Christian smiled as he walked out of the University, feeling the grateful end of two long semester's. He had been studying in the University of Pittsburgh for four year's now. Successfully earning his bachelor's degree in Psychology. But he missed his family and friend's back in his hometown.

"Bone-a-fied Quack!" Chris mumbled to himself.

"You said it! I didn't!" Came a voice behind him, turning to see who it was he wasn't surprised to feel two soft lip's pressed softly against his.

"Christy!" He whispered as they broke apart.

"Aww and you don't sound happy to see me." She said pouting.

"Not happy, eh?" Grinning from ear to ear, Christian pulled the woman into his arm's pressing his lip's and body against hers, pulling apart when he felt her press back. Still grinning he started walking down the main step's.

"Hey!!!" Christy yelled from the top step. "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were a woman! Your such a tease!!"

With that Christy bounded down the step's, pulling Chris into a hug of her own. The couple stared into one another's eye's, both oblivious to the commotion surrounding them.

"Come on now! I just ate!" That sentence alone pulled them out of their little world, and back to the surrounding one.

"Jealous?" Chris asked slapping his buddy Josh on the back.

"Of you and Christy? First you make me lose my lunch, and now! Aurgh, trying unsuccessfully to make me laugh."

Christian and Christy laughed, the two were known for their love for one another. Though most would say Christy loved Christian for who he was related to, Christian never saw that. He loved Christy through and through.

"Hey baby, I've got to head home. I really need to pack, or there's no way I'll be ready tomorrow morning!" Christy then kissed Chris and said good-bye to Josh, quickly she was gone. Making sure she was Josh turned to Chris.

"I still can't believe you don't see it Chris!" Josh began.

"Josh, there's nothing to see, and I'd really wish you'd leave it at that." Chris said with a small sigh. He was getting tired of hearing everyone talk about Christy and his brother. It seemed like everyone had an opinion. But none of them mattered, Chris knew her heart belonged to him. And him alone.

"Alright man. Remember your saying this, I have a feeling your really going to regret this weekend."

"I could never forget it." Chris thought. This weekend he was taking Christy home to meet his family. Christian was always very awkward about taking anyone home because of his brother's fame. Being pretty big star's in the WWF, they always seemed to have girl's falling all over them. Not that Chris didn't to, it only seemed that whenever his family word got out, people were always going out of their way to be nice for and to him. Hiding it was the only way Chris could go, and half the time that didn't work either. Being a twin of one of the famous brother's, he was usually very easily recognized. What it came down to, was simple. Being the younger brother of Matt and Jeff Hardy, And being Jeff's twin brother wasn't easy. Maybe he was blinded, but his heart and soul would swear a thousand time's over that Christy was the love of his life. This weekend was supposed to be special. He had even hoped to ask the question the night he and Christy graduated, which was to be that following Tuesday

"Damn-it!" Josh said seeming to read Chris's mind. "You got it, didn't you?"

Chris smiled and thought a little about the ring he purchased for Christy. Christy herself had picked it out along time ago, the diamond weighed two corat's, it laid nestled above a small black onyx stone, forcing the diamond to gleam in mysterious color's when the light hit it. Holding the stone's in their place's were four dolphin's, making the ring not only mysterious but unique. The ring alone had cost Christian most of his saving's, but the lose in his mind was definitely well worth it. For a finishing touch, he had engraved the inside of the ring. It read; To My Heart and Soul.

"Yeah." Chris said. "I've got it."

"Oy, Talk about a HUGE mistake. How much was it?"

"Enough." Chris said softly.

"What? Chris..." Josh said.

"Look, the price of the ring doesn't matter. Christy and I are in love, being my best friend, I thought at least you would understand that if not anyone else."

"Chris.." Josh began.

"Just leave it Josh. I've got to head back to the dorm anyway." Christian replied walking away from him. It hurt that the one person other then Jeff, he called a best friend couldn't see or understand how happy he really was. All the way back to his room, Chris pondered that very thought. Hearing the phone ring, as he stood in front of the door, Chris hurried with the lock. Matt was supposed to call him that night, both he and Jeff would meet Christian and Christy at the airport tomorrow morning. It had been a few week's since he last spoken to his elder brother, these rare occasion's ment for the other to jump on them as quick as possible. Finally getting the door open, Chris ran for the phone.

"Hello?" He said into it.

"Hey Bro!" came a southern voice on the other end.

