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Everything had gone wrong from that one night, less than six months ago. It was the day before my 16th birthday. I was home alone, snuggled up on the couch, watching The Italian Job with my Saint Bernard, Magma.

Magma was about one year old, a light golden brown color with a full mask, when I rescued her from the pound. She got off the couch where she had been sitting, next to me, and started barking at the door. Just like clockwork after her barking, the door bell rang. Mia, the daughter of my foster parent's best friends was at the door. I pulled the door open to see tears streaming down her face, her arms clinging to a package held tightly to her chest. She walked inside and told me the news that broke my heart.

My foster parents and her parents had gone out to dinner together. Every Tuesday they had a book club then went to there favorite restaurant The Brae Loch. Walking to the restaurant they cross in front of an old bricked up Movie Theater. A drunk driver had flown onto the curb and sent all of our parents into the brick wall behind them. Apparently, the impact alone killed them. She handed me my birthday present and left without another word.

I silently shut the door behind her, then I slid down against the wall. That's when everything started to sink in, I was alone in the word again, I stayed in my house for the next few hours thinking everything over. I opened the present box, to find a new burgundy tank top dress. It was really cute. I have to remember to sent Mia a thank you card. Thanking about Mia made me think about my parents again.

My foster parents were great, and they really tried to be my friends but I never really paid attention to how much they really cared. I had always had friends but never a real best friend that I could tell all my secrets to. At school I had my place because I had friends but I never got close enough to anyone to be miss popularity. My foster parents helped me get my social spot being very high up on the social chain themselves.

My foster mom worked in a small hospital as a pediatric eye doctor. My foster dad went to work and came home like clockwork from 8 to 5, I wasn't ever told about his job. The one time I asked, I was told it wasn't important. I finally started to get sleepy so I marched up stairs to my room. It was the start of May so I fell asleep in my boxer shorts and a cami, with a thin cotton sheet over me.

I awoke to my mint chocolate phone playing Scars. I had bookmarked all my parents friends with that song so I knew it was one of them. I picked up to find the voice of my foster mom's friend, Mrs. Tyler. She asked me how I was, and then told me she'd becoming over to pick me up. I found out that she was our family lawyer and she managed our money.

That's strange I thought to myself why would we need someone to manage our money? According to Mrs. Tyler, my foster dad was a millionaire after his family invented some special computer chip, when his parents died he inherited everything. That would explain why I never knew what he did. As I was day dreaming, Mrs. Tyler handed me a letter and my foster parent's will. I looked over the will first they had left everything to me over 400 million dollars.

My foster family had always had a nice house, and nice things but nothing amazing. I also inherited the mini coopers that my foster parents drove. My moms was a sliver black top convertible, and my dads was a navy hard top mini. The second letter was from my birth parents. They left me with the letter for my 16th birthday, when they left me at the orphanage. I opened the letter scared about what I was going to find:

Dear Benji,

We hope that you will forgive us for all the times that we weren't there for you, but we knew you would be safer in someone else's hands. We hope you know that leaving you there broke both of our hearts your mother and I. We hope you had a wonderful childhood and are now on your way to becoming a successful adult. We love you more then we love ourselves or each other. But here is the secret that you must keep with you for the rest of your life.

You are a werewolf, the last of our pack. When you were born we gave you away to save you from being murdered. If you have never seen us then we were murdered. The vampires of London came after our pack, for killing one of them. They destroyed our pack and left only your pregnant mother and I survivors. You were destined, to rule over our pack of the deep, dark, forests of northern Russia, just as many of your ancestors did before you. This can't happen because you are the last one, for this loss we are sorry. We left you in a large city so that you were near vampires.

This may sound strange, but it's the only way for you to have the gift of being able to change into your wolf form as your mother did. Benji before we left you there we found another pack in Forks, Washington find them and try to fit in. Being an alpha runs in your blood, your mother didn't have the best temper so please control yourself around humans. You'll change when you get upset or angry. They will be the only ones who understand. In our pack only women transform into wolves the opposite is true for the other pack. We love you darling


Your Parents

P.S. - Please stay alone tonight.

OK, I don't know who wrote that but they must have been high. No one in there right mind still believes in vampires and werewolves. Maybe they weren't high maybe just very drunk, just like when you read silly laws in Government at school like in Kentucky it's illegal to walk around with an ice cream cone in your back pocket. My other favorite stupid law is in Texas it's illegal to eat other people's road kill, but you can eat your own.

