Knights of the New Republic: Revisited

AN: As the Jedi Order struggles with the recent surge of violence across the Republic, a single man may change the fate of not only the Chosen One, but the galaxy itself. Takes place right before the beginning of Attack of the Clones. To clarify, Revan is complete, his knowledge in both his created life and his real one restored to him. Takes place between KOTOR I and KOTOR II in the Knights of the Old Republic Timeline.

Prologue: I Should Have Known Better

A dark corridor leading through a massive temple lay before a silhouetted figure. The figure was shadowed, no light reflecting from Korriban's setting sun and the distant sounds of battle echoed eerily in the distance. The figure moved slowly, a humanoid hand extending from its shrouded form as it ran along a set of murals and glyphs depicting the glory of the Sith.

"How much longer are you going to take?"
A rough voice grumbled from behind the figure and the figure turned to the voice, a smirk playing on his features as he stepped into the orange light that bid the coming of dusk in the Valley of the Sith Lords.

"Come now, Canderous. I know I buried Mandalore's mask somewhere around here."

Canderous Ordo glared calmly at the former Dark Lord of the Sith. The man had been disjointed in the year following the Star Forge's destruction and the defeat of Darth Malak. The Republic had struck hard against what remained of the Sith but even the Republic hadn't stepped foot on Korriban, instead writing it off as a lost cause. The planet's only spaceport burned in the distance, obscured by the Sith Academy as Sith battled Sith and those who were not Sith were struck down without thought. The battle-hardened Mandalorian turned his eyes back to Revan's, narrowing them in suspicion.

"We're not here for the helm are we?"

Canderous asked, Revan nodded slowly, his tongue moving to lick his lips as he pressed his hand against a glyph.

"Do you know why I chose you and not Mission or Zalbaar or Carth or even Juhani?"

Canderous said nothing, knowing that Jolee had gone missing in the wake of a Sith assault on the world of Katarr. In truth he had grown to respect the old pest as a warrior and the Mandalorian stood straighter, his loyalty to Revan unshakable.

"What about your princess?"

A subdued smile pulled on Revan's calm features as he looked back at the glyph his hand rested on, pressing it until it sank into the wall. A small stone shifted, revealing a large case. Pulling the case from its resting place, Revan opened it, staring at its contents. Within laid a set of battle robes similar to the ones Darth Revan was infamous for wearing and beneath those as well as a set of matching lightsaber rested a piece of cloth that was clearly wrapped around something to protect it. Bypassing his armor, the former Dark Lord of the Sith lifted the object almost reverently and unwrapped it, showing the helm of Mandalore the Ultimate to Canderous Ordo.

""I came here to stop the threat of the Sith. The means of which I cannot explain to you. I can only tell you that you cannot follow me."

Canderous glared at Revan, loyal though wanting to fight. Seeing the look, Revan added.

"I know you would follow me to the fires of Hell, Canderous but this is a place within the Force that you simply cannot enter as if entering a ship or a building. It would be a miracle if I survive it but I must do something before the Sith grow more bold and the ruin of Katarr becomes more common. As the one to slay Mandalore I pass his helm to you, naming you Mandalore. Do you accept."

Canderous' steel gray eyes rested with Revan's and the Mandalorian held the former Sith's gaze before kneeling and placing a hand over his chest.
"I accept this with my honor. What is your command?"

Canderous spoke in Mandalorian, his features etched in stone with his seriousness. Revan handed the mask to Canderous and looked past the Mandalorian, wrath etched into his features.

"We have company."

Canderous set the helm behind him, turning and leveling his heavy blaster as a group of Sith, less than a dozen moved to the Ebon Hawk. Glaring coldly at the interlopers, Canderous fired, striking one cleanly in the chest before the other ten Sith opened fire, red blasterbolts impacting around the Mandalorian and sending fragments of stone and dust down upon him as they struck the ancient Sith structure. In a flash of black robes, Revan had sprinted clearly past Canderous an leapt into the fray, his blue lightsaber alive with a deadly glow as it sliced into the Sith soldiers. A well placed shot nearly struck Mandalore's helm and Canderous grabbed the helmet, feeling a burn in his side as a blaster bolt seared through him. Grunting in pain, the Mandalorian abandoned his heavy blaster, instead pulling a Mandalorian Ripper from his belt and holding the helmet to his chest with his left arm while his right calmly aimed and shot each Sith that came near him cleanly in their silver faceplates.

