The Wrong Way

It was your normal average night it was a bit of a mysterious night the weather was wet, rainy windy as I was walking home the neighborhood gave me a bit of a fright the sound of Mother Nature clapped with thunder. As my Adrenaline rushed with fear I ran as fast as I could as If I was running a race. Then I tried to catch my breathe gravity had spoke to me I fell to the ground I lost relatiy and I could not think I was searching for my glasses I had realized that I was underground So I sprung my feet back to reality and had searched around the place to explore and adventure.

I thought that the place was deserted but after all there are people here and that I am interrupting their presence. I was walking through the long white hallway that lead to adventure I found a room I felt my adrenaline coming on again with fear and thrill there was a girl that was lost In the bathtub not wearing anything she was crying she was drizzled with blood and shaken with anticipation.

As I evacuated the room I had a cold chill up and down my spine I had run with excitement and fear. All of a sudden the lights had gone out from the hideous storm the only light I could see was the red shinning on the hallway and the floor flashing and it lead me to adventure so I walked down there and it was the exit sign flashing in red. I turned around and there was a dark pitch black room there was a shower with a dead naked person dead not move at all her long hair just laid there dangling and the shower was full of blood and gore.

As I was standing in the room there was 4 people that surrounded me and started at me with fear In their eye one guy had big tall orange hair sticking up as If he was getting electrocuted and he kept on shaking really fast and moving his head a little bit forward as If he was in a punk band. There was this other girl who was shaking with spit drooling out of her mouth on the side, then another guest arrives he was scary looking just solid scare with dark eyes. There was another guy who was just someone from the street it looked like and he was puking.

I was captured and enclosed from the circle and could not escape I was watching them staring at me and we have another invited guest popped out and came out scared the other people away and I ran into a space that was hidden wear nobody could see.

I walked out of the room went exploring I opened a door that was on top of a hotel building I was randomly at myrtle beach the lifeguard was there and there were more scary people he tried to chock me so I looked down at the ocean and rushed with anticipation again as I was running I hurried up and turned the knob as fast as I can as If I was In a jeopardy game pushing the button really fast like I was touching a hot surface and burned myself.

I ran inside went to go explore I found my cousin and said hey Zack! He ran up beside me quickly we started walking in the hallway as If we were two students who were friends at school. Zack was carrying his book bag and had left a zipper open all his stuff was falling out leaving a trail down the hallway. I told him his stuff was falling out of his book bag and then there was the tornado siren that had came on we both looked at each other and dashed and heading straight for the door that let to the middle of the house.

There were glass windows in the room but they could not break they were unbreakable we saw there were little mini tornados spinning around. I yelled out Zach can you find how many of them are??? I yell No! I can't see very well can you? Zack had said No I think we should get to the exit before it's to late

the end or is it?