NARUTO: Origin Of Uchiha Jord

During the Chunin Exams a mysterious ninja appeared, and was unknown to all. No one knew where he was from, fighting skills, or really anything for that matter. Everyone, including other nin, were very suspicious of the shadowy character. He had done really well in every chunin task, and now came the time for all the ninja( who made it) to shine, to show what they were made of! Naruto awaited egarly for his time. The other nin didn't have a care in the world about what would happen to them. Now it was time to start the fights...

Hyuga Neji was sick, therefore the opposer to fight Uzumaki Naruto was unknown. The hokage hekld off the matches for a few minutes while he discussed with the ANBU who was to fight Naruto.

" Are you sure Lord Hokage", an ANBU agent said shocked.

"We have no choice, besides I am sure Naruto will Be fine... He will fight this no name person.", Lord Hokage said calmly .

"We shall alert the referee(proctor) at once!", the ANBU said jumping down to the Referee and told him the details, and poffed away.

"Uzumaki Naruto v.s. What's this? It seems one of the genin didn't put their name down… If you know who you are please come on down!", screamed out the referee.

A man with a cloak jumped out of the stands.

"Although that jerk isn't here I will still win this match!", screamed Naruto

The cloaked man let out a rather large sigh.

Everyone leaned in to watch the match. Naruto ran towards the cloaked person fists balled up. The man lifted up his left finger and poke Naruto in the forehead.

"Your an honest idiot, what will poking me do", yelled Naruto.

" …this….", said the cloaked person.

Naruto looked puzzled. Then a shudder went throughout Naruto's body. Then as soon as Naruto knew, he was slammed into one of the walls around him. Naruto put his hand up to his mouth and took it down. He looked at it. There was a fair ammount of blood on it.

He got up and ran at the cloaked man.

"HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!", Naruto shrieked, his battle cry.

"Humph", the mysterious person said with enthusiasm.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!", Naruto consecutively kept yelling with feeling.

The Mysterious Man then tapped Naruto with his foot, Hard. Naruto began to chuckle then stopped. Naruto looked under him, there were several clones under him, then he was kicked in the jaw. Naruto flew into the sky, and was being hit ferociously with punches, kicks, kunai, and among other things, shuriken. He was bleeding. He was finally about to hit the ground when out of no where a clone hit Naruto in the chest and yelled, "OGRE COMBO!"

Naruto gasped for air, he thought he reached his limit, but no. Once he got his air he stood up, puled the kunai and shuriken out of his sides, and brushed himself off. Red chakra began to surround his body.He looked directly into The man's eyes, with his eyes pure fire red. Naruto ran towards the cloaked man once again. The man was hit in the stomach and he, for once, spat out blood onto the ground. He began to tremble. But, he didn't want, nor would he, lose to this maverick!

" Naruto don't go losing to this…loser!", Sakura yelled out.

Naruto smiled, and thought to himself," Sakura finally notices me, I can't lose!!!" The man saw this and jumped back onto a near by wall trying to focus his chakra into his hand. The man used too much and used a move known as fire palm. Fire palm is a technique that can be seen by the naked eye, it looks like chidori except with white fire.

"Crud", he thought, ah well, I will use this to my advantage. He began running down the wall, fire palm still active, running at Naruto.

Before he reached Naruto he realized his hood was cut off his cloak! He looked for it, and no results came. He turned around and saw Naruto spinning it on a long kunai.

Everyone in the stands gasped.

"Hand it over loser."

"Nah, I kinda like it", Naruto said sarcastically.

" Fine. Just remember I am warning you, idiot", the man said.

The cloaked man looked around and saw that he could use the environment around him to use a dangerous technique he accidentally made when he was younger. But then he thought twice about it, he thought this loser wasn't even worth it.

Fuire palm still in hand, he thought he would just use that to end the match. He didn't intend to kill Naruto, just shake him up a bit. Then, he looked up in the stands, blankly, and saw Sasuke pop out of no where, with a tall odd looking person know as Hatake Kakashi.

He then looked up upon Naruto.

"Kage bunshin No Jutsu!", Naruto yelled.

Millions of clones surrounded the man, but he just stood there. It looked like he twitched, but nothing interesting happened. Then a few seconds later the millions of clones tried to move but, they disappeared. The cloaked man decided to use the smoke to his advantage. He would use it as a diversion.

Sasuke knew what was going on he new that the person whom once wore a hooded cloak was familiar. The one who was wearing the cloak was obviously trying to hide his true identity.

Sasuke leaned in closer to make sure he was correct. He knew who it was. The person wearing the cloak was…