Author's note: I'm just trying this whole fanfiction thing out. I'm not sure how good I am or anything yet, so brutally honest, but sensible comments are appreciated.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and all the characters therein. I only claim the story line.

Summary: What would happen if Charlie died?



I was trying to pay attention to Mr. Basch. Really, I was. But my thoughts kept turning back to Edward and his "family." I couldn't even fathom trying to actually understand the complex Algebraic equations being written on the old chalk board.

I sighed, wondering what was in store for me tomorrow.Edward and Emmett weren't in school today; they were hunting, in preperation of whatever they were planning tomorrow. Conversely, Jasper and the female vampire population (excluding Esme) were here. They took yesterday off to hunt, both to not raise suspicions of the townspeople, and so someone is alwas here to watch me, what with Victoria on the loose.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when Edward walked into my classroom uncharacteristically somber.

"Mr. Basch?" he mumbled silkily. "May I speak to Isabella Cullen outside? I have a pass from the office..."

The teacher looked at him suspiciously, but, after examining the pass, nodded to him.

"Bella?" His eyes were clouded, and still black. He hadn't hunted?

"Edward, what-"

"Shh. Bella, I need to talk to you."


He silenced me with a look, and, grabbing my arm, led me out of the room.He didn't talk, and I was too afraid to ask anything, until we were in the fresh air.


"What is it, Edward?"


I felt the world tilt, my balance shift, and Edward catch me. The one word, spoken in his irresistably smooth voice, brought the world as I knew it crashing down around me, and though I wasn't sure what exactly happened, I was sure that the ending did not involve puppies and lollipops.

"We're not sure it was Victoria, but it was definitely a vampire, and one that didn't want to be found out by humans.I came as quick as I could; I wanted to tell you before someone else could. Carlisle called me from the hospital..."

I wasn't sure how I got there, but I found myself in the Volvo, leaning my head against the cool glass of the passenger-side window and concentrating on not breaking down.

Edward opened my door, and helped unbuckle the seat belt and pull me out of the car.

"We're here? Already?"

"Already." He confirmed.

"You drive too fast, you know."

He shot me a look.

"You do." I insisted.

"I do. I'm not entirely sure now is the time to talk about my driving expertise."

"Or lack thereof." I pointed out.


"Yes?" We were walking up the short set of stairs leading to the main entryway, and I stumbled, Edward catching me more out of habit than anything.

"Your dad is in room 214. They aren't supposed to let anyone see them being prepared for the morgue, but-"

"That's a funny word, morgue. And tongue. Who decided to add the 'ue'?"

"Bella, stop."

"And that whole 'i before e' thing is utter ludicrous..."

"Bella! Stop. Darling, your dad is...dead... and you're pondering the finer points of the American language."

"'Dead' sounds"

"It is Bella, understand this."

"I don't understand it, though. I saw him this morning, and he was laughing about Harry Clearwater's hijinks. Now he's supposed to be just... gone... and I don't understand it, and I can't understand it."

"Bella, sweetie..."

He sat in a hard plastic waiting room chair and leaned me against him.I welcomed his cool touch, hoping it would help clear my thoughts so I would stop babbling like an idiot. Instead, it helped my imagination create different scenarios.

I wake up in Trig with drool trickling down my chin, and am embarrassed, but Charlie's alive.

I walk in to the hospital room, and Dad's sitting there, attatched to a bunch of machines, but alive.

"My daddy's dead..." I say aloud, feeling the way the words form my mouth. "Dead. Dead. Dead."

"Bella, shh..."

I looked around the room, and saw a few people looking sadly at me.

"I need to call Renee..." I decide, trying to avoid Edward's eyes. "I need to tell her, and she'll fly out, and-"

"Bella, you can't. Victoria did this, and she's still here. If your mom flies up... we can't know she'll be safe. We can only do so much, Bells," The use of my father's nickname for me brought tears to my eyes, finally and unwelcome.