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Chapter One: An Innocent Beginning

Sam and Dean were on the road one again, having just dealt with an evil witch doctor who thought that he could heal people by treating them and then putting them to the final test… getting them to take the final leap of faith to prove their trust and fling themselves off a small cliff, telling them that he had the power to protect them the whole way down. Sam had been convinced that he knew what he was doing and had just let the power go to his head, whereas Dean was certain that he had bought into his own party line and thought he really was God.

Now, the usual problem arose almost immediately. Where to go? No, that's not it. What to kill next? Nope, not the problem either. Who to drive? No, but you're getting warmer. What music to listen to? Yup! That's the one! Dean always insisted on listening to his music stating that it was his right not only as the eldest but the owner and driver of the car. Well, Sam thought, he would just have to teach him a lesson on that one. Sam popped in Dean's favourite tape and was determined to see how often he could stand to play it before Dean was finally sick of hearing the same songs over and over again. He was pretty certain that he could last longer than Dean, since Sam had always been the more patient of the brothers… most of the time.

"Seriously man, you're just gonna have to get used to the music," Dean insisted, staring out at the road ahead. It was a long, open and more than empty road. No other traffic had been sighted for hours, and there were no houses and very few trees. It was almost desert-like, and nothing could be more boring. "If you tried, you would get to realise that I have The Best taste in music."

"If you can call it that," Sam muttered under his breathe. He found a particularly old cassette and laughed holding it up for Dean to see. "The Beatles? You have got to be kidding me, now I really have seen everything!"

"That's not mine," Dean insisted.

"Oh really," Sam laughed, not believing him. "So, Metallica and… The Beattles? Yeah, I totally see the connection man… Enter Sandman and… The Yellow Submarine? Totally the same vibe! It's gotta have something to do with their hair too, right?"

Dean gritted his teeth, seething quietly. He hated being teased about his music, it was like kicking his car door shut, it was just something you did not do!

"No, wait, you're gonna tell me it was Dad's, arent you?" Sam asked, still laughing.

"Actually, that's exactly what I'm going to say," Dean told him, trying really hard to keep his cool.

"But, see, the problem with that is that I happen to know Dad quite well, see… and, well, he hates The Beatles.…" Sam laughed, honestly knowing no such thing. In actual fact, his father had never really seen the point in music in general, he had preferred to just get from point A to point B with minimal intrusion, he was completely focussed on the next hunt.

Dean was blushing, which made Sam's joke so much more fun. He had to wonder, though, how long Dean would stew over it before discovering that Sam had, in fact, hidden the cassette tape in the box more than three hunts ago. Sam bit his lip as he moved to put his knew plan into action and pulled out the tape he'd been looking for. Ahh, Metallica, maybe soon you will be sleeping with the fishies if Dean got sick enough of the same songs over and over.

As the music started blaring, Sam waved the tape at Dean one last time before tossing the box into the back seat. As he turned around he was met with Dean whacking him gently on the arm, trying to be good-natured about his latest tease.

Sam chuckled to himself but as he faced the road again, his smile faded. He could see a figure standing in the road, right in their path, a fair distance from their car. From the fabric flapping in the wind, he knew it was a woman.

Would she get off the road?

Dean didn't seem to even notice. He didn't ease up on the gas or try and break or anything. Sam could feel himself tensing as they got closer and closer. Suddenly she was right in front of them and time seemed to stand still for Sam. Dean didn't break, Sam cried out and launched himself at the steering wheel, jerking it to the left to try and miss her. Dean, not understanding what was going on, threw Sam over to his side of the car and tried to regain control of the Impala as its wheels locked and sent them spinning out of control.

Thankfully, with no trees and no traffic, there was also no damage to the car. Dean sighed his first breath of relief and turned to Sam to ask him what the hell he had been thinking, only to find Sam sitting way back in his seat as if pinned down by something. He was pale and shaking and had a look of absolute terror in his eyes. He was also fighting for breath and turning purple. Dean couldn't see anything that could explain his brothers reaction and wondered if he was hurt somehow.

"Sam?" he called out to him, trying to snap him out of it or at least get him to tell him what was going on so he knew how he could help him.

Sam gasped and gurgled, trying to get his breathe, but sitting in his lap was the woman he had been trying to steer the car away from. Who would have thought that it was actually a spirit? Why couldn't Dean see her? And what was she doing there? Why was she so far from home? And what was she saying to Sam? Sam knew only one thing: Jessica was pissed.


