After the war with the humans has ended, things seem to be going just fine for the X-Men. When a powerful new mutant surfaces to join the team, life at the mansion becomes more unusual by the day. Will this new ally end up being good or evil? The psychics at the school start having dark, foreboding dreams; could this new mutant be the cause? Or is someone else behind the war slowly brewing behind the veil of peace? Full OC profile listed below.

Name: Matthew Tyson

Codename: "Geist"

Sex: Male

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Southern Caucasian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair Color: Black, Spiked

Eye Color: Blue, Reflective White when exposed to any light

Body type: Swimmer's Build

Mutant Class: 4

Special Physical Attributes: Abnormal night vision but weakness to UV Light (See Powers)

Powers: Advanced Telekinesis and Invisibility/Intangibility (Only at the same time). He has learned to use telekinesis to manipulate the air creating disembodied voices, as well as using TK to lower temperature and up humidity, allowing the creation of fog. His eyes are a blessing and a weakness, allowing him to see perfectly in the dark, yet direct UV exposure on his eyes will temporarily blind and weaken him.

History: A fan of scare tactics, Matthew studied every book on physics and dynamics he could get his hands on in the 3 years following the accident that claimed his immediate family, and concentrated on honing his powers to the skills he wanted. His close friend, Jerry (A mutant with no manifested powers as of yet) helped him cope and adjust with the loss of his family, though Jerry's exact location is unknown at the time. Matthew lost everything he knew at an early age, and quickly learned how to disguise his true feelings constantly. His mask only cracks when questioned about his past.

Name: Jerry Murdock

Codename: "Revelation"

Sex: Male

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Southern Caucasian

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde, Buzzed Short

Eye Color: Green

Body Type: Swimmer's Build

Mutant Class: 3

Special Physical Attributes: Natural Birthmarks on his back resembling Mayan Prophecy Hieroglyphics

Powers: Telepathic ability and future sight. With concentration he can see the future as it will be if the current flow of events remains the same. The edges of his vision are a constantly informing him of where the future will lead him and those around him. The distance he can see into the future is unknown.

History: Jerry lived next door to Matthew for as long as he could remember. When Matthew's family was claimed by the explosion at their house, Jerry helped Matthew cope and to escape the ridicule of their society. When his family moved to Virginia two years after the accident, the stress of having to leave his friend caused his powers to manifest. He hides them from his parents for fear of what they will do, but occasionally keeps in contact with Matthew via telepathic link.