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Warning: A very nervous Alexis, A love-sick and hung-over dino-duelist, a love-sick stalker, a love-sick Zane (geez, it's like an epidemic...), and only one music-sequence ahead!

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"Bold Italics" music

"Italics" Duel-Spirit dialogue

"You guys..?", Syrus whispered to the sleeping Tyranno and the sleeping Aster. "Um, you guys..?"

"Move, Syrus." Jaden said as he brought in Syrus's bass-guitar and amp-speaker. He then called out, "3..2..1, Wake up, sleepy-heads!!" And ran his fingers across the strings.

"Man your battle-stations!!"

"What in destiny's name?!" They screamed as they woke up. Tyranno was growling when he saw who woke him up.

"Hey, Aster!" Jaden beamed to his white-tux wearing friend.

"Jaden Yuki!!! I swear, if I wasn't already in trouble..." Tyranno yelled but stopped mid-sentence. 3...2...1...

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" Both students screamed as their hang-overs kicked in.

"Dang it, dang it, dang it!!! Tyranno shouted as he held his head. Aster buried his head under a pillow and mumbled,

"Mrys... Mn't mou mmm mck mater?"

"Um... Can you repeat that?" Jaden asked, with a confused grin on his face. Tyranno answered for the grey-haired boy,

"He said, 'Guys.. Can't you come back later... Aaahhh! Too many words!", But was hit with another headache as he finished his translation. Jaden was about to pull out his mic and perform all of the verses of "One-Hundered Bottles of Beer on the Wall", But was interrupted by a familiar voice,

"Well, It serves you guys right for causing that fight yesterday!" It was Dark magician Girl, who had just poofed into the room. "If that wasn't bad enough, After all that, You went and drowned yourselves in alcohol!" Aster moaned as he started to walk out of the room,

"God, her voice is way too high... I'm out of here." Syrus asked as the tux-clad student walked out the door,

"Where are you going?" Aster didn't so much as turn when he replied,

"To Sartorius's room, where it's quiet!" and slammed the door.

"Now, If what my dear Syrus is true, which I know it is because he's just so honest and true, Jaden and Tyranno have a punishment to serve in..." DMG looked at the clock, which read 6:50, and continued, "In about ten minutes, so I'll leave now!" She turned towards Syrus and with a, "Bye, Sweetie!", kissed him on the cheek and poofed back out of the room. Syrus sighed as he asked,

"Isn't she the greatest?" As he thought about his girlfriend.

"She's a duel-spirit." Tyranno stated flatly. Syrus yelled at the hung-over duelist,

"WELL, AT LEAST I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!" Tyranno roared back, in pain,

"STOP YELLING ALREADY!!!" Just then, Chazz, who was already awoken by the drunken-nonsense that took place last night, but was now being kept up on one of days he could actually sleep in (it was the weekend) by all the screaming taking place next-door, burst through the door.

"WILL YOU FUCKING MORONS, PLEASE, LET ME GET SOME SLEEP!!!" He yelled at the group inside the room. Tyranno was still hung-over when Chazz made this command, which resulted in this comment,

"QUIT YELLING, YOU RAVEN-HAIRED BASTARD!!!!", Tyranno then went to the closet to try and find some pain-killers, or something to soothe his sensitive-head. He was almost to the aspirin, when he discovered his still wet clothes from last night.

"Hey, what the..?" He thought about it for a minute and then exclaimed, "Hey, That's right! Guys, hey, guys!" He called out before swallowing a handful of aspirin and running towards the small grouping of friends.

"Wait, wait, wait, Don't tell me... You're going to tell us about something that happened to you last night, huh?" Chazz asked the dino-duelist, who replied,

"No, I... Wait a sec... How'd you know?" Chazz answered with an uppity-tone,

"'Cause it's my special ability, quadruple-duh!" As if everyone knew what he was talking about.

"Oh, you mean the talents that one in every three students has here at Duel Academy?" Alexis said as she walked into the room. Chazz nodded as he stated,

"Like me for instance, I have premonitions in my sleep. Which is one of the main reasons I'm pissed off at this prehistoric-moron over here!" And pointed to Tyranno.

"What the hell do I have to do with your fortune-telling?!" Tyranno yelled. Chazz went to his room and qiuckly came back with a broken radio.

"Normally, you idiots could make all the noise you wanted to, But my radio broke a week back and so I can't drown you guys out with my whale-songs CD without it!" Syrus then got up from sitting on the bed and said,

"Hey, Chazz can I see that for a minute?" Chazz sighed as he tossed over his broken radio to the blue-haired boy. Syrus's eyes seemed to glow as he smiled and pulled a screw-driver, wrench, and glue from his suitcase under the bed. Everyone just watched as in seconds he had taken the whole radio apart. "Well, here's your problem..." Syrus said as he pulled three batteries out of the pieces. "Chazz, seriously, next time, check your batteries." Chazz said nothing as he saw his radio in pieces.

