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Chapter 11 – The test

Light at the end of the tunnel

Is just the incoming train

Eve knew something was distinctively wrong as soon as she stepped into the room. It wasn't just the instinctive alarm bells that were going off in all random directions in her head, or the complex knot in her tummy she was having no avail identifying which end is which. Or the fact Dante was staring at her in a scary sort of way (ok, ok, so maybe that did contribute largely to the panic).

It was true Dante had the emotional capacities of a rock majority of the time, but even Eve could detect something emanate from the assassin cross this time and she shrank back from his eyes like someone's dinner.

A tiny whoosh escaped the assassin cross' lips, barely audible. Eve peered curiously at the figure in question who only ever sighed when the apocalypse came or when Raye took up ballet in pink frills, whichever would come first. He wordlessly handed her a box. Rectangular box, black, very sturdy.

The priestess poked at it the way someone poked the three headed dragon of Moscovia in his slumber.

Nothing, no shooting fireballs, lightning. No blasting into the next dimension. She peered inside.

There was a dagger inside. Now Eve hadn't seen a great deal of daggers in her life (she was a priest so that was forgivable), but the blade in question was very different to anything that had been described and looked oddly like the whole tooth of some sort of creature.

The fact Dante was trying to hand her a dagger was dodgy in itself, exchanges such as these usually ended in blood shed (her blood, in particular). Never the less Eve took the dagger, which felt warm to touch. For a moment, she considered it a sign that Dante for all his lack of expression wanted her to survive the test after all.

She didn't have very long to ponder. Because the rear doors of the hall slammed open then. Even in the dim lights, Eve recognized two wickedly curved horns and the sound of stamping hooves that belonged to the creatures which dwelt in the depth of the Glastheim.

The large bovid wielding an even larger hammer bellowed insanely.

Eve gaped at it intelligently.

The Majoruros charged.

Eve eeped, ducked just in time to save herself from braining.

"Defeat it and you can leave," the guy in black with the hood said pleasantly off to the side as though Eve was taking a stroll in a flower studded field and not currently getting trampled by some half crazed bovid.

They'd have to scrape her off the floor with a spatula at the end of this.

She needed a plan.

The guild sat in their usual places in the dining room. An hour ago Vash had woken up to find Shane standing next to his bed. A series of events which followed inevitably involved a lot of yelling and people falling out of people's beds.

It was well acknowledged that Shane had weird sleeping hours, but Vash privately wished the wizard would keep his sleeping habits to himself.

"It's three o'clock in the morning." Someone mumbled from somewhere in the room. Vash assumed it was Raye since the only other person in the room was currently snoring.

"We need to go to Glastheim," Said Shane.

The silence (apart from Gaven's snoring) was profound. Vash sighed inwardly. The wizard rarely asked of anything. And when he did, things usually went his way.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked. Very carefully. There wasn't enough funding to mend anymore broken /doors/walls/roofs/furniture.

"Evelyn is in trouble."

The guild (Vash and Raye) once again fell into silent contemplation. No one asked how the wizard knew of such things (it was arguably better for their own sanity). But Shane was rarely wrong in those things.

"We should all go, then." Vash concluded, finally.

Raye shrugged.

Gaven mumbled something inaudible in his sleep, promptly slid off his chair into a heap on the floor.

They left the knight on the floor that night.

A dozen or so spikes exploded from the ground at the precise moment and nearly making off with several of her limbs. As far as Eve was concerned, the future was not looking terribly bright.

Her encounters with the hammer wielding creature was limited, and usually involved running away at top speed in the opposite direction. Attacking the thing head on was out of question. The smallest of Hammer Fall from the beast simply meant she would end up a smear on the floor, and impeding smear hood was not particularly attractive.

The plan was simple, and born of simple logic rather than sophisticated planning. And as spikes exploded from the ground on impact of a hammer fall once more, Eve simply vanished.

Her reappearance behind the leading bovid was a surprise, judging from the way it had frozen on the spot. Gripping the strange dagger tightly, Eve drove the blade into the monster with all her might. She expected resistance getting a deep enough cut through the bovid's hide, or a cut at all into the thing (because, well, the monster was big and she was not, and what sane individual attacks a Majoruros with a mere dagger anyway?). Yet to her surprise, the blade went through easily, in fact, so easily that her hand simply vanished into the Majoruros' behind as though it was paper mache.

The mess of blood and organs spraying everywhere acutely followed. Eve stood there stunned as the massive beast dropped.

Then, all four of the green gems which decorated the hilt of her blade exploded into halos of light, and the blade, bathed in the crimson blood of its fallen enemy, burst into song.

Her surroundings blurred as her hands flew to her ears in a desperate attempt to block out the noise which spiraled louder and louder until it was a deafening wail. She took one step back and tripped on some dissembled skeleton scatted around the room for presumably decorative purposes, the blade fell out of her hand and skidded across the floor before it was stopped by a booted foot.

"The Grimtooth has chosen, it seems." Said the cloaked figure pleasantly. "Looks like Miss Evelyn's test will be starting shortly."

Dante's expression was unreadable, but his eyes never left the figure of the priestess, which slumped unconscious on the floor.

End of Chapter 11- The Test

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