Title: Analyse.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There's no one else I want.
Pairing: Matt/Matt
Warning: Slash, 200-word drabble
Disclaimer: Capcom's.

He was in love with himself. Not in the 'traditional' way (although that could be said as well), but in the real sense of the word. For what better person would there be to love?

The other Matt lived in his head, snarling and snapping, always waiting for the perfect opportunity to show himself. And when he did, Matt was in bliss. That's me, he would say to no-one. That's the real Matt Engarde, cunning, ruthless and beautiful.


With someone as flawed as himself, he was a good facade. Hopelessly adorable, oozing charm, ditzy (anything to draw attention away from the real Matt though).

They were two completely different people and knowing Matt, he wished to meet his other self for real, take him out for a drink. Screw him and confidentally say: 'Sorry, dudes, but I'm taken.'

'By who?'

At this, he could just smile and melt the hearts of those asking. And he would do this forever, for no-one would understand what it meant to love yourself completely. So he would share it with himself, saying every night, 'There's no one else you want. No one...'

I love you, Matt Engarde.

And I love you, Matt Engarde.