"Jeff?" Chris asked bewildered. "I thought you were off with Beth tonight?"

"I am, or I will be. She's upstairs' getting ready. I knew Matt was supposed to call you, but he's out with Krissy tonight."

"Forgotten again. " Chris said and both he and Jeff laughed. It was well known that Matt would do absolutely anything for Krissy McMahon. "Are you guy's all set for us tomorrow? Be warned, Christy's going to have a ton of luggage."

"Yeah, yeah. We're fine here. Dad's cleaned out your old room, and then the guest room. Just in case you two need some "alone" time." Jeff said laughing, Christian had to laugh with him.

"Hey you never know! You guy's are going to love her, she's the one Jeff." Christian said in a millstone.

"The one, hey?" came Jeff's reply. "Your already thinking of marriage?"

"I am, we haven't talked about it though. I've gotten the ring already.."

"Wow Chris, your moving pretty fast aren't you?"

"I don't think I am. We're in love." Chris said simple enough, the tone in his voice caught Jeff's attention. Jeff knew Chris was very serious about this girl, normally he'd be happy for him. But the vibe he was getting was telling him it wasn't right. "Well, look Jeff, I'm going to let you go. I've got some packing of my own that need's done. Say hi to dad for me, I'll see you tomorrow!"

Saying good-bye the two hung up, on one side of the phone Jeff sat in a chair, curious about his younger brother's new love interest. But on the opposite side of the phone Chris sat in his own chair, a goofy smile across his face. Replaying the fantasy in his head, over and over again. It was of Graduation Night, Chris had proposed to Christy, and she happily accepted. With a sigh, he stood standing over his bed, scattered upon it was clothes, CD's, and pictures. Tomorrow he was introducing Christy to his family.

"My Life couldn't get any better." Chris said smiling.

The next morning after two hour's of rushing around, and then another two hours on the plane, Chris and Christy landed safely in Cameron, NC.

"Well, it's about time!" Christy said as they exited the plane."I couldn't wait to get off that plane! Aurgh!"

Christian looked at her and laughed. She wasn't known for her ability to sit still for long period's of time.

"So...where's your family?" She said and was soon surrounded by the Hardy Men. Gilbert had come along with Matt and Jeff to pick the two up.

"Christian!" Jeff yelled hugging his brother.

"Hey Jeff!" Chris said returning the hug. As they greeted one another Christy hung back some, never taking her eye's off of Jeff Hardy, a light smile played across her lip's.

"It's about time you came home son." Gilbert was saying. "Those phone call's don't do their justice!"

They all had a laugh, for Christian's first year he had called home just about everyday. With his brother's away from home all the time, Christian was the only one at home to take care of their father. Being away at school, he always found himself worrying about his father. The calling slowed down throughout the year's, dropping down to twice a week.

"So big College Man, you Know what you have to do now right?" Matt said, his eye's dancing.

Both him and Jeff had been trying to get Christian into wrestling. When their mother passed away, Matt was forced to care for Jeff and Chris at an early age. Thankfully Jeff shared common interest's with Matt, Chris on the other hand had a quest to search and find out more about the human mind. When their mother died, their father dropped into a depression, leaving all that needed done, for the boy's to handle. Christian hated seeing his father in that state, he was determined to find a cure for it.

"I am so not getting into the wrestling business" Chris replied.

"We'll see." Both Matt and Jeff said bringing a huge smile to Gilbert's face. He loved seeing the boy's together. Lately it hadn't seemed to be possible. With Matt and Jeff traveling here and there, and then with Christian away at college. He half hoped Chris would join them, it could just make them all happy.

"Well, who's this raving beauty?" Jeff asked.

Christian turned and smiled at Christy, he walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her.

"This my brother is Christy. Baby I want you to meet my family. Matt, Jeff and my father Gilbert."

"It's a pleasure to you all." Christy replied, she was still blushing from Jeff's comment.

"So this is the woman who stole my son's heart" Gilbert asked her grinning. "And here I thought no one would ever be able to do that."

Matt laughed and then snorted which got the rest of them laughing.

"Hey we better get going, we're going to start drawing a crowd soon." Chris said knowing his brother's would be bringing attention to themselves soon.

"He's right, how much luggage did you two bring with you?" Matt asked.

"Just the one's were caring. Since it's only a few day's we figured we'd travel light." Christy said.

