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Only Them

She had woken without him again and this morning the emptiness she felt was simply unbearable, it had taken all her energy to simply get out of bed and head to Terminal City. Wiping the tears she cleared her throat and pretended nothing was out of the ordinary. Her eyes glanced quickly to the open door of his office and she was disappointed to notice he wasn't there. The bareness threatened to engulf her; at least when she saw him he filled some of the void inside.

She walked into her office and closed the door behind her. Her first thought was to throw herself on the couch and let it out because she simply had no release when she was around Logan. Well this morning had been different; she had finally told him that she couldn't do it anymore. Tired of pretending when her heart yearned for someone else she had broken it off and left without a word; her tears had conveyed what words couldn't.

Approaching her desk she noticed a box of Kleenex with a piece of paper attached. The note read "This is to wipe the tears you think I don't see." She took a trembling breath and a tissue to wipe the tears that slid on her cheeks. She noticed a small arrow indicating the back of the note. "Art Gallery." Frowning in confusion she wiped another stray tear and sniffed.

Taking the tissue with her she made her way to the empty art gallery. Not really knowing what she was looking for she noticed a painting of herself and beside it there was a single red rose with a matching bow and a note attached. "This is to show you how beautiful you are. The rose is to make you smile; because just like the flower it is as delicate as it is precious to me." And her lips slowly formed into a smile. Taking a moment she inhaled the sweet smell of the beautiful flower. Looking again to the note there was another arrow indicating the back; she read "Your apartment." She was led to the apartment she hadn't been in since moving in with Logan. It felt so cold and empty and she shivered at how closely it resembled her emotions.

Opening the door slowly she walked into the living room and sat on the couch on the table there was a book. On top there was a pen with her name engraved on it. Her name was also on the black binding of the book but there was no note this time. Slowly opening the first page she noticed writing. "This is so you have someone to talk to when you're feeling low; someone who will listen to you without interruption. Go to your bedroom." She was still smiling but now there were tears mixed in; she wasn't even sure why they were there.

Walking to her bedroom she noticed the biggest white teddy bear she had ever seen sitting on her bed and she giggled, he had a heart in his arms and another note attached. "This is so you always have someone to hug and love when you need someone to hold; someone who will return the emotion unconditionally and will always be there for you." Wrapping her arms around the white plush animal she smiled and felt instant relief; she hugged him tightly and marveled at how incredibly soft and luxurious he was. Used to the small notes she instinctively looked to the back and it said "Roof."

Frowning again she left the rose, diary and teddy bear behind and made her way to the roof, not really sure what to expect. Climbing the stairs slowly, a million thoughts played through her head as she tried to figure out what the next surprise was going to be.

Finally making it to the door she paused with her hand on the handle and sighed softly. Pushing open the door the sun shone down on her and she squinted and her vision cleared. She stopped in her tracks and it felt as if her heart had stopped beating. Then she heard his deep voice and her knees felt weak. "And if that still doesn't work… I'll kiss your tears away… I'll remind you every morning just how beautiful you are and make sure you always have a reason to smile… I'll be there to listen to you and give you a shoulder to cry on. But most of all I promise to hold you through the night and never let you go until you know just how much I love you." And he smiled slowly at her and she felt her wall crumble.

She hadn't even moved, her feet were completely rooted and her eyes had filled over with tears. "Alec…" She finally took a deep breath and ran towards him with a sob. His arms caught her and she hugged him fiercely. Trying to speak she couldn't even get the words out and she cried harder. She was finally touching him, holding him and it was so real. She was finally free to love him and it took her breath away that he felt the same emotions. His timing was so incredibly perfect. She could feel his warmth through his clothes; his strong arms encircling her and his scent surrounded her and she knew she was finally home at last. Burying his hand in her hair he leaned his head on hers. "Max..." He whispered her name fervently. Backing away from him she looked up into those deep soulful eyes and she tried to speak again but all she managed was a trembling of her lips.

"Shhh..." Feeling his own tears slip he pulled her in once more and held her tightly never wanting to let her go. "It's okay." He whispered into her hair and kissed the top of her head as she cried in his arms.