"You...you...you...You broke my radio..." Syrus looked at the wreckage,

"Oh... One minute." He went to work and when Syrus was done, the radio was exactly like before, with new bateries, of course. Syrus pressed the play-button and the sounds of whale-songs filled the room. "Good as new!" He beamed.

"Wow, Syrus when did you learn to do that?" Alexis asked.

"What, this? I've been able to fix things since I was a little kid." Jaden asked,

"Hey guys, does that count as a special-ability?" Chazz folded his arms, disappointed to find that someone else in the group had a special-talent, and muttered,

"Yeah, I guess..." Tyranno scratched his head, and then beamed,

"Oh, yeah, What happened was...


"Hey! What the hell happened to our alcohol!!!" Three elder Obelisk-students clamored as they found their secret-stash missing. A couple of feet away, Hassleberry was carrying the drinks that he had smelt from a mile away, and laughed to himself,

"They really should hide their stash better, This is getting too easy!" He smiled as he walked down his short cut back to the Slifer-dorm, that winded through the Academy bathing-house. Which, coincedentally, happened to be the same place a young, blond-haired duelist was taking advantage of the peace and solitude. "I suppose I could have one beer on the way back to the dorm." Tyranno told himself as he opened one of the beer-bottles. He took a deep swig, but almost coughed it back up when he heard something. It was a faint splashing, coming from one of the pools. He focused on where the sound was coming from and then jumped into a near-by bush. It was dark, but he could make out the basic shapes: It was a young girl, who was naked, and dancing on top of the water. Floating and dancing around her, was a female duel-spirit in a futuristic-ballet outfit. "Damn... I couldn't have gotten drunk that fast, could I?" The girl twirled and pointed her hand, and a splash of water followed. Some of the water fell into the bush, wetting Tyranno. "Well, I ain't drunk yet." He realized, "But who is that girl? I think I would've noticed someone so beautiful walking around the campus.


Tyranno wasn't even going to fight it: After seeing and hearing this girl, He was in love. "I got to meet her, introduce myself to her, do something to find out who she is!" He thought as he stood up. However, when he tried to walk over... "Hey ther..." He instantly tripped over his feet and onto his face.


Tyranno got up from the ground, just to see that his mysterious dancer-girl had disappeared.

"Dang it! I didn't even get her number..!", He cried as he frantically looked around for his dream-girl. He finally, very sadly gave up and started back towards the Slifer-dorm.


End of Flashback

"And I already know what you guys are thinking, No, I wasn't drunk when I saw her!" All three of the listening boys were skeptical, but slightly intrigued by what their friend had just told them. Alexis, on the other hand, was blushing extremely. Jaden noticed his friend's un-cheerful disposition and asked,

"Alexis, What's up?" Alexis almost couldn't hear him though because she was way too into her thoughts to notice anything else.

"So, Cyber-Tutu wasn't being paranoid... Someone was watching, And worst of all, it was..." Tyranno then called over to the two,

"Hey, is she alright? We don't have to get her to the nurse, do we?" Tyranno started to come over and Alexis felt sick.

"No, no! I'm fine I j-just remembered that I have some work to do, Um, uh, Bye, guys!" She said, clutching her stomach, as she ran out the door and All the way back to the Obelisk-Dorm.

"I hope Alexis is alright..." Syrus stated. Then, Chazz stood up and exclaimed,

"Well of course she's not okay! Obviously, Dino-breath over here did something to upset her!!" Tyranno heard this and, in a flash grabbed the young Princeton by the throat and growled,

"What was that, Raven-boy?" Syrus was instantly reminded of something.

"Hey, don't you and Tyranno have to go for your punishment?" Tyranno heard this and instantly dropped Chazz, who was greatful to be able to breathe again.

"The little guy's right, Come on, Hero-boy, We have to go!" Jaden wasn't even going to try and argue because he knew that Tyranno was right. He said bye to Syrus and followed his dino-loving friend. Unknown to all of them, a young girl wearing an anime-style school-girls' outfit was watching all of them.

"HE DID WHAT?!" A very mad Meteo said to the girl from before. They were in a small cottage on the northern-side of Academy Island. There were two other girls and another young man in the cottage as well. One of the girls was wearing a t-shirt with the words, "I love..." and then it was blank, a base-ball cap covering her scruffy brown hair saying the same thing, regular pants, tennis-shoes and had a blue back-pack on her back. The other girl had blond pig-tails and was wearing a big, pink, kitty-cat costume. The young man, who was busy at the desk of the room, was wearing a black tux and a black beret was covering the top of his long, white hair. He turned when the girl in the school girls' outfit replied,

"From what I heard, Yesterday Jaden and Tyranno got into a fight and Tyranno gave Jaden a bloody-nose." She shuddered when she saw tears in Meteo's orange eyes.