Ten minutes later, Dean was growing more and more concerned about Sam with every second that passed. He had leapt out of the passenger side of the car mere seconds after he had been 'pinned' to his seat, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to speak. And now, as he ran across the road, up and down the street, everywhere he could think of, he looked like a madman.

"Where'd she go?" he kept asking, not so much Dean as… Dean wasn't sure who he was talking to, or who he was talking about.

"Sam!" Dean yelled after him, tired of chasing him everywhere and getting no answers.

Sam just continued on his search.

"Sam!" Dean cried, finally stopping his brother in his tracks. He wasn't sure if Sam had stopped because of him, but he didn't care. He was finally standing still and Dean had to take advantage of that. He ran over to where Sam stood in the middle of the road, staring at the sky with his brow furrowed and tears shining in his eyes. "What's going on man?"

Sam didn't even seem to hear him.

"Sam," Dean touched his arm, trying desperately to gain his attention. He was starting to get really scared, and that wasn't an easy thing for him to deal with. It was as if Sam were not even standing before him, he was trapped inside himself and couldn't seem to get out. He was still gasping for breathe, but now it seemed out of anxiety rather than his throat being constricted by some unknown force or entity. "Sammy?"

Sam's eyes slowly drifted from the sky down to meet his brothers gaze. He saw concern and something else that he had never really noticed before. A glint. No, not a glint. A shadow, almost. Dean's eyes seemed to have grown darker and…

"Sammy?" Dean repeated, still not satisfied that Sam had come back to him.

"Did you see her?" Sam asked him, his voice low and thick. His eyes were still teary and Dean wasn't used to seeing him that way. Being the youngest he did tend to be the more emotional of the brothers, a bit more sensitive and definitely more prepared to talk about his feelings – especially if he could make Dean squirm by trying to get him to talk about his own feelings – but tears were a little more out of character than any of that.

"Did I see who?" Dean asked, confused.

"She was… there was a… woman, standing in the road…" Sam pointed lamely a few feet from where they stood. He walked over there as if to show Dean. "She… we hit her, and…"

"Is that why you pulled on the wheel?" Dean asked, trying to follow what Sam was saying and reconcile it with what had happened in that car minutes before. "To miss the woman?"

"She was just standing there," Sam nodded. "Then she wasn't…"

"Where was she?"

"In the car…"

"In… the car?"

"Yeah, she… I couldn't breathe… she was…" Sam stopped and bent over double, resting his hands on his knees as if to steady himself. He was breathing hard again, as if by sheer memory his throat had started to close up on him once more. Suddenly, from the opposite side of the road to where they had left the Impala, something seemed to catch Sam's eye. Suddenly, as if in a trance he began to move across to see what it was.

Time froze as Dean watched his brother walking slowly and his ears desperately tried to identify a familiar sound. Dean looked up and saw a truck bearing down on Sam, and Sam was completely unaware that he was in its path. Dean felt himself move before he realised what he was doing and the next thing he knew, he and his brother were sprawled on the side of the road. As Dean felt the air from the fast moving truck he knew exactly how lucky he and Sam were to be alive, and he thanked his reflexes. He couldn't have survived losing Sam.

"Dean, what the hell?!?" Sam snapped, suddenly realising what had happened. It was like he had suddenly been thrown back to reality and he paled when he saw the rear end of the truck that had nearly taken his life.

Dean got to his feet, his face turning red.

"What the hell were you thinking!?!?" Dean yelled down at his brother. He was pissed as hell, angry and scared all at once and he didn't like it. He didn't like whatever it was that was going on with Sam all of a sudden. He felt like he was playing catch up, like he was there in the car with Sam and yet had somehow missed some huge, life altering event and he hated to be behind. "What has gotten into you, Sam! Didn't you see the damn truck!?!?! You could've been killed!"

Sam looked around him, trying to work out what was going on so he could give his brother an answer, but he was just as confused.

"Well?" Dean shouted once more, hoping to get somewhere with this line of question. Sam looked so small from where he sat on the road, and Dean hated seeing his brother look small, but he had a height advantage in this argument for once and he intended to use it. The tears that sprung to Sam's eyes, however, stopped him in his tracks and he didn't know what to do or what to say. He knelt before Sam and put his hand on his shoulder, hoping that the contact would ease his brothers emotions enough for him to tell him what had happened.

Sam just looked at him, helpless.

"I don't know what's going on," Sam admitted, his voice catching. "I saw a woman in the middle of the road, and when we hit her she was in my lap and I couldn't breathe… I think we just found ourselves our next hunt…"


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