"Yeah, when I we go back Monday that's when I'll start bringing back the major good's." Christian continued.

"All right then. Let's get this show on the road" Gilbert replied taking one of Christy's bag's then motioning for Jeff to take the other. As Jeff reached for it, Christy deliberately touched Jeff's hand, causing him to pause and look at her, she only smiled and licked her lip's.

"This is going to be a Long weekend." Jeff thought to himself and picked her bag up.

The five made their way out of the terminal and the rest of the airport oddly easily.

"Wow, no one even stopped us. Look's like you two don't have any fan's in Cameron any longer." Chris said laughing stopping when he seen Christy frowning at him. "What?"

"Nothing." She muttered then hurried to catch up with Jeff.

"What's up with her?" Matt asked coming up behind him.

"I don't know." Chris said still in shock of her attitude.

The trip home was pretty silent between Chris and Christy. By the time Matt and Chris had loaded the luggage into the car, Christy had already nestled herself between his father and Jeff in the front seat. He joined Matt in the back, keeping his eye's glued to the back of her head. Watching as she laughed and giggled at whatever his father would say. Not once did she look back at him and smile, or even mention his name. Twice during the trip home he watched as she stole quick glance's at Jeff, he tried to shake the thought off as nothing. But it kept probing at the back of his mind, something was wrong with that picture. Something ... but what.

"This is it!" Gilbert announced as they pulled onto their home street.

"Oooh which one is it? It's so Beautiful out her" Christy exclaimed.

"It's that one." Jeff said pointing at the light blue house at the end of the street. The house stood on an Acer of land. The front was decorated with many flower bed's, a beautiful swan fountain stood in the middle of the yard, surrounded by multi color's, red's, purple's and yellow's.

"It's beautiful." Christy said again.

"Home Sweet Home." Chris muttered.

"It's about time, this car was beginning to get stuffy." Matt stated.

"Just think if we would have brought Ligar." Jeff laughed.

"Oh, God I don't even want to imagine." Matt said.

"Ligar?" Christy asked.

"Ligar's, Jeff's dog. Don't worry, he's pretty much tame." Chris laughed at Jeff's face when he heard what Chris said.

"Oh, that's right! I forgot about the dog." She replied.

"Chris's told you about him?" Jeff asked surprised.

"Oh no. I've read it on the Internet, one of your fan-sites."

"You know, I think those Dirt Sheet's know more about us then we do ourselves most of the time." Matt said getting out of the car. "Just think Chris, you could have all of that!"

"I'm happy with what I have. And becide's, none of them even know about me. Which can be a major advantage." Chris said getting out of the car, followed by Christy, Jeff and his father. "Being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jeff asked coming to the back of the car to help with the bag's, Christy came right behind him.

"Well, think about it. You can never be alone when you want to. You can never go shopping, to a movie or even out to dinner without someone recognizing you." Chris said.

"Didn't we just go through a major airport without anyone recognizing us?" Matt piped up coming to the rear of the car.

"Good Point." Jeff said laughing.

Between the four of them, they were able to bring in the luggage in record time. Christy, much to Chris's surprise, choose to stay in the guest bedroom.

"I don't want to worry your father." She said giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Wow." Chris thought as he watched her go into her room. The last time she had given him a kiss like that, was on their first date. Usually she couldn't get enough of him, that feeling came back again. Poking at the back of his mind, sighing he pushed it away once again. Chris was inlove with Christy, anything else he was feeling towards her had to be his nerves. After all he was going to ask her hand in marriage in two short day's. That very thought brought a smile to his face, soon they would be engaged. Chris closed the door to his own room, walking over to his dresser. While he and his brother's were away from home, their dad would always leave their mail on their dresser's, for them to read when they got home. Picking his up, Chris shuffled through it, pausing at the envelope that was from Titan Tower's. His brother's were at it again. Frowning he opened a drawer in the desk that sat next to the dresser, dropping the envelope with the rest of them. Ever since Matt and Jeff got into the WWF, they both had tried their best to get Vince to have an interview with Christian. Both hoping that if their boss showed interest in him, then he would change his mind. Chris wasn't sure if they knew about the letter's, they never seemed to mention them, so he didn't either.

"Christian! Lunch is up!" Yelled his father from downstairs'. Chris opened his door.