"HOW DARE THAT PREHISTORIC MORON EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING MY JADEN'S FACE?!!!" He combined yelling with crying to unleash that statement. "My poor Jaden... Waaahhh!!!" The kitty-cat girl jumped over to Meteo and put a hand on his shoulder saying,

"It's okay, Master Meteo, I bet Jaden's alright. Huh, Tsukiko?" With a smile the kitten girl turned the school-girl.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, Jaden looked much better this morning even as he and the Tyranno went to their punishment." Tsukiko replied.

"Punishment..." Meteo thought, then with a smile he called, "Hey, Trey!" The young man at the table replied,

"Yes, Master Meteo?"

"Can you go and get some pictures of Jaden for me?" Meteo asked sweetly.

"Umm... Sure why not, I don't have anything better to do." Trey said as he disappeared.


Jaden and Tyranno had arrived outside the Obelisk-Dorm, where Crowler and Bonaparte were waiting to assign their punishment.

"Hey, Doctor Crowler! Hey, Bonaparte! How are you guys doing toda..."

"SHOVE IT, SLACKER!" The two, still kind of mad, staff members yelled at the still, somewhat, cheerful brunette.

"So, I bet you two are wondering what your punishment will be?" Bonaparte asked with a sneer on his face.

"Um, actually, I was wondering if there was anyway I could get out of this..." Tyranno muttered under his breath. Unfortunately, Crowler heard him.

"Okay, smart-mouth, Just for that your punishment is doubled!!" Jaden then asked,

"But, we don't even know what our punishment is yet." Crowler blushed at this embarrasing fact. He then pointed towards the staff parking-lot, where a very filthy limosine and an equally filthy army-style jeep.

"You are both each going to wash one of those cars." The two boys stared awestruck at the two incredibly filthy cars.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Tyranno sighed. Crowler handed the dino-duelist a bucket, a sponge, a towel, some wax, and some soap. He then laughed,

"Make it shine!", and left Tyranno to wash the Doctor's jeep.

"Grrr... If I wasn't already in trouble, I'd shove this soap so far up your ass, you'd be coughing up bubbles!" Tyranno thought as he filled the bucket with a nearby hose. Bonaparte handed Jaden the same supplies and pointed him towards the limo.

"Wait, Why do I have to wash the limo?!" Jaden exclaimed. The two staff-members turned and said at the same time,

"Because as much as we don't like the dino-boy over there, We hate you even more!!!" Tyranno couldn't help but snicker a little as he heard this. As the two staff-members left, Jaden filled up his bucket and said,

"This is all your fault, Sarge." Tyranno was too busy to offer a comeback, but he did find time to toss all the water in his bucket onto Jaden. "Gaahh! Hassleberry!!" Tyranno just chuckled as he continued scrubbing the side of the jeep. Two hours later, he was almost done with half of the jeep when he realized he needed more water.

"Hey, Jaden, I need the hose." Jaden smirked as he asked,


"Well, I kind of need more water to finish washing this jeep." Jaden walked over with the hose, and in an instant, turned it on, full blast, and aimed it at the busy Tyranno. "Hey, hey, hey!! Damn it all, Jaden! I just got out of a wet outfit!!!" Jaden just laughed as he jogged back to the limo. "Ooh.. Just you wait until I'm done with this stupid jeep." Tyranno muttered as he filled up his bucket again. About an hour and a half later, Tyranno was finally done. He then smiled as he dumped the remaining soap and some water into his bucket and ran over to Jaden and poured the whole bucket on his head.

"Aaahhh, My hair! Tyranno!!!" Tyranno simply smirked back and said,

"I told you I would get you back!", and started to jog back to the dorm. All of a sudden,

"Where do you think you're going?!" The shrill yell of Doctor Crowler came Tyranno's pocket. He pulled out the PDA, Just to be welcome by, "I hope you weren't thinking of leaving yet..."

"Well, I am done with my part of the punishment."

"You can't leave until both of you have finished with your chore...I mean, punishment!" Crowler finished off with that statement and hung up. Tyranno gave a huge sigh as he grabbed the hose, filled his bucket up again, walked over to Jaden, and poured the water all over the Slifer-red.

"What was that for?!" He asked as he tried to wipe some of the water off of his still-damp jacket.

