Taken Hostage


Chapter Ten:

Nick stared at the clock for what felt like forever. While they had actually rescued Greg, they didn't know what all had happened to him while he was with the suspect. Nick hated the thought of anything happening to him…if it even progressed that far. He turned his gaze towards Sara, who was with Greg in his room at the hospital, resting comfortably on a bed. Feeling a bit like an intruder, he hesitantly got up after finally getting tired of staring at the clock on the wall, and went into the room where Greg lay sleeping with Sara at his side.

"Hey," she whispered, seeing him come in. He nodded at her, feeling that his voice might be too loud if he spoke. Getting a chair, he quietly parked next to her.

"You okay?" She asked, after a moment's heavy silence. The room was a bit chilly and Nick felt like he was beginning to get cold. Instead of doing anything about it however, he simply just crossed his arms over his chest and answered Sara. "Fine...know anything?"

He spoke in a very low voice, not wanting to know what Greg's reaction would be if he woke up, and the other half of him dying to know. Sara seemed to instantly know what he was talking about, and spoke in a quiet whisper. "He's alright. The doctor checked him out, and there's nothing that..."

She trailed off, feeling herself flush. There was just no end to the hatred that she had felt at Matthew, especially after they had taken him in. The two shots had done some damage, but they hadn't killed him; they only wounded him.

"Good." Nick's voice was low, but it held an edge to it that made Sara feel slightly safer than she had before because Matthew was in the opposite side of the hospital as well. "I'd have gone and killed him myself."

"Killed who?" Greg's voice sounded in the room and both of them jumped, not expecting him to speak. They turned to see him sitting up slightly, and looking a bit disorientated. "Where am I?"

"Hospital." Sara answered. "You're safe, Greg."

"Figures. Smelled all the awful smells...but you're smell is almost powerful enough to take them away." Greg told her. Nick smiled as she blushed a rose red.

"You could've done better than that." Nick teased him, trying to avoid the first question.

"Yeah, could've, just didn't think much..." He frowned. "How'd you guys find me?"

"Archie." Sara put in quickly. "Nick had Archie trace your call...and we followed you from there. He wasn't very subtle about leaving tracks behind for us to follow anyway."

"How long did it take you guys to get there?" Greg asked, curiosity in his eyes. Nick frowned, thinking, but Sara bet him too it.

"About half an hour-and then another half when we found it, because we had to search through the house too." She answered.

Nick wondered how much his friend had really changed. Maybe he hadn't changed that much at all...only found that he'd had more courage in him that was originally thought...more fight in him. He gave Greg a smile, and said, "It's good to have you back, Greg."

Sara looked at Nick, then back at Greg. Greg nodded slowly, as though processing what Nick said, and responded with a comment of his own. "It's good to be back." He said, taking hold of Sara's hand that had strayed to his bed.


Unbeknownst to the three of them, however, Matthew was in his own hospital bed-sitting up and watching the display. He had seen, earlier, that the gray haired man was not happy about him being that close to him...but Matthew didn't care about him, he cared that he was able to see Greg up close...very close. He smiled, started to hum softly, closed his eyes, and then went to sleep.


Author's Notes: There may or may not be a sequel as yet. I'm giving fanfiction a break for a while, but I will occasionally update my other stories. I should warn you, however...I may be back soon to write more! Many, many thanks to my readers and especially to my reviewers! I don't know how I could've finished this without you guys-you rock. Also, a great bucket of thanks goes to my beta, GregsLabrat. Thanks!!