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Cross the line

Or never to see what's on the other side

Chapter 1- beware of bottles

"… If you don't get lost when I count to three..."

There was a certain amount of satisfaction as he said those words; this grew evidentially as fear began to seep into the facial expression of the message's recipient. A priest, possibly in her teens, red hair and purple garbed, not one who stood out in a crowd.

But it was irritating, her mere presence was.


Evelyn Serephen swallowed nervously, watching the assassin, no, she corrected herself, assassin of the cross reach for the pair of katars dangling by his waist. They looked awfully sharp, the way he flashed them in the sunlight with deliberate slowness.

It was at this point that the priestess decided that this assassin wanted little to do with her, and she couldn't help but to wonder why he seemed grumpy. After all, she was simple asking for directions to this thing called the "Saber" guild that she was suppose to get to a quarter of an hour ago.

Geffen was a nice city, Eve supposed, but it was difficult to find a random by passer that doesn't have his or her nose stuck in a book...


Indeed, in times like this, choices such as "run" and "scream" seemed extremely attractive, except Eve did promise him to be there. Him being Vash, the guild master of Sabre who had decided Eve would be a find addition to the guild, in that bright and sunny day barely a week ago (her fellow church members had all suddenly found something very important that they had to attend to and disappeared through the side doors as soon as Vash stepped into the front gates of Prontera church).

The priestess supposed it had something to do with the guild's reputation of running out of priests and priestesses at an alarming rate, or of the rumor that any priest recruited by Sabre usually ended in the infirmary in Prontera within a week.

But rumors where just rumors, the servant of God wasn't about to turn someone in need away just because of a few rumors. The self righteousness had had been bashed into her skull from years of priest training told her just that, at that fateful moment that she agreed to be recruited.

"Three doors down from the Mage's academy, beside the jacaranda tree" said the champion (who was almost in tears when Eve agreed.) "You can't miss it."

And there she was, doing exactly what she "can't" do. Without doubt, she was standing in front of a door, with the overhanging jacaranda branch happily peppering purple hued flowers down on her head. The problem, though, came in the form of an assassin of the cross, who had harshly told her something on the lines of "I don't know what you're talking about", and "get lost" when she asked him of Sabre's existence.


Eve took a step back, then another, eyeing the katars that were now tightly strapped onto the assassin's arm. It seemed that her day officially sucked, and if she didn't "get lost", there would be a great deal of chaos and bloodshed. Then…

"Evelyn Serephen?"

The assassin of the cross stopped in midstride, smug look suddenly melting into annoyance. He turned around to the champion, guild master of the Sabre, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, inches behind him and in front of the door.

"Vash!" exclaimed the priestess he was about to pleasurably mangle.

"I see you have become affable with our guild assassin." Vash said cheerfully. "That's Dante there."

Eve thought 'affable' wasn't so accurate a word to describe the situation, though she chose not to voice her opinion.

"Come on, I'll show you the guild base" said the champion, opening the door for the priestess.

"Welcome to Sabre."

"She's useless!" A loud, slightly arrogant voice belonging to a certain assassin of the cross announced in the Geffen taverns. A few hours after the priestess' arrival, he had managed to drag his leader down to the taverns (it's pass midday, thus socially acceptable to be drunk) to discuss a few issues. "Did you see her back then? I was about to kill her, and she just stood there."

Vash placed down his mug, the word 'kill' attracted the attention of a few heads (mainly mages) around the tavern. He smiled at them to assure none of them were about to succumb to death in the soon future.

"We need a priest." He shrugged.

Dante glared at him, then at the heads turned heads at the general direction of their table, showering each with a silent death threat. It was reasonable scary, when putting an assassin with 'annoyed' writing on his face with a death threat.

"No we don't." he replied.

"We do, every guild need priests to function."

"We function perfectly well without one, you fill a priest's role perfectly fine."

Vash didn't know whether he should take that particular comment as an insult or flatter, so he decided not to take notice of it. "Not as efficiently as someone trained in the healing arts. Give her a chance."

"Already did"

"Dante." Vash said, exasperated. "We've already gone through this more than once, I'm not about to change my decision."

The assassin gave his leader a long look. "It's either her, or me."

The look Vash returned was of equal intensity. "There are plenty of assassins that wanted to part of the Sabre," he said steadily. "But no other priest after what you did to the last few we recruited."

Sabre was a fairly new guild in Geffen. Due to the general housing issues that was spreading through Ruin Midgard like wild fire, the guild had located its base near the Mages' Academy. A daring move, one must say, if not stupid and desperate. Living next to a bunch of novice mages was very similar to living next a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction.

From time to time, various uncontrolled, colorful elemental bolts would descent from the heavens, obliterating much of the roof and cause panic through out the guild house.

This, of course was not known to the priestess, Evelyn as she wander aimlessly in the two storied building. Vash had helpfully showed her around, after introducing her to the rest of the guild.

A cozy little group, the champion had described it, and Eve met most of them on her first day…

A wizard who threw lightning bolts at her when she accidentally barged into his room, mistaking it for the rest room (two doors down the corridor, to the left, the orange one, Vash had instructed). It was probably her fault, though Eve blamed it furiously on her lack of sense of direction and her inability to tell her right from her left. ("Oh don't worry, everyone makes mistakes." Vash had tried to comfort the shaken priestess. "The wizard's Shane by the way, he doesn't mean any harm, he just doesn't like anyone.")

A stalker who appeared behind her as she was walking out the rest room, leaving her a bright crimson and wondering if he had been with her the whole time she was in the rest room. (I'm sure Raye wasn't peeping on you," explained Vash. "I mean, he could have undressed you in a blink of eye if he wanted to." Then, seeing the worried expression on Eve's face, he added. "Don't worry, he doesn't do it often.")

Then there was Dante, the assassin cross, who largely stayed away from Eve.

It was all a tad too cozy for comfort, really.

Eve had lingered in the hall for a good part of the day, after unpacking her belongings and familiarizing herself with the building (Incase she had another Shane accident).

Vash was out with Dante, Dante didn't like her, Shane didn't like anyone. Which left Raye, though Eve didn't want to risk being undressed. So by midday, the priestess was incredibly bored and had marched toward the general direction of the kitchen.

The cupboards where devoid of anything that resembled food, Eve opened the fridge whilst wandering vaguely what those people did for food.

It was empty, aside from five very small, opaque bottles that largely resembled fruit juice. She took one, contents swishing loudly as she rocked the bottle. It was when she began to pour some of the stuff out when a voice from somewhere behind her said-

"You don't want to do that."

Eve did the one logical thing then, which was to scream- in surprise, and in the process dropping the juice bottle.

She leapt aside in time to avoid shards of glass and the contents of the bottle as it exploded on contact with the marble floor. The spilt liquid was green, and sizzled loudly, producing a lot of steam. When the white smoke cleared, there was a large hole on the floor where the liquid had made contact.

"That's Dante's poison bottles," The voice behind her said rather calmly, it belonged to the stalker, Raye. "He keeps it there incase it went off and turned into something weird."

Eve didn't bother asking what could become of deadly poisons if kept out of the fridge, she was really too shocked to say anything.

"Just, beware of the bottles in this place." Raye continued.

Lesson learnt.

End of chapter 1- beware of bottles

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