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Summary: Sara finds out that her lover is connected to Cath somehow, then everything goes upside down... Sara/other and C/S eventually.

A/N:Hi everyone I'm back with a new fic. In the first one I wrote some people gave me an idea I've decided to give life to it. It's also a two point of view story. Once more it's slash so if you don't like, do not read.



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Simple Things Are A Drag

Chapter 1: Sara

A relentless and annoying banging noise wakes me from my slumber. It takes me another three seconds to understand that the sound is coming from my front door.

"Honey, I think someone is trying to kill your door." says the sleepy voice of my lover.

"Alright, alright. I'm up. Go, back to sleep babe," I say with resignation in my voice, kissing her neck before reluctantly getting out of the warm cocoon of the covers. My lover instantly grabs my pillow in order to replace me. I shake my head at the sight of her and head to my still noisy door.

This better be good.

I look through the peephole and all of the grouchiness I had disappears in that instant and is suddenly replaced with concern. I open my door quickly. "Catherine, are you alright? What's going on?" I ask with a soft voice as I invite her inside. I close the door and lead her to my couch.

I've never seen Catherine Willows in such a state of…disarray. I can tell she's been crying. Her hair is a mess and her usually sparkling eyes are filled with pain. She looks so lost right now that it hurts me.

"Cath?" I call her gently by her name. She looks at me like she's just remembered I was here.

"I shouldn't have come. I'm sorry." she whispers.

"Hey, it's ok. I'm here for you." I gently tell her.

"I had this case… and….and… It made me realize a lot of things…I…" She struggles but a fresh wave of tears spill from her eyes. I hug her tightly because I don't know what else to do.

"It's alright. Shhhhh. I've got you," I say as I gently rock her in a soothing motion. "You don't have to tell me anything now." I reassure her. I kiss her head softly. She's holding me tightly – as if her life depended on it – and her sobs are slowly subsiding. I don't know what put her in this state but I know that whatever – or whoever – it is, is on my shit list from now on.

Once Cath is a bit calmer, I pull back. I move her hair out of her face as I wipe away her tears. We don't say any thing. We just stare at each other silently.

I get a weird feeling while looking in her eyes – the same feeling I get every time I look in her eyes – so I break the silence. "How about some cocoa?" I ask her. She nods slightly. I kiss her forehead and get up to go on the other side of my island.

"Honey is everything okay?" my lover asks as she comes into the living room.

"Hey. Yeah. Sorry, if I woke you up. One of my friend…" I don't have time to finish my sentence before Catherine speaks.

"Nancy?" She says in stunned awe. I snap my head in her direction at the sound of her voice saying my lover's name. "What the…?"

"Cath…hi" Nancy says with a rather nervous voice.

Okay. I'm lost here. They both sport the same expression of utter surprise. I wave my hand between the two of them and ask a question to which I already know the answer. "You two know each other?"

"We should," Nancy says before looking at me. "Hon, meet my sister."

I feel like I'm about to give birth to a llama, or something equally insane. Either I'm still asleep or I've woken up in 'The Twilight Zone.'

"You're fucking my sister!?!" Catherine 'The Fury' Willows exclaims with a mix of rage, surprise and disgust. She gets up and walks towards me like she was about to punch me. "You bitch!" She says before slapping me hard enough to nearly make me lose my balance.

"Catherine! What's wrong with you?" Nancy says harshly as she moves to my side.

"Don't you talk to me now!" Catherine says crossly at Nancy, pointing her finger at her. Then she turns her attention to me again. She shakes her head with an expression wavering between anger and hurt. "I can't believe you!" she says through clenched teeth.

Then she turns to Nancy, opening her mouth to say something but nothing comes out. Instead, she turns and bolts from my apartment, slamming the door on her way out.

I cringe at the sound of my door slamming shut. My cheek starts to burn from its collision with Catherine's hand. I rub it to erase the sting of pain. Nope, I'm not dreaming.

My lover is Catherine Willows' sister, no less.

Please, someone shoot me.

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