Needless to say Revan and Canderous made quick work of the Sith in the vicinity within moments and Revan calmly walked over to Canderous, looking at the Mandalorian's cold eyes as he looked for anyone else that would dare to challenge him. Looking down on Canderous, Revan took stock of the warrior's wounds before callously dismissing him.

"I'm finished with you, Canderous. Go to Dxun and rebuild what you can of the Mandalorians. In the place where the Republic's command base once stood you will find a Mandalorian Basilisk as well as a store of weapons and armor that will help you. You cannot follow me, Go now."

Whether Revan knew or not how those words cut Canderous, he did not show as he walked back to his corridor, pulling his armor from the case and attaching the red Mandalorian metal that made up its strong form to his wrists, his legs and then his chest. Finishing with his armor, Revan pulled his cloak over the armor to obscure its recognizable features and placed a deceptively thin mask over his face before attaching the two lightsabers that rested in the case to his belt, keeping his own that he had constructed on Dantooine during his Jedi training in his hand. Canderous watched all this with a blank expression, cradling Mandalore's helm as one would a newborn child as he looked on. Revan's dismissal was painful and Canderous turned away, following his orders before Revan called to him.

"Canderous. If you see the others... Tell them I've gone to where my dreams lead me."

By others, Revan had meant Bastila Shan, currently the ranking member, or survivor would have been the better word of the Jedi Order. No one knew what had happened after Katarr to the Jedi scattered across the galaxy, only that they were gone. The last order to the Jedi had been to scatter and to hide, await the coming darkness and then return to Dantooine when the time came. Dantooine, sight of the massacre of the Jedi Enclave by Darth Malak's forces would be where they would gather when the time was right. Revan had lost track of Mission and Zalbaar on Coruscant, assuming the two were exploring the undercity of the Republic's capitol and he had released Zalbaar from his life debt, feeling that he was no longer the man whom the Wookiee had pledged the sacred rite to. Zalbaar had noticed the change in Revan and had agreed, though grudgingly. Juhani was with Bastila, protecting the now Jedi Knight with a fervor Revan knew was due in part to who he was and what he had done for her. Who he had been before his capture had saved the Cathar from slavery and who he had been after had saved her from the Darkside and Revan knew there was no one he could trust more to watch over his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

Carth Onasi had been promoted to Admiral and was swept up in the hunt for the remnant Sith and Revan had only time to tell the soldier that he would be delayed in joining him in the search. The droids were on the ship and Revan knew Canderous was the only one who wouldn't try to make him stay. If anything, Canderous would be the one to press him on, wanting to go himself to fight whatever Revan would face but Revan knew, only he could go and no other.

"You know the Princess is gonna blame me, right?"

Canderous grumbled. Revan felt a smirk, very much like the one on the Mandalorian's face pull at his own and his dark brown eyes studied the injured Mandalorian before him.

"Don't get too old and weak while I'm gone."

Canderous snorted in a single show of amusement before he grinned.

"Don't get yourself maimed. It'd be a shame if I had to put you down for being useless."

Chuckling at the Mandalorian's sick sense of humor, Revan gave Canderous a simple Mandalorian salute, turning his back and entering the cave before him. The passageway, carved by the ancient Sith opened and closed immediately behind the former Sith Lord and Revan activated his blue lightsaber, watching as it illuminated the walls around him. Canderous stared at the wall, pondering if he should just blast through the doors before a noise drew his attention to another group of beings working their way towards him, these being refugees from Dreshdae. Sneering at them, Canderous entered the Ebon Hawk, wondering if he should just leave them before he took a good long look at them, recognizing one as violet-skinned Twi'lek Revan had allowed to live during their time there nearly a year before.

"Well are you just going to stand there all day?"

Canderous shouted down the ramp before Yuthura Ban and several, what Canderous could only guess were once Twi'lek slaves entered the ship. The former Sith stared at Canderous with eyes only narrowed slightly in suspicion before, much to Canderous' disgust she actually relaxed in his presence. Canderous suppressed a shark's grin as the other Twi'lek woman cowered from him, recognizing his silver Mandalorian armor and the blood that slowly seeped from Canderous' wound.

"That it?"

Canderous barked, startling the Twi'leks though Yuthura merely nodded sedately.

