In The End

Bobby walked with Courtney into the Sherwood house. The remaining travelers were all looking at him. Loor stood at the front of the travelers. She looked at Bobby and gave him a stare.

"This territory…" She said, "Once we enter, we will never leave. There is no flume there, correct?"

"Yes," Bobby said, quietly.

"We shall go there… to see what we always wanted to see," Loor said. Soon, there was silence. "Our families."

Bobby turned to Courtney. Their eyes met, silencing all distractions around them. Courtney started to cry.

"Bobby," she said, "You're going to be gone… forever."

"I wish I could stay," Bobby said.

"You can," she said.

"Take care of Mark, Courtney," Bobby said, as he turned to the travelers. "We will see our families once more."

"Goodbye…" Courtney whispered.

Bobby walked up to Loor. He stared into her eyes as well.

"Pendragon," Loor said, "we must go."

"No," Bobby said, "I will stay with Courtney and Mark."

"Why?" Loor said, "Don't you want to see your family."

"They are my friends, Loor," Bobby said, "You can go… Tell Uncle Press and my parents I said hi."

"Pendragon, I--"

"Go, Loor," Bobby said, "Go."

Loor turned to the flume and shouted, "HALLA!" and the flume came to life.

This time, the flume opened up differently. It opened up like a blob of nothing and showed what they were going to stay in. Bobby saw a blank space with all the travelers and parents that were dead. He saw Press. Bobby shyly waved at him.

Bobby turned away as all the travelers walked into the flume. The flume closed and Bobby walked up to Courtney. Courtney looked at him.

"Why?" she asked, "Why didn't you go?"

"It's not worth it," Bobby said, "I'm staying with you guys. Mark is injured and has no family…" Bobby closed his eyes. "I'll be his family."

Courtney hugged Bobby and cried. It was over. Bobby was home.