Summary: While questioning a suspect, Greg is taken hostage.

Chapter 1

The suspects name was Mathew Donnovahn. That was all Greg really knew of him. He had just gotten onto the case that had been handed to him by Grissom, and that was pretty much why he was there besides Brass, interviewing the suspect.

"You came home around-" Brass started, but Mathew finished.

"Ten. I was running over town all day, picking up stuff and dropping things off. It's a kind of daily thing that I do." Mathew said. His face was calm, but he looked kind of tense. Greg didn't notice, however, he was too busy watching the officers on the scene talk into their radio.

"And what do you do, exactly?" Brass asked, his face set in stone. Mathew looked over at Greg, as though thinking to ask him a question, but then, looked back at Brass.

"I buy things off of Ebay on the computer, and then sell them cheaper to my neighbors and friends and anyone else whose interested." Greg decided that Mathew was guilty. Maybe not guilty of murdering the woman in his house, but guilty of something. He was way too tense for a suspect. He even...Greg caught sight of something metal sticking out of the back of Mathew's jeans. It looked like a blade. Interesting.

"Did you hear anything this morning?" Brass asked, curious. Mathew frowned, as though thinking, but Greg thought that he was just eager to leave. Greg also thought that he did hear something this morning. He frowned, thinking. If the woman was killed with a knife...and there was a knife in Mathew's backpocket. But really...would Mathew be so stupid as to put the murder weapon in his jeans. But, the more Greg thought about it, the more it made sense. People usually don't pay any attention, and he could easily have put the knife there as to not attract the unwanted attention.

"Actually, yea. I heard some shouting in my house this morning, when I was in bed asleep. At first, I thought it was the neighbors, but then I realized that they were in my house." Mathew noticed Greg looking at his back pocket. "What?" He demanded.

"The woman was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife. I can see a blade sticking out of your back pocket. I was wondering if it might be possible if I can have a look at it?" Greg asked, as politely as he could. Mathew glared at him so furiously, that Greg wondered if he might have been wrong. Then, shrugging and crossing his arms over his chest, Mathew stated,

"Sure." Since Greg was right in front of him, and Brass had nodded as Greg looked at him to make sure that it was okay, Greg reached out to take the object.

With lightening speed, Mathew grabbed Greg's arm, jerked him around, and brought out the object to Greg's throat. Too late, Brass had his gun drawn, and was pointing it at the pair. Brass could see that the weapon, was in fact a knife, and that it still had blood on it. Feeling a bit sick at the thought of Mathew slitting Greg's throat, Brass ordered,

"Let him go!" Mathew grinned, and it was a grin that-something that didn't usually happen-made Brass go cold. He could see that Greg was in pain, and afraid. Brass inwardly sighed. If Mathew got away with him...

"I think not." Mathew said, jerking Greg upwards. Greg couldn't help but wince as the knife pricked his skin. "I'm leaving with Mr. Sanders here and I don't want you following me afterwards." Brass saw panic in Greg's eyes as Mathew started moving them towards the car that was parked in the driveway. Brass could understand Greg's panic. He was proud that the kid was holding up well so far, and hoped that he would think of something to help him shoot the bastard.

"So you killed her?" Brass could only think of stalling. Mathew's smile curved into a sneer.

"What do you think? Maybe I just watched some lunatic kill her, and then I took the knife? Come on, do you think I would be stupid to confess?" That was a matter of opinion, Brass couldn't help but think. Not thinking of something else to say, Mathew opened the car door, still keeping his back towards Brass, and pushed Greg in. He then quickly got in himself, and slammed the door. Brass started to fire at him, but Mathew was quick. He started the car, and managed to drive away, the tires squelling as he speed away and out of sight. Sighing inwardly, Brass got out his phone and dialed Grissom. He had a feeling that Grissom wasn't about to be happy about what he was going to tell him, and that today was going to be a long, long day.

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