Opening her eyes she looked around the room her vision focusing from the blur of sleepiness to the white of the far wall. Hearing the sound of her beating heart she smiled and her eyes fixed on the window to the bright rays of sunshine that hazily came through to light up the room. Closing her eyes she turned to her right snuggling in the plush pillow and the blankets covering her.

A hand touched her bare shoulder and she turned slowly to a pair of deep green eyes with their mysterious gold glint and she sighed happily. His hand gently caressed her cheek and his thumb traced the contour of her lips. "Good morning beautiful." And he gave her a gorgeous smile. Smiling for the first time in a long time she felt her heart flutter with the feeling of absolute bliss. "Good morning gorgeous." Lips tugging in a slight grin as he gazed lovingly through her long eyelashes into deep brown eyes. He leaned in and kissed her forehead, his lips trailed down to the tip of her nose and he kissed her again. Closing her eyes she concentrated on the sensation of his soft lips as they trailed to her ear and his hot breath sent goosebumps along her skin; making her moan with pleasure.

Brushing her soft cheek with his thumb he cupped her face and kissed her delicately yet passionately. Warm full lips pressed against hers and his luscious tongue found hers in a delicious motion completely entrancing her and she felt everything disappear; losing herself in him…Only him. Every emotion he had held back was shared within his breathtaking kiss. He was entirely enraptured by her mouth as she returned the kiss hungrily. Hearing her moan into him as his lips held hers and his tongue tasted hers he lost himself in her...Only her.

Trailing her fingers down his back she felt every muscular curve and the sensual feel of his skin beneath hers gave her delightful shivers. Nibbling lightly on his full lips she rewarded him with her tongue again and trailed kisses to the curve of his neck and lightly her tongue tasted his golden skin as she made her way to his shoulder. Feeling him shiver from her touch she smiled secretly and continued.

Picking her up in his arms bringing her closer to him he buried his face in her neck smelling her, his body utterly taken over by its mate. Burying his fingers in her hair he could finally feel the silkiness and it was everything he had imagined and more. The taste of her honey caramel skin was exquisitely intoxicating and her lips were so soft and perfectly matched to his own that he felt it was simply too good to be true. Only it was true, everything he felt was no illusion they were finally together at last. He was finally home.

Looking down at her he brushed his lips against hers and breathed into her mouth whispering feverishly. "I love you Max." And like she always did upon hearing his devoted, heartfelt confession she cried in his embrace. "I love you Alec…I'll always love you." Her lips began trembling from the fear that this was just another one of her dreams. His finger on her lips stopped her. "Don't…Maxie…" He kissed her tears and whispered. "I'm here now and we'll never be apart again."

"Promise me." She asked desperately and he kissed her deeply. "I promise, now and forever." And he gave her his characteristic dazzling smile he only shared with her and she was at his mercy.

Crying in his arms she whispered the words she knew would mean the ending of her dream and the endless pain as she died all over again. "Make love to me Alec…" The yearning look he gave her was met with one just as powerful and he felt his senses heighten with desire as he felt every inch of her skin and memorized every touch. He kissed her neck tenderly and passionately made love to her. He brought her beyond mere pleasure into rapturous ecstasy and back again; bringing her higher than she'd ever thought possible.

Together they became as one, their bodies finally reunited in erotic harmony. They made love to each other over and over again with no perception of time they were simply and utterly content within each other arms. The world disappeared and all that was left was the sacred love they shared.

Opening her eyes she quickly panicked but feeling his strong arms around her she immediately relaxed. They had lost so much time together but now she promised herself to never waste another day without telling him how she felt. She had known from the moment she'd looked into his eyes and heard the sexy deepness of his voice. She snuggled in his arms and put her head on his chest listening to the soft beating of his heart. One she would die without…it had always been him.

Smiling as he felt her on his chest he kept his eyes closed and tightened his arms around her small form. From the first time he had laid eyes on her no one else had ever compared. Yearning for her from a distance he had silently waited until his heart couldn't take it anymore. No matter how many times he had tried he couldn't leave because he would have simply died without her…In his heart it had always been her.

And together they were perfect and no matter who stood in their way it would always be just them…Only them.

The End