While I was pondering the letter I felt a set of keys being slid into my hands. They were the keys to my parents mini coopers, one was still in the garage at the house, but I thought I saw the other one parked in the driveway on the way into Mrs. Tyler's office. I said goodbye, and ran into the raining parking lot. I jumped into the mini and sped off towards home. That night I got home, took a shower, and fell on to the couch. I touched my palm to my forehead, my head was really hot. It was like searing hot iron was inside my head.

I got out the thermometer that goes in your ear, and took my own temperature. I glanced down at the screen 106ºF, wait did I read that right? Shouldn't I be like dead now? I'm probably just holding it wrong. I threw it back in the box. I sat back down on the couch and turned on the TV. I watched some silly Disney show about these twins that live in a hotel, then walked up to my bed, and fell asleep.

I woke up to a car driving down my street with a bass booster on. I stretched and growled at the car to shut up, wait I growled? I looked down at my hands, they weren't hands anymore they were paws. I glanced in the mirror across my room to see myself in my wolf form. My pajamas were shredded around my bed, and my long sliver-blonde dreadlocked hair was short and spiky stretched over my long body. I was much larger then any wolf would be, I looked more like a wolf on steroids.

I closed my eyes and wished to myself that I was human again, and when I opened my eyes there I was lying naked looking in my mirror fully human with my same long sliver-blonde dreadlocked hair. That letter was right, I was a wolf. How was this possible? I was cursed, to be a nightmare that scared children at night. I had always hated the saying, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. I wished I could have picked a non- werewolf family.

But, I needed to do everything that letter told me. I would never ever be able to have human friends again because they would never think being a wolf is normal. I grabbed my laptop and e-mailed Mrs. Tyler that I was moving to Forks Washington. I told her some stupid excuse about not liking the weather in New York City, and not wanting to deal with the painful memories. I fell asleep again.

When I woke up Mrs. Tyler had replied that she would take care of my finances but I was going to live in Forks in my own house, alone. Over the next few months, she got everything set up for me. She found me a nice two bed-room dark green house. The next day Magma, and I set off driving.

Once we got about an hour away from Forks, Magma started drooling out of the mini. I was really surprised about the fact that she actually fit in the mini but she did. She was with me when I learned how to change, and learned to run at night as a wolf. She settled down, as I started to think about the letter my parents had sent me.

What if I couldn't find the other pack? I didn't know how to find the other pack, but I figured I should start with high school, and work my way from there. I took the next exit and stopped at Mc Donald's for three hamburgers, a large fry, and a Dr. Pepper. I gave Magma two hamburgers and most of my fries. When I pulled into the drive way of my new house, I opened the garage and parked my car.

I walked in and everything was where it was supposed to be. I had the movers un-pack everything so I wouldn't have to. Magma ran into the house and laid down on her new bed. I checked the doors to make sure they were locked, and then ran upstairs to my new bed-room. I pulled my new bedding off my dresser and started to make my black stained oak, four poster bed. As I threw my black with red striped comforter on my bed over my red satin sheets, Magma came in and laid down on my bed, while I changed into my boxers and a cami.

Tomorrow, I was going school shopping in Port Angeles, grocery shopping, and running in my wolf form at night. I fell asleep to listening to my stereo.

The next morning I woke up at 10. I stripped and took a long cool shower. I slipped into a pair of baggy basketball shorts, a plain grey tank top, and flip-flops. I threw my hair up into a messy bun, grabbed my keys, and left out the door. I sped down one-oh-one to Port Angeles. When I got there I found a small coffee shop.

I got out of my car, bought a muffin, and then drove to the parking lot for the department store. I spent a good three hours in the store picking out all the clothes and shoes I needed for school. I drove back to Forks bought some school supplies all the junk food they sell at the tiny grocery store, and some dog food for Magma.

When I got home and had everything put away, it was already 6 pm. I ran into the woods with Magma, stripped and started to run. I loved to run, feel the wind in my coat, hear the wind rushing past my ears, and smell all the new scents fly past my nose. When Magma and I got home, I showered then made a great dinner of eggs, bacon, and pancakes loaded with sugar.

I threw the left over in the fridge and ran upstairs for bed. Tomorrow was my first day of Forks High School. Hopefully, I'll make more friends here then I had in NYC.

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