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A one shot death fic dealing with the emotional aftermath. How long can you play the hero before you hurt someone?


1 .Meeting and Memory

Global Justice Ultra Security Prison. Somewhere in the South Pacific

"This way, Dr. Drakken."

Dr. Drakken knew the way. How many times had he made this trip in the past months? Four Global Justice agents accompanied him. One was cuffed to either arm, one in front, and one behind. The lead agent opened the door to the interrogation room.

Green eyes regarded him as he entered. Black gloved hands were folded one over the other on top of the table. She wore a black crop top, no doubt the cargo pants—a new pair he trusted. Kim Possible in her field uniform. Just like before, except her red hair was combed more onto her the left side of her face than usual.

The guards undid their cuffs. "Call us if you need us, Dr. Drakken." They left.

"So it's still Dr. Drakken, not Drew Lipski yet?"

Drakken sat down with the confidence of someone who had been preparing for this for some time. "With what I have to offer, you better believe it's Dr. Drakken. I can't believe you waited three months to come. How could you resist the urge to gloat? Not only have you stopped me, again, you've finally answered the question of who the better fighter was—irrevocably."


Shego opened her eyes wide. The pupils were fixed, dilated, enormous black pools lined with green. She looked up a Drakken, who was resting her head in his lap. Her voice was soft and hopeful.

"Mommy, may I please go out and play? The snow is so pretty and I've been good all morning."

"An angel." Drakken swallowed. "Go, dear, have fun."

"Thanks, Mommy…" and she died.


"Three months." Drakken continued. "What changes have been wrought? Is this one? I fail to see the buffoon."

Kim sagged in her seat, the confidence gone. "This is a solo mission. Besides, we're, having a bit of a rough time now."


"What do you mean I can't go?"

"Just that. I'll take care of this myself. I don't need you on this one."

"You don't seem to need me a lot these days. Why not?"

"It's a simple interrogation and, and—it's a no idiot zone, okay? I need my wits about me, and no pants losing distractions."

"If I can't go to this, what about missions? Are they going to become no Ron zones too?"

"I don't know! Ron, I've got a lot to figure out. I need to go."

"KP, I know what's happening. I'll be here for you."

"Like you could be anywhere else! Bye, Ron."

Ron, you worry that I think that you're not good enough for it me. It's that I'm not good enough for you. You're sweet and kind and gentle. How can you love me after what I've done? After what I've become?


"Troubles with your love life? I can't say I' surprised. Odd couple you two."

"We'll be all right." Kim yawned.

"The great Kim Possible, suffering from jet lag?"

"I lost count at seven time zones. It's also adjusting to the Zoloft."

Drakken shook his head. "I don't know if the demographers call you generation x, y or whatever, but it should be 'generation blab'. You'll tell anyone anything. I just hope that when it finally is your downfall, I'll be the beneficiary. You owe me, after all."


The convulsions had stopped. Maybe the sedatives had finally taken effect, or the muscles had been destroyed. Shego's chest heaved. Her eyes were closed, relaxed, not screwed shut anymore. The eyes moved rapidly behind the lids.

Her lips curled into a familiar sneer. "That your date melted?"

"Do you have any idea how BORING you are?" she roared.

"I'm sorry, Hego. I won't curse any more—on missions."

"No, Tom. It's not that I don't love you, but I never have before. I…What?! You don't even have protection? Forget my brothers, you better be afraid of ME!"

"Guys, quit jumping. You're going to knock us out of the tree. Do you see that comet?"


"Why are you so shocked? Did you think you could do it forever? Throw her into towers, walls, and mirrors? Of course you did. I bet your computer friend put a streaming video together for you, probably set to Loony Toons. Probably showed it to prospective clients; 'Shego's Greatest Hits'."

Then Drakken slumped a bit. "And why not? The comet energy made her nearly indestructible. I found a counter for it though. That Lorwardian fuel would probably have killed either of us instantly. As we know, it took longer in her case."


"Get me another syringe!"

A kick from Shego sent Drakken sprawling. Kim and Ron each held an arm as Shego struggled. Her eyes were wild now, recognizing nothing but pain.

Drakken crawled back over. He jammed another syringe into Shego's leg. Nothing.

A minion ran in. The scrawny on with the beak nose. He had a small box.

"All we have left!" He gasped.

Drakken took out the hypo gun. He fitted a vial into its cradle.

"What's that?" Kim shouted over the screams.

"Pure curare. If I can't stop the spasms, I'll stop her heart. I WON'T let her die like this!"


The pain in Drakken's face brought tears to Kim's eyes. His face hardened again.

