Disclaimer: I do not own the tv show Friends or any character in it.

(I am writing mostly in dialogue because I find it much easier.)

(Chapter 1 begins in the apartment right after the group leaves their keys on the counter.)

Rachel: So do you guys have to get to the new house right away or do you have some time?

Monica: I think we have some time.

Rachel: Want to go get some coffee?

Monica: Sure.

The six of them start walking towards the door leading to the hallway.

Chandler: Where?

The group walk down the stairs in complete silence while thinking about the last ten years they have spent together. They all sit down in their normal spots on the couch at Central Perk.

Pheobe: It's never gonna be the same again, is it?

Ross: Nope, but I think it might be better.

Joey: How can you say that?! Chandler and Monica are moving, Pheobe is married to Mike, you and Rachel are back together, everyone's havin' babies and Estelle is gone, I have nothing. I'm gonna miss you guys so much!

Rachel: Aw, Joey. Things may be changing but we will always be around. Me and Ross will still be here in the city, and so will Pheobe and Mike. Hey, we may be seeing less of each other, but we will still be together. And we can go visit Chandler and Monica.

Chandler: Unless I fall asleep in another meeting and we move to Tulsa.

Joey looks at Rachel with a concerned look on his face. Rachel looks at Monica and Monica then glares at Chandler.

Chandler: Okay, so it's not the time for jokes? I can take a hint.

Gunther then walks over to the table, seeing that Rachel is back.

Gunther: Rachel! Did what I say change your mind about going?

Rachel: Um, actually Gunther, what Ross said changed my mind about leaving. But I still love you.

Gunther: Oh.

He walks away thinking about how much he hates Ross.

Monica: Little harsh, Rach.

Rachel: Well what was I supposed to say?

Chandler: Just think, if you had gone to Paris, you wouldn't have had to break the news to Gunther.

He laughs.

Monica: Do you WANT me to hit you?

Chandler: No thanks.

Joey laughs.

Joey: Monica yelled at Chandler!

Ross: When does Monica NOT yell at Chandler?

Monica: When he doesn't do anything stupid.

Chandler: Well, I hate to break up this LOVELY time we're having, but we should probably be getting to the house.

Monica: Sorry, guys. But he's right. I want to get the furniture and everything all set up and arranged in the order I like it before dark.

They all get up and hug one last time before the two walk out the door.

Mike walks in.

Mike: Hey babe. You ready?

Pheobe: Oh yeah.

Rachel: Hey hey wait! What's going on with you two?

Pheobe: Oh well it's just that after Erica went into labor I remembered when I had my brother's triplets. So me and Mike kinda want to have one of our own.

They walk out.

Joey: See! Babies babies babies! I'm gonna be the only one who doesn't have a baby.

Ross: Joey, are you even READY to have a baby?

Joey: No, but I still feel left out.

Rachel: Joey, if it means that much to you Ross and I can let you babysit Emma some more.

Joey: Okay, but it's still not the same.

Ross: Well if you want you can come over and watch a documentary on th…

Joey cuts him off.

Joey: You know what, I think I'm gonna go home and catch up on things with chick jr. and duck jr. See you guys later.

Ross: Okay.

Looks at Rachel.

Ross: So Rach, you wanna go to a movie or something. My mom and dad have Emma for three more hours. We could watch one and then go get her.

Rachel: I would really love too, but I think I'm just gonna go home and take a short nap before Emma gets here.

She walks out, obviously upset about something.

Ross: Okay. Well, there's no one else here so I guess I'll just go home too. And I don't know who I'm saying this too.

He gets up and walks out and back towards his apartment.

When Ross gets to his apartment he notices that there is a message on his machine. He plays it and sits down on the couch. Judy Geller comes on the message machine.

Judy Geller: Ross, it's Emma.

Ross: Oh my God.