The early spring heat wave was not welcomed in Sin City this day by the team of CSI's working the double homicide. They were already on overtime and it was not even noon yet. There was at least 3 more hours of work to be done.

The shootings of two young adults in there twenties happened in the parking lot after a rock concert got out late. The parking lot had been full of witnesses but the problem was the gunman had been marked and since it was dark, everyone was not able to describe him well. But due to all those witnesses it made for an extremely long shift questioning all of them.

Nick Stokes glanced over as his co-workers, who were looking as tired and hot as he was. There were only a couple more witnesses to finish questioning, but then they still had more processing to do back at the crime lab.

Nick went back to questioning one of the last witnesses.

Another hour had passed by the time the CSI team rejoined together for a huddle before heading back to the lab with all the evidence they had collected.

Gil Grissom looked at his crew as he handed out water bottles to each of them. Each one of them gratefully guzzled down the bottles. "I know it's been a long, hot shift, but we still have a couple more hours of work to put in back at the lab. Catherine and I will go with Brass to the two victims houses. Warrick and Sara, I need you two to start with all the evidence we collected. Greg and Nick, you two need to go over all the witnesses statements and see what we can find there."

They finished putting all their stuff into their SUV's and headed off in their separate directions.

In the one Denali headed back to the lab, Nick drove while Greg Sanders sat next to him in the passenger seat with his head resting against the headrest. The youngest CSI sighed loudly. "Man, what is with this heat so early in the year? I felt like I was about to pass out. Plus some of those witnesses were getting incredibly grouchy."

Nick laughed and glanced at his friend and co-worker. "Yeah, I know what you mean I had this kid, who had to be on something, about to start a fight with me simply because I asked him if I could get his parent's names. I don't understand how you can go to some of these concerts nowadays with these kids?"

Greg had his eyes closed, head still resting back. "Well being I am working so much lately, I really have not had to deal with it, since I can never get time off to go to any."

"Yeah, I hear ya, man. " The rest of the short ride back to the lab they remained silent.

After arriving back at the lab and unloading the SUV, they headed to the break room to refuel. They both got energy drinks and grabbed some pre-made sandwiches out of the vending machine. Warrick and Sara ended up joining them a few minutes later.

They discussed the case some before taking off doing their separate tasks. Greg and Nick stayed in the break room sorting through all the witness reports and finding the common thread among them.

Pretty much from the 46 witness reports, they got that the suspect was wearing a black hoodie and in black pants. His face was mostly covered from view due to the hoodie and some sunglasses he was wearing. He came out from nowhere, seemingly and shot the two victims of which seemed to be his target. All of the witnesses at that point seemed to dive for cover and did not see where the shooter ran off.

"Well, I sure hope the others are having better luck than we are. All these and not one decent lead to go on," Nick griped.

"Hmmm, I don't know about that," Greg smiled to himself. Nick eyes Greg suspiciously. "Greg," he said in an elongated tone.

Greg looked up innocently at Nick. "What? Can I help it if this one hottie gave me her phone number?"

Nick chuckled. "Is she at least of age?" Greg frowned. "Give me some credit, Nick. Yes, of course she was. She is actually only a year younger than me. One of a few in that crowd that was."

Nick was curious now. "So just how hot was she, Casanova?"

Greg grinned, his brown eyes showing his excitement. "She was hot and it was not just due to the heat. She had long, wavy brown hair and these amazing, big green eyes. And mind you, she started the flirting first. It was not me."

Nick smirked. "Okay, so you say. So when is the wedding?"

"Ha ha, very funny. With my schedule I'll be lucky if I ever get to see her again."

"Don't you have a couple days off coming up," Nick asked.

"Well not really. I got the court date coming up on those days." Greg's expression dimmed as he thought about the civil trial coming up for Demetrius James' death.

Nick saw his expression change. He knew this had been a rough few months for him. "Ah yeah, I forgot about that. Sorry."

"Don't apologize. It's okay. I'll just be glad to have it over with, whatever the outcome is at this point."

Just then Grissom walked into the room with Brass in tow. "You two got anything decent to report from the witnesses statements," Capt. Jim Brass asked them.

"Not really. Basically we can figure it was someone tall, who wore all back, hoodie and sunglasses hiding the face. Hope you got more than we did." Nick looked hopefully at them.

Sara and Warrick walked in behind them and took a couple seats.

"Well, we know that the two victims were friends and seemed to be heavily into drugs. So we are probably looking at some drug related shooting."

"All right, we will let the day shift take over for now. You all go home and get some rest."