I Don't Own Anything you recognize from either other fiction and The Harry Potter Books.

A what if story.

Imagine if Sirius had been in Slytherin?

Sirius, Lucius and Severus are just like the Marauders, only the Slytherin version.

Oh things would be different.

Especially when at the beginning of their seventh year, Remus Lupin returned looking rather...attractive …Sirius finds himself falling in love...and a lot of trouble.

Note that Sirius and Regulus are here both the Perfect Sons , according to their Mother, so he's a bit mean( That-COUGH-is-Cough-Cough-an understatement-cough)

' Sirius? Mother says we are leaving in five minutes so you have got to hurry up!' Regulus informed his older brother.

'Thanks Reg, have you seen my –' Before Sirius could finish , a black , silk tie dangled in front of his face.

'Thank you.'He breathed, he really didn't want to be late for the train!

'No problem.' Regulus than did a levitation spell on Sirius' trunk.

Sirius and Regulus threw a last look in the large mirror that stood in Sirius room. They looked very much like each other, though you could tell Sirius was almost seventeen, and Regulus was still fifteen for another year, his birthday had been at the beginning of the summer. Also there was the fact that Sirius hair had just been cut, above the ear, and was ravenblack, where as his younger brother had longer chocolat brown hair. Sirius was taller, more muscular, his nose smaller and more delicate, his lips a little pouty, and his eyes weren't dark but a light silvery kind of color with goldenish sparks in them.

They were both wearing expensive clothing, Regulus a dark , rich velvet blue pants, a bordoux t-shirt and freshly polished shoes without a single scratch.

Sirius a baggy-ish at his ass, tight for the rest, black jeans , a white t-shirt, a black jacket and sneakers

'We look good don't we?' Regulus commented as they walked out of the room, down the stairs where everybody else was waiting.

'Ah, you sure do!' Bella said winking.

She was already out of school and happily married to Rodulphus Lestrange, who had been her not-so-secret-except-for-Rodulphus-himself- crush for years. She looked a lot like Sirius, with her black curls and her silver eyes. She was the more curvy of the three Black Sisters, as everyone referred to them.

'Thank you Bella, don't look so bad yourself either.' Sirius said winking the same way as she did.

!Soigneux avec les polissons!' Bella said as they left the house and got into the limosine.

Sirius smirked "Careful with the pranks." His cousin had said.

They got into the limo their Mother owned for trips like these.

Actually, on second thought, this was the only occasion they used the large car.

´ So Lucius, how was Bulgaria?' Sirius asked one of his best friends, Lucius Malfoy. The boy had sleek, blonde hair, a little longer than Sirius' and steel grey eyes. Despite what his looks might have told you, he was actually a nice person.

'It was okay, fun, although there were so few people who spoke English.' Lucius told them. Severus sniggered and said:'My holiday was kind of boring. I saw more of Potter than I'd liked…'

'What? Where?' Regulus said shocked. Potter, that brought back pleasant and unpleasant memories.

' Well, once at Diagon Alley. He was buying new robes. Lupin and Pettigrew were there too.Stupid Gryffindors. And of course, since he practically lives down the street, nearly every time I went out of the house.' Severus huffed.

´ Can't seem to find them apart anywhere.' Sirius muttered under his breath.

' I think Potter is kind of handsome. But the fact that he's a Gryffindor makes him disgusting.' Narcissa said, making Lucius turn red from embarrassment. He's having a slight crush on her.

'Narcissa, you did not just say that.' Regulus said in a horrified tone. 'It's hurting my poor virgin ears…' Sirius silently agreed with Narcissa, but that was something he would never, ever say outloud.

Wait, you weren't supposed to know that! Ah, screw it!

Yes Sirius thought Potter was handsome but NO he did not want to date the bloke , because a date would be terribly ruined if he had to puke all the time. And off course the little fact he was not gay!

Ah, well, that being said, get on with a more pleasant subject.

' So , I got Headboy.' Sirius said quietly.

Astonished heads turned his way.

'What? Is it that hard to believe?'He exclaimed loudly.

'Frankly...Yes.' Severus said smirking in a way only the evillest, Slytherinnest Slytherin could.

'Well, I am, so get used to it. Other wise I will have to deduct points!' He added in mock-sternness.

'Oh god , Merlin help us! Save us from the evil ickle Headboy!' Severus "wailed".

'Who made Headgirl?'Lucius asked.

