Ouch there is something in my eye!

By: SS 2000

AN: As the title goes, there is something in someone's eye...and it hurts, probably.


It was a quiet afternoon, Hyotei regulars were getting ready to go home to there uh...family units (XD).

The only people who wear not sleeping and not somewhere else were Shishido and Ootori. (I sure hope I spelt that correctly) The others, well, let's say they went home, slept, were doing something else, and showing off to people that they were gorgous.

"Shishido-san," Ootori started.

"What, Choutaro?" Ryou (Shishido, incase you didn't know) asked.

"I think...I have something in my eye."

"Let me see."

Shishido leaned closer to Choutaro their faces almost touching.

"I don't see anything..."

"But there is something in there! It hurts!"

Suddenly the door opened and in came...Atobe!

He looked at the two so close together.

"Is Ore-sama interupting something? Don't worry, Ore-sama will be out in a second." With that, he took his tennis bag and left.

"Wonder what he was so shocked about..." Shishido wondered, not noticing the space between him and his doubles partner.

"Uh...Shishido-san, I think you got it..." Ootori said with his face red, he knew what Atobe meant and was kind of embarassed by it.

"Hey, your face is red. You should go home to rest, you know." Ryou commented.

"Er...see ya." Ootori took his bag and ran off.




"Ore-sama thinks those two are together now. Too bad Ore-sama had to go in when they were trying to make out, wasn't Ore-sama generous to leave them alone Kabaji?"



Jiroh, who was fast asleep, didn't notice that birds were started to nest on his head...


The End.

AN: Ok...I made this up when PE started. I was bored. I don't like PE, I'm more of a stay at home kind of person. As for Jiroh...well, he's going to be a bird's god-father! Congrats!