Title: When the World Changed
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: The End
Pairing: (If relevant) None; hinting of possibilities
Word Count: 499
Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter
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When the World Changed

Where were you when the world was changed, when the waves crashed over the mountain range?

It had happened faster than any of them had anticipated. One moment they were squeezed around a large table to hear the latest report from their anonymous spies. Next, they were rushing like ants, barking instructions and trying desperately to prepare themselves for the end.

Where were you when the firmaments wept, for the lives forever altered, neath a Dark wave swept? Where were you when the sun was veiled, when the Dark sand moved like a cloud of hail?

It didn't seem possible that the Dark side could be so huge. Dementors, giants, goblins—and Voldemort's Death Eaters—blotted out the sky and moved like a large river, the sun reflecting off chinked armor and wand tips.

Where were you when the earth held its breath, when two men faced each other in a fight to the death?

In a field of tall grass and bright flowers, Hermione got her wish. She was with Harry, part of the squad whose sole purpose was to puncture the Dark lines and make for Voldemort. Only they remained, the fallen strewn all around. Voldemort looked at Harry, chuckled, and raised his wand.

Where were you when the Dark ice froze, when a beacon of light fell on a dying rose?

Strong arms wrapped around Hermione, pinning her arms to her side. She yelled, kicked, bit, but no use—she was quickly dragged away.

"Harry!" she called, trying to free herself. Her voice was lost amid the shouts and screams.

"He must do this alone," hissed a voice.

Hermione turned around and saw black robes, an evil mask, and pale grey eyes. She struggled harder and managed to elbow the man hard in the gut. His grip loosened and she sprang away, but it wasn't enough—he grabbed her wrist and yanked her back.

Harry and Voldemort were obscured from view. Another Death Eater was running toward the pearlescent cloud but as he approached, a bolt of energy shot out from the cloud, hitting him square in the chest. He didn't get up.

Hermione stopped struggling and could only stare at the cloud until, moments later, it imploded, sending out a shockwave that knocked her and her captor to the ground.

Only one thing mattered.

Harry had won.

Where were you when the dividing line was breached, and two enemies touched something before out of reach?

"Malfoy?" she whispered in the absolute silence after the end.


"Malfoy." He was on his back beneath her, blood pooling under his head from where he'd hit a rock. "Malfoy!" she said frantically, ripping part of her robe and lifting his head to put pressure on the wound.

He groaned and his eyes fluttered open. He made to sit up and winced.

"No, stay there."

"Go," he choked.

"You saved me. I'm staying."

Where were you when the world was changed, when the storm passed, and the Light reigned?


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