Nihao! (Or however you spell that word) This is actually my second fanfic, I'm actually supposed to be finishing one called,"Mother Mae-Eye" but I got kind of bored and this idea popped into my head. I'm planning for it to be a three-part story of how Duel Academy acts when its students get a serious case of "Song-and-Dance" fever.

Warning: A lot of the songs in this story are from the Gnarls Barkley CD, "St. Elsewhere" so if things get a little weird...Um, Yeah.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX or any of the songs used in this story.

"Bold Italics" Music

Way up in the air, above the ocean, An airplane carrying all of Duel Academy's students from a one month vacation back to Academy Island. Inside, Jaden was day-dreaming about what could happen this year at the Academy, Syrus was looking out the side-window and looking at the clouds, nervously thinking... And praying,

"Please don't let anything weird or scary happen this quarter, Please don't let anything weird or scary happen this quarter, Please don't let anything weird or scary happen this quarter!!!"

Tyranno, on the other hand, had over-done it on his vacation, (two words, "Mardi Gras"!) and was sleeping it off. Bastion was on his laptop, calculating his strategies for the up-coming quarter. Chazz was trying to stay up until the plane landed, but was having a hard time not following his jurassic friend's example because Slade and Jagger had given him hell for his whole vacation.

"Damn it all.", He muttered as he started to pull out a metal container. However, He then thought, "I'm not that depressed am I?". He slid the container back into his coat-pocket, and tried to stay awake for the rest of the flight. Aster was getting his fortune read by Sartorious in another part of the plane.

"Hmm..." Sartorious started as he placed the cards in order.

"Yeah? What is it?" Aster asked.

"I see... New love in your near future." Sartorious answered with a smile.

"Wh-what?!", Aster stuttered out as his face grew rose-red.

"What, You don't think that this is a possible premonition?" Sartorious inquiered.

"No, no, no! It's not that, it's just that..." Aster was trying to find the right words when...

"Attention, Duelists of Duel Academy!!" A ukelele-solo followed. It was Atticus Rhodes, going over-the-top, as usual. "We are about to land on the island's runway, So let's get ready to put Jaden's plan into action!" Aster heaved a big sigh and got his new drum-set ready.

"At least my true feelings for Sartorious are still a secret." He thought to himself as he walked over to Jaden and the others.

"Plan? Wait, what plan?!" Sartorious tried to ask Aster, who was already too far away. Jaden had gotten his group together, when Syrus, who was carrying a silver, bass-guitar, asked,

"Jaden, Are you sure we should go through with this?"

"Sure," The brunette beamed back. "We're going to start off this quarter with a big bang!!" All the students cheered as they were getting ready. Tyranno started with a,

"Yeah, Let's..." Tyranno started but fell flat on his face out of exhaustion. Bastion, who had bought a shiny, new trumpet over vacation, asked,

"Hmm... Do you think he'll come to before..." Tyranno rose up, interrupting Bastion mid-sentence.

"What are we standing around for!? Let's get this party started!!!" All the students cheered as the plane landed on the runway.

"Well," Started Chazz, "Here we go."

"Bonaparte! Hurry up, The students are coming back and Chancellor told us to go and greet them!" Docter Crowler yelled to his shorter associate.

"Oui, Oui, I'm coming already!" He replied as he tried to catch up to Crowler, who was already outside. The both of them ran towards the plane when it came to a complete stop. When the side-door opened, they both cheered (as happily as they could), "Welcome ba..."

They were interrupted by Bastion's trumpet blazing a melody of notes and starting Jaden's plan.

(Gnarls Barkley's "Go-Go Gadget Gospel" as performed by the students of Duel Academy, Starring Jaden and Tyranno)


Jaden- clears throat


(Syrus hands Jaden a microphone, whispers, "You forgot the mic!")

Jaden- Yeah, yeah, I hear ya!

(More music)

(Everyone's bustling about)

Jaden- Everyone's really confused,

Hey, If you're wondering where to go to,

Look at me! Hey!

(Music cont.)

(Everyone follows Jaden and the gang, completely oblivious to the fact that they trampled all over Crowler and Bonaparte)

Jaden- Hey, Ah... I..(Interrupted by Tyranno grabbing the mic)

Tyranno- Let me show ya how to do it,


Aah-hah, Oh,

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...(Jaden takes back the mic)

Jaden- I'm well on my way,

I'm almost everything,

And this is my day,

Oh, Make me wanna sang,

Chorus- I'm free...

Jaden- Look at me,

And all and everything I'm allowed to see,

Chorus- Free...

Jaden- Come and see,

Chorus- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Jaden- Shapeless, Formless,

I can harvest enourmous,

I've born this I've worn this,

No never know what norm is,

Come here it's fearless,

Contrast and color,

Wisdom's a woman,

Litsen and love her

Chorus- I'm free...

Jaden- Look at me,

Freedom in Hi-Fidelity,

Chorus- Free...

Jaden- Come and see,

Chorus- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

(Jaden tosses the mic to Tyranno)

Tyranno- Oh, What you waiting on,

I want action,








Introduce your neighbor to your savior,

Chorus- I'm free...

Jaden and Tyranno- Look at me,

Freedom in Hi-Fidelity

Chorus- Free...

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!

(The crowd of students continued their "parade" until they reach the main grounds of the Academy.)

(Music cont.)

(The music and dancing continues until Crowler and Bonaparte crawled back to the main grounds.)

(Music distorts and abrubtly stops.)

Everyone stopped their singing, playing, and dancing as they saw a very angry Crowler and an equally angry Bonaparte.

"Umm...", Everyone seemed to say as they saw that one of their teachers and his assistant were sporting the "battle-weary"-look.

"Hey there, Doctor Crowler, Bonaparte! " Jaden called out with a smile, "Did you guys have a good vacation?" While Crowler was steaming at these words, Bonaparte fumed,

"Until you brats came back, Yeah, it was kinda good, and..." Bonaparte was interrupted by Crowler throwing him out of the way in sheer fury.

"ALL OF YOU LITTLE BASTARDS GET YOUR CRAP FROM THE PLANE AND GO TO YOUR ROOMS, YOU SOUND OF MUSIC-REJECTS!!!!" Crowler yelled at the top of his lungs to the unsuspecting crowd.

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P.S.- This chapter only had one musical-sequence because it was the prologue-chapter, I promise that the next one will have at least two.