"Oh, you're hurting Kim Possible. Visiting enemies, anti-depressants, surely some form of therapy; though I doubt they know the truth. What else have you tried?"



"What's the matter, Ron? You can't tell me that you haven't thought about it. With me."

"The official once every five seconds is an undercount. But that's with you, KP. This isn't you."

"Are you sure? We can check. I'm Kim Possible. I'll do—anything."

"Right now you're only doing what you'll regret later. I'm leaving. Later, KP."

"You're the one who'll regret this! See when you get another chance! Coward! Loser!"


"You've made fun of me for stealing the work of others. So did she. But how much have you relied on others? How much have you out-sourced? Friends give you rides, your computer nerd gives you gadgets and gimmicks. The buffoon provides comic relief."

He leaned forward, his voice accusing. "But they couldn't help you either."


"Talk to me, Wade."

Kim held onto Shego's right arm. Ron had the left. She had managed to pin Shego's arm to where she could reach the Kimmunicator.

"What's wrong?" Wade gawked at the chaos.

"Shego's hurt. Bad. We need an antidote."

"To what? Kim, do you have a…"

"A BLOOD SAMPLE?!" Kim exploded. She slammed the face of the Kimmunicator into the sticky pool at her knees. "Is this enough for you, Wade?"

Wade was alarmed at Kim's desperation. "Kim, stop! Give me a minute."

Come on, Wade. You've never let me down before.

"Kim, I've never seen such readings. No one knows anything about Team Go's blood chemistry, and it's a sure thing we know nothing about Lorwardian technology. It will take weeks to establish research parameters…"


During her talk with Wade, Shego's arm had slipped, freeing her elbow. She looked up at Kim, her eyes narrowed.

"Princess." It was a snarl. Her hand shot up for Kim's throat.

Alarmed, Kim tucked her chin into her shoulder. She felt the taloned glove dig into her left cheek, pull down. She shrieked as Shego laughed.

She fought to regain control of Shego's arm. Her own blood now sprinkling the ground.


Kim did not flinch as Drakken pulled the hair back from her face.

"My, what pretty marks we have. Maybe permanent. I bet your parents loved that."


"Kimmie, are you all right? You're awfully late."

"We had more trouble than we expected, Mom."

"Those aren't the pants you were wearing."

"There was an accident. They were a total loss."

"Well, whoever called you had better be paying for the new ones. You go out and save the world, the least they can do is cover your costs. Kim, is that a bandage on your face?"

"Like I said, there was an accident. No big."

"Let me see."



"Maybe three hours."

"THREE HOURS? Do you have any idea of what you could have let yourself in for? Do you know what could happen if the BONE gets infected? Right now I'm not even worried about scarring! We're going to the hospital right now!"

"I've got the car going, now what's—oh dear."

"James, carry Kim to the car."

"Dad! Put me down. I'm a big girl."

"After what I've seen today? Don't tell me that for a while!"


"I guess I should be glad this is a secret location. Your father would have dropped a missile in my lap by now."

Kim allowed herself a half smile at that image. "He barely let me come, he's more protective than ever."

"And he doesn't know what he's protecting, does he? I bet you didn't think you could do it. Kill, I mean. I never have, Shego never had. At least she never admitted to it, and I'm sure she would have worked that into at least one threat."

"You were always worried about the safety of others. Yourself, your sidekick, the innocent, but never those you faced. How long did you think you could play the hero before you hurt someone?"

"Did you notice that when the guards left, they asked me to call if I needed help, but not you? They know that I'm no threat to you, but they can't assume that you're no danger to me."



"We need sedatives!" Drakken shouted to a minion at the doorway.

Shego was drawn up on the floor. Drakken was examining the wound. He looked into her eyes.

"It's serious, but we can control the bleeding. You're going to have to have surgery."


Shego grabbed the front of Drakken's lab coat and threw him across the floor. Kim and Ron went for her arms as Drakken sat up and shook his head to clear it.

"Where are those sedatives?"


I had begun to think of him as hapless. If he keeps this up, I'll be slitting my wrists.

"It was a good run, Kim. How many times had we tangled with nothing more to show than a few bumps and bruises? You'd be amazed at how low the medical costs were for my organization, given the career category. It helped on premiums."

"Still, it was a dangerous game that we were playing. You were safe until then. We all were."


Shego did not fall.

Kim stood aghast as Shego remained pinned to the Discombobulator. Her head was arched back, her hands glowed green, then it faded. A sickly yellow nimbus played over her form.

Drakken almost knocked Kim over rushing to Shego. Ron followed close behind. They stood on either side of her. Drakken nodded to Ron.

