"So is it wrong? Is it wrong to believe?"

The blonde was mildly surprised to hear a voice emerge from his companions pale lips. He took a long drag from his cigarette, reveling in the smoke that filled his lungs and clouded his mind. He exhaled and puffed smoke into the air, his mind became clear and sharp again. And so he took another breath of ash and smoke. Doctor Malfoy couldn't help but smirk, here he was, standing on the roof of the hospital when—not two floors below—there were at least a dozen people dying of an unknown disease. "It's never wrong to believe." Malfoy said quietly.

The younger doctor beside him grinned wryly, "Really?"

"Well, I mean there are stupid things to believe in. For example, believing that if you jump off this roof, you'll walk away fine? That's stupid."

"So what about heaven?" He asked, running a hand through his dark curls. He coughed loudly.

"What about it?" Malfoy asked, exhaling another puff of smoke and feeling his mind go painfully lucid. This time he didn't take another drag.

"Do you believe in it?"

The blonde shrugged, "No."

"It's a comforting thought though, isn't it?" Dr. Potter said beside him, repressing another cough. He looked skywards and let his dark curls fall back, exposing a face that, with a little mascara and blush, could've been feminine. Malfoy had a very uncharacteristic urge to run his fingers through those curls. "It's nice to think that if we fuck up this life, we've got another chance."

"Heaven's an illusion, designed to make idiots like you think that if they're really, really good then maybe they can make everything perfect." Malfoy said, voice warm with irritation.

"Even so, I want it, I want it to be real." Potter whispered.

Malfoy took another breath of smoke and said, "Give it up, because it's not."

"It's funny," Potter laughed, the pure joy in the sound make Malfoy's blonde head jerk around to watch the smaller man with inquisitory eyes. "The past six months, have been the closest I've ever been to heaven."

"You've been working with me the last six months," Malfoy growled.

Dr. Potter grinned at him, "Yeah, and it's been the best six months of my life."

"Working with me?" Malfoy asked again, feeling confused and the feeling irritated him to no end.

"You know, you aren't as bad as you like to think you are."

The blonde snorted in disbelief.

"I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but I found something in you." Potter said quietly. Suddenly he started to cough violently. Malfoy watched as his shoulders shook—watched as they kept shaking, even after the coughs subsided. "You brought me closer to heaven."

"And you've always been looking for heaven, huh?"

"I've always hoped it would answer some questions I've always had." Potter said, he wrapped his arms around his torso to try and stop his shoulders from shaking, but they continued to tremble. In fact his whole body had started trembling.

Malfoy's breath hitched. Tremors were a symptom. "Harry?" He asked quietly, moving a little closer to him.

Harry grinned at him, "Can you be my heaven?" He asked.

"You aren't making sense…" Malfoy whispered.

"Love doesn't need to," Harry said softly. He stumbled forward and wrapped his arms around Malfoy's neck and kissed him, a soft press of lips upon lips. The blonde was immobilized for just a heartbeat. And then Harry pulled back and looked at him. His emerald eyes were laughing, whispering secrets that only lovers told one another and dancing with mirth and—love.

Suddenly there was blood on Malfoy's lab coat and Harry was tumbling unconscious to the floor. For a second the blonde wasn't sure where the blood came from, then he noticed Harry hacking up blood, the red liquid coated his lips like lipstick.

"Shit!" Malfoy cursed, kneeling down beside Harry, "Harry!" He yelled, checking for a pulse.

He found one, sluggish but steady.

And then Harry's body started to seize and tremble uncontrollably. Malfoy quickly gathered Harry in his arms and held his head tightly so he wouldn't bang it on the ground. "Harry!" he shouted again. As he held the seizing doctor, Draco knew no matter how many times he screamed that name, Harry wouldn't magically wake up.

But he screamed it again, just for good measure.

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