Just finished watching Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, and felt obliged to do something for my favorite character, who got the shortest end of the stick in the ending. Some minor spoilers for the ending ahead.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora. No profit is being made out of writing this.

The Moment of Dreams

They are beautiful, together.

That was an undeniable fact, watching the two clasped in a heartfelt embrace, as if they would never part again.

It feels like something out of a dream.

Almost like, a Prince and his Princess. Except that they weren't. A servant and the jester. The Fool and his Maid.

And yet, it is beautiful.

Because fairytales are not real, and a Prince and a Princess are but ephemeral illusions. Because they are not a fairytale, but as real as reality comes. Eternity laid in the mundane, not the fanciful.

Let us go, together.

Words of a promise, spoken with the intimacy of a private understanding. The words that began it all.

It was then, the start of a dream.

Yes, it began as a dream, but somewhere along the way, each one of them had someone else smash through the fantasy, breaking them free of the illusionary paradise where each of them had slept, and from there on to the cold, firm hands of reality.

The Angel's Prison, smashed.

The red sky had gone, the symbol of their imprisonment similarly destroyed. The one who had saved them all had gone, for the moment, but now there they were, reunited once more, as they had promised, under the blue sky that had returned.

I was there to see it all.

Yes, the smiles, the tears, the grief, the joy. Of harsh trials, and mundane happiness. It still felt like a dream, with her as the observer. Or was it?

Maybe I never woke up to begin with.

No...but yes. Where her sisters, should she be allowed to use that term, had found their most important people (or had been found), she had let hers go. Or rather, it had never been hers to begin with. No one had rescued her from that paradise, that garden of illusions where they had all rested.

I was the only one who remained asleep.

Perhaps, no more than a fitting end for someone bearing a title like hers.

For I am Setsuna, of the Moment of Dreams.

Forever lost in that moment, between illusion and reality.

The Moment of Dreams...