"On three. First up, then out. One! Two! THREE!"

There was a horrible sucking sound as they pulled her free. Shego groaned.

Kim looked at where the globe had been. A metal rod led into the machine. At its end were what looked like three metallic maple leaves. Something red still hung from them in shreds.

Kim fell to her knees, throwing up as Drakken and Ron carried Shego over.


"Pain dealt out, humiliations inflicted, and now death to your enemy. Your path to the title of 'hero' is now complete."

"I suppose the time has come to expand on your lines. You're good with the challenge, now you need something for when you dispatch your foes. I'm afraid that my lack of experience renders me a poor teacher."

"That's sick."

"You're the killer, not I. Perhaps you've already talked to someone else?"

"There was one."


"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been…"

"Go on, child."

"I'm, I'm not Catholic."

"Neither is God. We get others who feel the need to talk. What burdens you?"

"I, I killed someone."

"We also get a lot of pranksters. The Confessional is a holy place."

"I'm not lying! Someone is dead because of me."

"I believe you. The Church has programs for young women such as yourself. I can get you a contact number."

"No, it's not that. I killed an adult. An enemy."

"An enemy? So this was deliberate?"

"It was an accident. I never meant to hurt her, not seriously. I'd never more than knocked her out before. I didn't think I could do it. It's killing me. I'm fighting with my boyfriend. I can hardly talk to my parents. They've sent to therapy, but how can I talk to her? She's put me on Zoloft, but it's not helping. I have nightmares…"

"Of course none of that's helping. You don't have a chemical imbalance in your brain; you have a wound to the soul. I can't give you the usual instructions, but I can tell you that you must talk to someone else. Her family?"

"I can't talk to them, they're friends!"

"Then someone else? Someone who knows your enemy, and your relationship?"


Drakken was laughing uncontrollably.

"So, so that's what it comes down to? Priest craft? What am I supposed to do? I ABSOLVE YOU, KIM POSSIBLE; IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIGOT!"

"Do you think that I would give up this, the literal power of God, over you? Go to Hell, Kimberly Ann Possible. The standard line now is 'see you there' but that can't be true. If you're in Hell, it must be Heaven! Do I ever win!"

Kim stood up, head bowed.

"Uh, Kim. Please wait."

Kim looked to see a different Drakken. His eyes were large and blinking. The small blue hands were fidgeting. His voice shook.

"Please. Take care of her."

Her brow furrowed. "Your Mother?"

"Was the first thing the guilt ate out your brain? No, Shego! I mean Shego. Sit down." He leaned forward as she did, his voice barely a whisper.

"They brought her body here with me. It's been here three months now."

"You mean they haven't given her to her family yet?"

"Have you been to the funeral? Heard from them?"

"I didn't think they'd speak to me after…"

"Kim, you're their friend. You saved them from Aviarius. You got their powers back from Shego. As far as they know, as far as the public knows, she's a felon on the run."

"Why hasn't Global Justice performed an autopsy? Sent her to her family?"

"They can't. My little secret was too big to keep. Once you had me located, every nation with assets in the Caribbean went after my lair. The Cubans and Americans actually got into a dogfight! Eight Cuban and one American jet went down. Someone else decided their sub was too slow, so they had it fire a missile. The lair is gone now. The only remains of the Lorwardian technology are in my head, and in her body."

"The moment that Global Justice begins an autopsy, they become a potential threat to every nation on Earth. This prison has a morgue, a cryogenic facility. They could keep her here for years. Decades!"

Tears were flowing down his face now. "She doesn't deserve this, treated like a specimen. Please, for honor, pity, your soul or whatever, help her. I, I have no other ideas. No allies here. You're my only chance. Show me you can do anything."

"You really cared for her." Kim reached out, touched his hand. "Did she know?"

A scowl passed across his face, then the sadness returned. "Aside for the moodulator incident, we never had anything like you and your sidekick. Why does everyone confuse friendship and love these days? Says something sad about the state of both if you ask me. But I need your help. Will you help her escape?"

Kim nodded.

"The morgue is on Level Four. Surely you and your computer geek can come up with something." He gave her a tiny smile, then stood up.

"That's right, Possible, I will escape eventually," he pretended to continue, "then you can ask Shego all the questions you want. Guards! I'm finished with her."

They came back in. Drakken mouthed a 'Thank you.' as they put on his restraints. She remained seated as they left.

Two agents stood aside as the party went back to the cell block.

"Our newest resident."

"Yeah, some tough guy. You know what he was doing when they found him? Cradling her, rocking back and forth, singing a lullaby. Badly too, but then no one sings well when crying."