"We can't leave until we both finish our punishment, so I guess I have to help you." Jaden didn't actually get an answer, but more importantly, he was soaked and since he wasn't planning on getting a cold, he took both it and the equally soaked t-shirt he had on underneath off. Tyranno laughed as he walked around to the other side of the limo. About a minute later, he asked Jaden, "Can I get the hose over here?" Jaden smirked as he tossed over the hose. When Tyranno had it, Jaden quickly turned it on full-blast, causing water to splash all over the Ra-yellow's face. Jaden was laughing out loud when Tyranno just calmly said, "I... am not... going... to say... anything.", And went back to work.

"Master Meteo is seriously obssessed with this kid." Trey said to himself as he was sitting in a nearby tree. He had sketched nearly eleven pictures of the Slifer-boy, and was getting kind of bored. "If it wasn't for Master Meteo, I would've left by now." He stated as he started on another picture. It was nearly an hour later when Jaden noticed a humming coming from Tyranno's side of the limo. It was an interesting tune, so he peeked over at his friend's side. Tyranno was actually smiling as he was scrubbing the side of the limo and humming his tune.

"Hey, uh, Tyranno..?" Jaden asked. Tyranno looked up,

"What's up?"

"What's with that song that you're humming?" Tyranno smiled as he stood up. He then replied,

"It's just a working-song that I learned when I was in Army-Camp." Jaden smiled as he asked,

"What's it called?"

"Just a little tune called, 'Viva Rock'!"

(Orange Range's "Viva Rock" as performed by Tyranno Hassleberry, the Elemental Hero-Chorus, and Jaden Yuki but mostly Tyranno, Yay!)

(The Elemental heroes appear)

Tyranno- Have you ever heard of the Orange Range?

(chorus repeats)

Come on, fighters!

Don't tell your mama or she'll think you're insane...

(chorus repeats)

You're pathetic!

All the pretty girls listen and pertain...

(chorus repeats)

Move it, move it, move it!

Our music's best for highway speeding..!

(chorus repeats)


Chorus- O-R-A-N-G-E! Ahem,

R-A-N-G, and, E! Ahem!

O-R-A-N-G-E! Ahem,

R-A-N-G, and, E! Okay!

Woah... Woah...

Woah... Woah...

Woah... Woah...

Woah... Woah...

(Short drum-solo)

Tyranno- 1! Janpu ichiban, Suramu danku kamasu Taison!

2! Are mo kore mo dosoku de HAGU-KISSU-I LOVE YOU!

3! Yoga wo kiwamemasu Karee kirai Masera-san!

4! Hetare tougyuushi Sanchesu oorei!

Tyranno and chorus- Sekaijuu hora, waratteru sora, miagete saa tachiagatte!

Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah...

Sekaijuu hora, kawatteku, Min'na ganbatte, So tachiagatte!

Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah...

(short drum-solo)

Chorus- Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

1,2! 1,2!

Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

1,2! 1,2!

Oh... Oh..., Oh... Oh...

Tyranno- 1! Kokuen bori ni bottou Bodi ma hattayasan mo!

2! Pekin Dakku waiyaa akushon chari de isogu Chen-Rii!

3! My koteka daiji ni migakiageru Popo-san!

4! Ote wo haishaku, Japaniizu piipoo!

Tyranno and chorus- Sekaijuu hora, waratteru sora, miagete saa tachiagatte!

Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah...

Sekaijuu hora, kawatteku, Min'na ganbatte, So tachiagatte!

Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah... Oh, Yeah...

Chorus- Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

1,2! 1,2!

Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

1,2! 1,2!

Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

(chorus starts to clap in rhthym)

1,2! 1,2!

Oh..way.. Oh..way.. Oh..way..Oh...

1,2! 1,2!

(Final short drum-solo)

(music stops abrubtly)

Tyranno finished the song and saw that he and Jaden had finished cleaning up the limo. "Wow, that was actually faster than I expected!" He said as Jaden was getting up. The slifer replied, with a huge smile,

"Wow, Tyranno, You're really good as a solo-act!" A small blush grew across the dino-duelist's face as he sighed,

"Yeah, yeah. We should get going back to the dorm." Tyranno started walking back towards the dorm, not at all noticing that Jaden had a full bucket of water and was right behind him. 3..2..1.. "JADEN!!". Jaden, while Tyranno took off his vest (so as not to weigh him down), grabbed his still wet jacket and shirt, then started running off towards the dorm. "You're lucky that you're one of my best friends, or I would kill you!" Tyranno said as he went charging after Jaden. Jaden, still shirtless and running, replied with a smile,

"Aw... That's a real nice thing to say, 'Wet-asaurus'! You're one of my best friends, too!"


Still in the tree, with five new sketches, Trey was preparing, hesitatingly, to go back to the cottage. "I pray to God that I still have those ear-plugs." He then disappeared from the tree.

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