"All right dad, I'll be down as soon as I get dressed" He yelled back. Quickly he undressed, then redressed in short's and a T-shirt. He begun to head out of the room, when he spotted his hair. Frowning he walked back to the dresser, reaching for the brush. Becide's his eye's, his hair was his main feature that stood out on him. As Jeff was, Chris was born with blonde hair, as he grew older the longer he allowed it to grow. It now reached his shoulder's, the back being blonde, on the side's he had two strip's one on each side of his face that were darker then the rest. Smiling as he brushed his hair back, Chris remembered what his mother would tell him.

"Your hair is just like your eye's baby. It wasn't sure which color you'd like so it decided to give you both of them."

And he believed her, his eye's she would call Mood Eyes. Changing shade's of blue with the attitude he was in. The difference's between Jeff and he were slim. The eye's and hair being the only one's noticeable.

Dropping the brush back onto the dresser, Chris started to walk down the step's. Pausing when he heard two voice's on the front porch. Hiding behind the door, he paused to listen.

"Jeff, would you just listen to me!" Christy pleaded.

"Christy stop it! Your Chris's girlfriend, and I already have my own girlfriend. Which I'm not about to cheat on."

Chris felt his heart almost stop, Christy, his Christy was hitting on his brother! Opening the door a little more Chris seen them both on the porch. Jeff was standing off in the corner, his hand's shoved in the pocket's of his short's. Christy stood just behind him, one hand clutched in a fist on her heart and the other resting on her knee. Suddenly Christy grabbed Jeff's shoulder, turning him she kissed him full on the lip's. Christian felt his heart break, she never did love him, but loved his brother. He watched as Jeff pushed her away.

"I told you to LEAVE ME ALONE!" He yelled.

"I...I...I love you Jeff. I'd do anything for you" She cried.

"You love me? What about Christian?"

"I don't love him. I never did. When I heard he was your brother, I knew this would be the only way I'd ever get to meet you. Jeff we belong together." She said to him. Once again Chris felt his heart tear in two, his friend's were right.

"Why didn't I listen to Josh?" He thought as he felt a tear come to his eye.

"I HAVE a girlfriend Christy, and I am not looking to break up with her!" Jeff said angrily. "And for you to do this to my brother, just to see me. I'm disgusted! Your a sick, evil and twisted woman."

"I can make you forget about her Jeff. I can make all of your fantasy's come true." Christy said. "I can make it that you would never crave anything again."

Christian had enough, sighing he had to end this pain.

"Jeff? Christy? Are you guy's out there?" He called acting like he was just coming.

"It's Chris, please don't mention any of this to him" Christy pleaded with Jeff. Jeff just shook his head and went to the door, bumping into Chris.

"Dad's made lunch." Chris said glumly. Jeff looked into Chris's eye's, he knew then Chris had heard everything.

"Chris..I." Jeff said frowning.

"Dad's made lunch." Chris said again then headed to the kitchen, greeted by Matt and his father.

"It's about time you came down. Is Jeff and Christy coming?" Gilbert said and then noticed Chris's face. "Chris, is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing." Chris replied grabbing a piece of bread then heading out the back door. He needed to think, Chris's mind swarmed in a million direction's.

"Christian?" He heard Jeff call to him, Chris stopped. He wasn't to sure if he wanted to talk to Jeff at the moment. Normally it was Jeff he went to with problem's that he couldn't handle, just as Jeff done with Chris, knowing the other would understand how they felt. But this, this exceeded that. Christian's heart felt like it had been ripped, shredded and then thrown into the trash.

"What do you want Nero?" Chris snapped.

"So you did hear." Jeff said quietly. "Chris listen, I didn't do anything, she.."

"I know." Chris replied."I was watching."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Chris said turning back to Jeff. "I'm the one who should be. Everyone back at campus told me she was only with me because of you and Matt. But I didn't want to listen, I believed that finally I had found someone who was in love for me, and not my brother's" Sighing again he removed the small box he had in his pocket, handing it over to Jeff. Carefully Jeff opened it, letting out a low whistle as he seen it.

"She really ment something to you, didn't she?"

"Yeah ... she did."

"I'm sorry man. I know how hard this can get for you" Jeff said.

"I think...I think I'm going to go out for a ride on Sage." Chris said taking the box back from Jeff.

"Need some company?" Jeff asked him. Christian forced a small smile.

"No, thanks, I've just got some thinking to do." He said then walked down to the stable. Jeff stood still for a few moment's, watching his brother walk away in pain. As Chris disappeared inside Jeff went back to the house.

