win stuffed animals to throw at them."

Hikaru smiled, "Okay, let's head this way. I saw a giant stuffed dog somewhere over here."