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A/N: Some vignettes focusing on the first-kisses Zoey has in her life.


By the tender age of twelve, Zoey Brooks knew a lot of things.

She knew how to do algebraic problems in minutes, the ones that took most eighth-graders almost half an hour to finish. She knew all about the earth and gravity and the threat of global warming. She knew how to spell the really difficult words most kids in her class couldn't, and she knew the world's geography like it was her job.

She did not, however, know what it was like to kiss a boy. In that subject, she was completely lost. However, at the tender age of twelve, Zoey Brooks learned.

The town of Louisiana she lived in was small; the kind of place where everyone knew everything about everybody. The kids all stuck together, the oldest looking out for the youngest, the ones in the middle caught somewhere in between.

The oldest in the group Zoey ran with was a boy named Eric, who turned thirteen right after Zoey turned twelve. Zoey had always thought he was cute, but of course she'd never told anyone that. She didn't know about boys the way she knew about math and science and English and history. School had always come easy to her. But now that she was beginning to notice the opposite sex, Zoey was learning they were anything but easy.

One day the neighborhood kids started an intense game of Capture the Flag. Eric was the team captain for the boys, while Zoey was captain for the girls, since she was the oldest out of them. She liked being in charge, liked thinking up strategy, didn't mind getting her knees dirty.

Eric had always been nice to her, nicer than he was to any of the other kids. Normally boys with crushes were mean to the girls who had stolen their hearts, which was why, until this memorable day, Zoey had had no idea he'd been holding a torch for her since he'd moved into the neighborhood when he was eight, and she was seven.

It was when Capture the Flag had reached a pivotal moment that Zoey came upon Eric in the woods behind their houses, having just captured his team's flag and with no one from either side in sight, though children's voices could be heard in the near distance. Zoey was determined to get back to her camp, but with the much-larger boy now in her path, she wasn't seeing how that was going to work out.

They'd stared each other down; Zoey had always been stubborn, but apparently this boy could match her. Finally, he'd asked her if she wanted to get by.

She said yes, obviously.

He said he'd let her by- and then added, hesitantly, only if she kissed him.

Zoey's mind had gone a mile a minute. Kiss him? A boy? She'd never done that before. What if she did it wrong? What if someone saw? Did she want to win this game that badly?

She looked Eric up and down, not at all subtly. He stood tall, but it was apparent he was nervous. He'd continued on to promise that he wouldn't tell anyone.

Fine, she'd agreed, her stubbornness shining through, her need to win more important than anything else.

It was quick, barely five seconds long, and he'd fumbled a little stepping back from her, looking a bit dazed. Zoey hadn't even put the flag down or anything. She grinned at him, a blush across her cheeks, and then took off at full speed.

That was the first time the girls team had ever won Capture the Flag, and the last time Zoey had really ever spoken to Eric.