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I can feel his cold breath against my wildly beating pulse.

I can feel his stone-like grasp pinning me down, preventing me from running, escaping.

I can feel my hot tears cooling in the breeze as they lingered on my cheeks.

I can feel the wind shift and I can hear the leaves rustle.

I can feel the humidity in the air.

I can feel his breathing becoming uneven.

I can feel his body tense.

I can feel his mouth turn into a snarl.

I can feel his desire to kill me.

But I can't feel the one person I absolutely needed.

I can't feel Edward.

No matter how hard I try, he is lost to me.

This way will be easier. He won't have to suffer.

I keep telling myself this, hoping that by the time my life is over, I'll fully believe it.

I can feel his breath become shallow. It's time.

That's when the world began to spin and spots began to form.

And I can't feel anything at all.

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