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Only Him

Opening her eyes she looked around the room her vision focusing from the blur of sleepiness to the white of the far wall. Hearing the sound of thunder her eyes fixed on the window to the droplets of rain splattering on the glass in frenzy. Closing her eyes she turned to her right side snuggling in the plush pillow and the blankets covering her.

The blankets were pushed aside uncovering her bare shoulder, her long hair was moved off the back of her neck and ever so gently a feather touch started from the nape and traced a line down her bare back in an excruciatingly liberate motion. The sensation made her move into the luscious sensation wanting more. Warm breath danced on her neck making her shiver with pleasure and slow deliberate kisses followed the same invisible line making her smile, now she waited for it. The kisses made their way back to her neck and lips lingered below her ear tasting her skin. "Morning beautiful." His rich deep voice whispered so closely making her squirm instantly and the closeness of his lips to her ear made her forget her own greeting. Kissing the lobe slowly the hotness of his mouth made her moan softly in delight. Running his fingertips tenderly along the length of her body she whimpered at the erotic feeling and his kiss moved to the back of her neck his tongue purposely licking her barcode making her feel shivers down her spine.

With his arm he walked his hand across her abdomen to her hip and turned her towards him. With his finger he raised her chin, her eyes found deep green eyes staring back at her the gold flecks in them shining back with yearning her brown eyes mirrored. Lowering her gaze they rested momentarily to the light dapple of freckles on his nose which she found completely endearing to the slight curve of his full soft lips she longed to taste. Reaching his hand he brushed the hair away from her face his thumb straying on her cheek. Her hand reached up to touch the softness of his skin to the similar barcode on the back of his neck reaching into his dark blond hair.

Leaning into her, his mouth slightly parted pressing gently into hers trapping her bottom lip between his. The light wetness of his tongue drifted along her mouth parting the pouty lips to delicately savor them. The wonderful sensations making her forget who and where she was, her only thought was him. Deepening the kiss his tongue found hers and she whimpered, she melted into him surrendering to the craving that was in every fiber of her being. Moving over her she now felt his chest cover hers and the sensual feeling of his warm skin on hers intoxicated her, reminding her of the smooth texture of satin. His arms drifted down to entwine his fingers in hers and raised her arms above her head. Ever so carefully he trailed his fingertips on the inside of her arms down to her face once more as he cupped it; losing himself in their passionate kiss. Her hands reached to his muscular shoulders down his back where her fingernails grazed him slightly with the effort of trying to contain the deep moan in her throat. A soft light moan escaped her lips and they breathed into each other sharing the sweet life within them. Kisses drifted to her chin and down to the curve of her neck eliciting a gasp as her heartbeat accelerated from the desire he was bringing out of her.

Looking up at her again her hand drifted to his gorgeous face to touch his soft pink lips her fingertips barely making contact just closely enough to feel the burning imprint on her fingers and her arms rested on his shoulders. His lips curved up in a beautiful smile and she smiled back basking in the sensation of simply being with him, being loved by him and knowing the dazzling smile was for her and only her. "You're a bad boy." She laughed lightly and his mouth tugged up at the corner with a mischievous grin. "But I'm so good at it." She loved hearing the deep sound of his voice, the husky sexy lure that mesmerized her every time. Closing her eyes she was spellbound with the simple fact that he was hers and his mouth claimed her pouty lips again managing to completely render her helpless once more.

It had been a long torturous journey but they were finally as one making her realize now that if it was any other way she would die without him, without his touch, without his unconditional love. He completed her in every sense of the word and she wondered how she ever lived without him in the first place; she wanted to love him forever. Stopping momentarily he whispered into her mouth. "I love you Max." and she cried with the overpowering sensation of that one simple mind shattering confession. Tears slipped down her cheeks hearing the tender words that numbed her every time. "I love you Alec. I'll always love you." Her desperate words reaching him and he stared down into her watery eyes lovingly brushing the wetness from her cheeks. "Don't...Maxie…" He whispered and added. "I'm here now and we'll never be apart again."

Kissing her to prove his words, she felt a shiver run down to her toes at the mind numbing sensation as his tongue delved into her mouth leaving a sweet savor that was unmistakably him enthralling her once again. Catching his scent she arched into him desire coursing through her, her body reacting as the feline in her recognized its mate. "Make love to me Alec." She whispered the sweet words knowing that he would give her anything she wanted. Closing her eyes again he started to kiss her neck, she focused on the feeling of his warm body pressed against hers, kissing the side of her neck once more.

Opening her eyes she looked around the room her vision focusing from the blur of sleepiness to the white of the far wall. Hearing the sound of thunder her eyes fixed on the window to the droplets of rain splattering on the glass in frenzy. Closing her eyes she turned to her right side sighing in the plush pillow and the blankets covering her.

Slowly a hand reached over to touch her shoulder. "Max?" She turned slowly to look into a pair of eyes she knew would be pale blue and not the beautiful shade of green with its mysterious gold tint. Forcing a smile she turned back to stare at the wall as emptiness gouged a hole in the pit of her stomach. She touched her lips remembering the ethereal passionate kisses and hugged her body as she trembled with the need to feel him again. The impression of his warm skin remained in the deep recesses of her mind, her body not wanting to forget its perfect match; her mate.

A single tear slipped to her pillow. I'm here now and we'll never be apart again. Only every time she woke he wan't there and she spent the morning craving his presence, the sound of his sexy voice and his tender loving touch. Never telling him how she felt she was now trapped within a gilded cage of her own creation only escaping when her dreams allowed her to. She never slept much but she longed for the moments when her body let her because she knew she would be reunited with him again.

When she woke without him she died a little bit more each time I love you Alec. I'll always love you. Another tear met the first and she feigned ignorance at Logan's touch and he eventually removed his hand from her shoulder. Her thoughts drifted back to him…always him. To the only man who truly held her heart and would never know. She loved him beyond mere words and because of her stubbornness would never find out that he truly shared the same feelings but was just as afraid to tell her. Her thoughts went back to his beautiful eyes and his incredible smile. Always to him…only him.

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