Christian walked slowly inside of the stable, allowing the mixed sound's and smell's to hit him. His father had bought Chris this horse four year's ago as a small graduation present. He had gave Jeff yet another motorcycle. The horse always brought a smile to his face, she was a pure beauty. White mixed in with some brown.

"Hey Baby." He whispered to her. Seeming to know his voice she turned to him, instantly making noise's to be let out. Which he happily agreered. "You missed me, didn't you?"

Chris smiled as the horse neighed, grabbing the brush he began to brush her and talk to her.

"Dad's been taking pretty good care of you I see. That's good..that's good." For ten minute's he brushed Sage, as he prepared her for their ride, Chris wondered what if. What if he could be that other guy. A thin smile played across his lip's as he straddled Sage and they rode off onto the path.

The rest of the weekend flew by. When Christian came back from his ride, he was in better spirit's. Laughing and joking around with Matt and his father, Jeff stayed a little weary of him until the day for them to leave. Christian, however avoided Christy, she had tried to corner him a few time's, only to have him brush her off and leave the room. The day they were supposed to head back Christian decided to talk to her.

"Christy?" Chris said as he walked into her room, finding her packing up her final thing's. She turned to him, both surprised and happy he was paying attention to her.


"I've got something I want to say to you. I was in love with you for who you were inside." He said touching her heart. "And I thought that you loved me for mine. Despite what everyone said to me, I believed we were really in love. Because of that I did something I had never done before, I brought you home to meet my family. The night we graduated I was going to ask you to marry me. Together I thought we would have been happy, that we would have grown old in each other's arm's. I Loved You Christy. But then I seen a side of you that I have been trying to deny myself of seeing. You tricked me to get to my brother."

"Chris! Baby! Please! I didn't do anything!! Jeff made the advance's on me!" She said pleading with him as the tear's rolled down her cheek's.

"There was a time I would have done anything not to see you cry. Christy, you don't have to lie. I seen the whole thing. You trying to seduce Jeff, and him pushing you away. Everything."

Christy lowered her head, she was caught and she knew it.

"When we get back, I'm going to pack all of your thing's you've left in my room. I suggest you do the same with mine." Chris said then walked out of her room, heading back to his own. He was only going to pack a few thing's, but he also wanted to make sure he brought the letter. Wanting to make a phone call when he arrived at the dorm. Once he had everything packed, Chris went downstairs' becoming greeted with their next door neighbor and his father. While the family was away at the graduation, their neighbor would come over to take care of Ligar and Sage. They would be gone from Monday until Tuesday Night.

"Chris, Jeff wanted to see you. He's out in the back with Ligar!" His father called to him.

"Okay Dad." Chris said making his way to the backyard. As he made his way out Chris spotted Jeff and Ligar in the middle of the yard playing with the Frisbee.

"How about a little Ligar in the middle?" Chris asked grinning. Jeff smiled and threw it to him, Chris caught it and tossed it back. "Dad said you wanted to see me?"

"Yea." Jeff replied


"Well, what?"

"What did you want?" Christian asked laughing tossing the disk back to his brother. Jeff caught it then walked over to where Christian stood, Ligar yapping at his feet.

"Well, I know I've said this a thousand time's this weekend, but Chris I'm really sorry for what happened with Christy. You seemed so happy with her in your letter and phone call's."

"Jeff, man, it's totally cool. I'm over it already, and actually I'm starting a new project soon." Chris said.

"New project?" Jeff asked.

"Yes. A new project."

"What is it?"

"Let's just call it a surprise." Chris said smiling.

Jeff was about to answer when Matt came out to let them know it was time to go. Once again the five of them piled into the car this time Jeff sat in the back with Chris and Matt, leaving Christy alone with Gilbert. Once at the airport they checked their bag's in and made their way to their terminal. Making it just in time. Again no one noticed Jeff and Matt, but no one paid the thought any mind. On the plane Christian sat next to Christy, while Matt and Jeff sat behind them and Gilbert sat behind them. Throughout the trip Christy tried to make contact with Chris, talking to him, pointing at thing's out the window, on occasion's she would gently trace his finger's with her own. Only to have him pull back, as if being touched by fire. The plane landed in Pittsburgh without Christian responding to a thing she had done. As they were waiting for their luggage to drop down Christian stood behind Christy.