' Oh!I did!'Narcissa said in a tone that said clearly she had just remembered it.

Every house had a Headboy and Girl.( A/N I know in the books it isn't that way but..I needed this for the plot)

'Wonder who made Headboy and Girl with those stupid Gryffindorks.' Sirius wondered.

'I bet it's goodie-two-shoes Evans , but as for the boys, I have no idea,' Lucius said with a sneer.

The Marauders, Pettigrew ,Lupin( arrgghh) and Potter( groan, groan) were an evil group( in the eyes of the Creepers) who pranked the whole school and sabotaged their hard work ( a.k.a brilliant pranks)

'Gah...What if Pettigrew made Headboy..Fuck..Where did that come from?' Severus thought out loud by accident.

' Pettigrew?Headboy?Are you out of your mind?'Lucius said asked.

' No , but Dumbledore is, Fazle.' Fazle was Lucius nickname, since his illegal Animagus form was a beautiful, dark green, huge, snake. Severus was named Vamp, his form being a rather large bat( muhahaha, that is why everyone thinks he's an oversized bat, he IS!) and Sirius was a big, silky furred grim-like dog, named Padfoot.

The Marauders also had nicknames, but why Lupin was called Moony, and Pettigrew Wormtail( surely that wasn't his animagus form?)

Yes they knew the Marauders were animagus, they weren't stupid and they had seen them in the library with books on Animagus in their second year!

The Marauders, on the other hand, were stupid, for exclaiming loudly that they made it.

Yeah, then it isn't that hard to figure out!

They had arrived at KingcrossStation and got out of the limousine.

Sirius P.o.V

It was very crowded, as usual, and Severus, Lucius, Narcissa, Regulus and I got our trunks out of the car.

As I walked through the wall between platform nine and ten I bumped into someone.

´Oh, sorry! I just got through and-' Then I saw who was talking to me. Remus Lupin.

And he looked right-out gorgeous, his hair had grown( as did he, they were now the exact same hight) and looked even golder than last year with grey streaks in it. His eyes , oh wow, were so bright and amber and sparkling and swirling and just beautiful in one word. He wore long , dark jeans that were the same design as my own and a t-shirt with the logo of some Muggleband on it.

His nose, his lips , everything just seemed more gorgeous, prettier than last year.

He stared at me with those pools of well whatever that was so beautiful.

'Oh my god ,you're beautiful.' I blurted. I could feel my cheeks getting red from shame and quickly I ran to the train.

'Padfoot! Wait up!' Severus called as he must've spotted me. He talked to Lupin for few seconds before coming after me on the train. Lucius and the rest of our group didn't trail far behind.

We found a compartment at the end of the train and sat down.

'What was that with Lupin?' Lucius asked curiously. I opened my mouth but Severus was already talking. 'I asked what he said to you and he went all red and stuttering he hadn't said anything.'

'Oh yeah, it was just the usual..' I said vaguely.

'The usual mm.' Severus repeated with a strange tone in his voice.

After an hour with laughing and coming up with pranks it was time for me and Narcissa to go the Head-Boy and Girl and Prefects meeting.

When we got at the compartment I saw to my utter shock and embarrassment Lupin got Headboy for Gryffindor ( and of course Mudblood)

'Good, everybody is here. The prefects can leave after we give instructions and after that we can discuss what we'll do for our house and about Patrol Rounds.' Evans said in her business voice( actually it was her normal voice but she sounds so bossy all the time.)

' Prefects can do rounds around the train right now and stop any trouble and if there is give them a warning. Taking points will be of no use since we haven't arrived at school yet.'

The prefects left without protest but they could be heard complaining outside the compartment about Evans.

I glanced uncomfortable at Lupin and he gawked at me.

´ Okay, so Sirius and Narcissa, the Slytherin Headboy and Girl, what do you plan on doing as your duty?' Evans just said our first names?

' Did you just call him by his fucking first name?' Lupin finally spoke after an uncomfortable silence( really uncomfortable). I agreed with him.

'Yes why? ' I asked. Narcissa eyed me funny and said: ' Well, I think it's logical Padfoot. We are going to see them a lot more than usual now that we had rounds with Heads from other houses instead of our own. Isn't that right Lily?'

' What?Did you just..Cissy..' I whined. Then I remembered the company I was in, and I cleared my troath.' I mean , even if we are working together, wait TOGETHER! WITH gryffies?'.

Lupin chuckled and stared at me for a while.