Killing Two Lovers with One Stone

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Scene takes place the night before he leaves her. She thinks that he doesn't come over but it turns out he did after she fell asleep, just like old times.

God, she's beautiful when she sleeps. How could this breathtaking angel of mine, not even know how enchanting she is? I can see it in her eyes sometimes, when she looks at me. Just because I can't read her mind doesn't mean that I don't know what she is thinking. In those wide, brown eyes I can see her doubt, her wonder at how she could ever have gotten so lucky. If only she knew how wrong she was. Why couldn't she see past this inhuman, false, brilliancy? Sure we were a beautiful kind but we could never hold the same kind of allure as humans. No one could ever describe us as warm, inviting, creatures. No one but Bella. My gorgeous "soul mate". Of course, she could never really be my soul mate because my soul no longer belongs to me. I knew that she wouldn't ever consider my reality. That I knew that I was actually evil. She tells me, the most dangerous kind of monster, that I am her angel. If only she could see how twisted and wrong that was. I could never deserve her. That is why I have to leave her.