"That's all that made it..."

The sorrow in the Twi'lek's voice stirred something in Canderous that he loathed deeply and the Mandalorian nodded, his stony features relaxing slightly. He could drop the Twi'lek off on Onderon before he would go to Dxun. The Mandalorian would have to ditch the Ebon Hawk on Onderon but with a smirk as he took his seat behind the controls of the Corellian freighter, Canderous had just in mind who he'd talk to. The Ebon Hawk rose slowly from Korriban, rising steadily into the atmosphere and vanishing in a flash of a hyperspace jump. On the planet below, the man formerly known as Darth Revan entered a dark room, staring at a spot in the center of the room that seemed to absorb all light. Raising his hand towards the crystal, Revan retracted his lightsaber's blue blade, watching as the black crystal that formed the dark abyss began to glow, dark violet lightning sparking from its barely visible smooth edges. The former General of the Republic and Dark Lord of the Sith looked at the faintly visible inscription on the crystal and rolled his eyes. It was the Ancient Sith equivalent of a Do Not Touch sign. Resting his gloved hand on the dark shard, the memories of the former Dark Lord stirred slightly and he looked back on his mind, the clarity of them nearly suffocating. The memories flashed in a myriad of lights, slowing in the rogue Jedi Knight's mind to barely perceivable images of a violent childhood of harsh training at the hands of the Mandalorians before they faded to more clear visions of Jedi and long forgotten, or dead friends. Slowly, the images slowed until Revan saw himself, in the same armor in the same room and a feeling of weightlessness enveloped him.

The man in the image was not much different from the man that held the crystal, the only difference being a simple driving force, hope. The man in the image, the man that became Darth Revan looked at the device with no hope, no will to fight against a darkness greater than anything he had seen. In the image, the man turned, walking away from the crystal, from the device that could be used to destroy the True Sith and went about another means, not believing in the powers of the Force and only believing in the powers of himself. That man had been younger, not motivated by love or commitment to save his friends, that man was damned and sought merely to minimize the damage of the coming storm. The man holding on to the crystal and watching his life flash before him had gained those missing pieces and because of this, did what his other self had deemed suicidal.

"Take me to the Dark Lord of the Sith."

Sith Alchemy had made many, unnatural devices to store and bend the will of Force to their means. The onyx crystal was merely one of many such artifacts that remained hidden, undisturbed and Revan felt the images in his mind shift again, flashing in comprehensively fast before his senses and he slowly succumbed to the crushing weight that seemed to fall upon him.

Nearly Four thousand years after the Battle of the Star Forge, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had dismissed the Jedi Masters from a meeting over the Separatist threat and greeted a small delegation of Senators representing the Loyalist movement within the Republic when something within the Force screamed a warning. Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were speaking to Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo of the recent assassination attempts against her when the entire room seemed to notice the addition of an uninvited guest. Six lightsabers ignited and six of the seven Jedi present moved quickly to form a circle around the figure that had materialized seemingly out of thin air.

"Drop your weapons!"

The two Senatorial guards, clad in red robes and armor ordered, joining the Jedi as their Force Pikes charged, blue-white lightning crackling on the ends of the weapons. Most of the Senators were pushed out of the room by their guards while Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Amidala, separated from the doorway by the figure and the Jedi remained in place. Padme's eyes were wide a moment at the scene before she reigned in her shock and produced a blaster from her senatorial robes. Utterly surrounded, the figure that had appeared, clad in red armor and black robes looked around in a daze, wondering what had just happened.

"I'm looking for the Dark Lord of the Sith..."

Revan stated calmly, taking stock of his situation and cursing the Ancient Sith. Wherever he was he was surrounded by seven Jedi and nearly a dozen angry human guards. Bad odds on a bad day, luckily he was feeling up for a challenge.

"Raise your hands and drop your weapons."
A Senatorial guard ordered. Revan noticed his lightsabers were on his belt and looked at the unfamiliar Jedi and Senators around him. Palpatine watched the figure in complete and total shock, wondering where the man had come from and why he would be looking for Darth Sidious in his office. Only a privileged few knew of his true identity and they would never talk.

"Something's not right here..."

Revan thought to himself, his hands traveling to his sabers. Without further warning the two Senatorial guards moved to disable their intruder, both being flung across the room by some unseen force the moment they took a threatening step forward. In that instant, all hell broke loose within Chancellor Palpatine's office and Revan pulled two lightsaber from his belt, activating their crimson blades and fending off six lightsabers that struck at the same moment his blades snapped to life. The former Sith Lord held his ground, using both his sabers to defend as six very experienced and very deadly Jedi moved against him at once. It was a shame they didn't live up to the standards of their ancestors.


Revan shouted after several seconds of the fray. A powerful wave of Force energy rose from within Revan, capturing each of the Jedi in place and freezing their movements for a fraction of a second before they were flung in all directions away from the former Sith Lord. Revan immediately lowered himself into a much cleaner defensive stance, having time to prepare for the second attack. Half a dozen blasters, mostly from Senator Amidala's escort opened up on the man and Revan deflected the blasts, guiding his sabers to keep the blasts from striking their owners and sending them instead to the ceiling and the floor. This was obviously not where he had wanted to be and he shouldn't go about killing random people, yet.
"Hold your fire!"
Senator Amidala shouted, causing her guards and Handmaidens to immediately cease fire. It was a stroke of luck none of them had been killed when their shots were deflected and the Senator realized this was entirely the Jedi's arena. The figure's masked face turned to the Nubian Senator and Padme froze, her eyes widening as she fell under the gaze of the figure's demonic mask. It almost reminded the Senator of the Sith Lord Darth Maul and the former Queen of Naboo found herself wondering if it was the Sith and not Count Dooku that were orchestrating the assassination attempts on her.
"Wise it would not be, to attack."

Master Yoda's calm voice broke the ambient noise of Revan's active lightsabers and the Former Dark Lord of the Sith turned his attention from Padme Amidala to the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

"I could have told you that."

Revan grumbled, surprising the room's occupants. Palpatine had quickly reigned in his confusion and anger and was calmly regarding the being before him with curiosity. Whoever it was was powerful in the Force and had sent even the powerful Master Windu back with whatever technique he had used. Palpatine's blue eyes narrowed as he studied the armor, a distant memory of an ancient Sith holocron playing on his mind. More curious than anything, Palpatine decided to let the events play out, not willing to tip his hand to the Jedi so early in the game. If nothing else maybe the pests would kill one another and save him the trouble later on.

"What is the meaning of this intrusion? Who are you?"

Palpatine managed to add a fearful tremor to his voice, the picture of a normal man in the abnormal situation within the Chancellor's office. Revan's masked features hid whatever expression his face held but the mask moved back and forth cautiously as the Jedi again formed a circle around him, this time with much more caution. Senator Amidala felt Captain Typho trying to urge her towards the door but shook off his grasp, wanting to know herself. The sound of approaching boot steps heralded the return of Senator Bail Organa and his escort, as well as a dozen Senatorial guards.

"I will not ask again."

Palpatine continued, his voice much calmer. Revan could not believe what he was hearing and, in a rather indignant voice told them as much.

"What? You don't recognize Darth Revan when you see him?"

Palpatine's internal musings ceased at that thought and the Chancellor could only gape at the man before him. The Force could not be denied and the man spoke only the truth.

Padme managed before the armored former Sith Lord very slowly edged his way closer to the window, which happened to be obstructed by the young Senator.
"He's after the Senator!"
Someone shouted, Padme would later recall it being the Chancellor but in that moment, her life had flashed before her eyes as the man moved towards her with blinding speed, one of his sabers deactivating and then resting against her throat as the man used her as a human shield.

"How rude!"

Jar Jar Binks managed before Padme felt herself falling and the sound of shattering glass registered to her. Much to her own embarrassment, the Nubian Senator felt her vision swim and passed out in a dead faint as she and her attacker fell from the window of Chancellor Palpatine's office. The Force gathered around Revan and the former Sith Lord landed on the ground, using the Force to cushion the Senator's fall as well. Looking upwards, Revan cursed to himself as he saw four Jedi following him and he let go of the Senator, catching her when he noticed she had unconscious. Cursing again, Revan laid the young Nubian to the ground and broke into a Force-enhanced sprint from the scene, ignoring the odd and startled looks the Coruscant natives gave him as he passed them.

"I should have known better!"

Revan spat, leaping into the air off of a walkway and free falling to a lower level of Coruscant where he became much less conspicuous. This was definitely not where he had expected to end up.