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Lol, as I look back on this story. I'm like so boring and weird at prose. It doesn't flow right. So I decided to remake this Candy Girl.
Let's see if it is approved by you guys.

Notes: The setting is entirely different. The way the Naruto characters are is entirely different…for now. Naruto and Sasuke haven't met Sakura. Actually NO ONE has met Sakura. She's a year younger than Sasuke and Naruto, but still born on the same day. Naruto has a 'thing' for Hinata. Gotta complaint? Flame? Critique meh~ XD

Disclaimer: This story is created by Kirisaki Mariko. Please do not copyright this story into any way. And the Naruto© characters aren't mine. I just control what they are doing.

Summary: Everyone has a goal in life, and for a certain Haruno, Sakura's dream is to go to best college money can afford. Her grades are high, giving her a 4.9 GPA, and a high IQ that praised the previous schools she attended. But, her father and mother say that it'll be pointless seeing that her golden future of inheriting her father's and another company's business. And to find something to do to keep her 'occupied'. So, when she moves in to Konoha (which might I add becomes a nightmare living in her own mansion that her father could afford), she crosses a job in the Konoha Fire Hotel, making her a Candy Girl, she keeps her identity hidden from rivaled business, Uchiha. But, can she keep her mouth shut when she crosses paths with that damn Son of the Uchiha?! That would be bad...right?

It is bad! We shouldn't be together, we're sworn enemies and I'm pretty sure we hate each other! I can't stand her! She's so…'perfect'…what the heck? Hn.

Main Pairing(s): Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura

Minor Pairing(s): Shikamaru and Ino/Temari, Sasuke and OC, Sai and Sakura, Gaara and Matsuri, Sai and OC, Naruto and Hinata, Kiba and Hinata, Neji and Tenten, OC and Tenten and lots an OC BASHINGS

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Chapter 1: Konoha's New Celebrity
Enter Haruno Sakura

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High School Profile/Career: Haruno Sakura. Incoming 12th grader. Attended the best schools of Japan and came in top of her class. MVP of the year running 6 times as the Women's #1 Rookie of the Year. Praised by the previous elementary, middle, and high schools attended in the past 11 years. Leading cheerleader and captain of all sports. Choir Captain; leading choir through nationals. Her dream: to attend the top college that money can buy and graduate with a legend and be the manager of a biotech company; hoping to participate in medicine and drugs.

But, that dream: CRUSHED!


A teenage girl jumped and jerked towards the direction of that bothersome sound. She looked at her alarm and moaned as it racked her brains. She swayed a bit and groaned squinting and blinking. The girl had a throb and with her fist she punished the alarm clock.

"Gyaaa!" Sakura yelled at her alarm clock. The named-sake cherry blossom slammed the button almost breaking and sighed bothered. Sakura groaned a bit, and sat up rubbing her eyes.

'Kami-sama. I have to get another alarm clock. A less annoying one. Maa~taku…this is getting old. My parents send me here to a place that they feel will lean me into the better future. Che, I was fine in the last school. Well, besides the stupid assholes and bitches that won't get a clue that it's not a brothel. Prestigious? Hah. Don't make me laugh.' She giggled, and smirked a bit, 'let's just see what this school holds for…this is the school that my parents went to after all.'

Sakura huffed and dismissed her train of thought. She finally realized her surroundings. A dark, empty space with four magenta-painted cherry blossom walls delicately streamed across as if it was circling her. The shelves filled with multi-colored medals, trophies and plaques of gold. Never silver nor bronze. She noted that she was in bed, and jumped knowing that the alarm clock was already 23 minutes past the time she woke up.

"…so…today's my first day at Konoha High School. Well…better get ready before I'm late."

Sakura did the logical thing to do and grabbed her outfit out of the closet. Her personal maid had neatly pressed and ironed a pair of magenta skinny jeans and a checkered white and red sweater vest long 3/4 long sleeve that gripped her curves tight. She bustled into her bathroom.

This girl's name? Full name. If you haven't already heard of her. Haruno Sakura. An example of a perfect and model student. A senior and a new student graduating at Konoha High School. Beautiful and admired by a lot of people. She had silky shoulder, layered pink cotton candy hair with some ends black highlighted hair and jade green eyes that sparkled every time she smiled. She was practically adored by everyone; especially all the men. She had two personalities, she was nice and very sweet, and loved the young. However, if you got her mad you might as well be out of her sight. She was extremely smart but stupid at times, and was really strong but weak when it came to her personal life. Her family is rich and lived in a mansion but she didn't like to stay there alone because her parents where always out on business trips thus forcing her to move to her words...


Sakura got out of the shower, got dressed in her outfit for school (no uniforms here), dried her hair, packed her bag and went down stairs to get her keys and her phone before she left. Jamming her white and black striped Adidas, she walked right out. She didn't have enough time to put her hair up so she got her favorite checkered hat and she tilted the brim to the side. She stole one more glance in her mirror and ran out of the room.

Sakura was ready to go. Except for the constant banging in the morning which was awarded with screaming. She went to through the door and grabbed her book-handbag and bolted through her living to the door.

One of her maids was in the hallway ready to help Sakura out. She had a notebook, a planner, and her schedule ready for her master. In truth, this was the earliest she'd seen out of Sakura, and this was normal living already.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Sakura-sama."

"Ohayou, Yuni-san. I'm leaving for school, so if Otou-sama or Okaa-sama calls, tell them my best regards. Wish me luck. Today is my first day, remember?" Sakura said and went out the door. She waved bye, followed by a "Ja ne, Yuni-san."

Yuni waved.

'Today's the day…I need to make a good impression…' Sakura smiled to herself and waved at the passing people. They waved back and she smiled back. 'Okay…so far so good…' When she was about to cross the street, she suddenly saw a motorcycle coming towards her. Sakura's hat was tilted in the direction of the motorcycle. "Stupid!"

She yelped a bit, and jumped out of the way. She pouted a bit, and looked at the guy furiously. "What is your problem? Didn't you see me crossing the street?! You must be shot in the head or damned! " 'Are you blind or something baka-no-teme?!'

The guy just smirked and rode of not evening helping her up 'Who was that guy?' Sakura pondered a bit, and blushed when she remembered his face. She checked her watch. "Oh no its 7:50! I have 10 minutes," with that she ran off.

She made it to her classroom a little late and she noticed that the sensei wasn't there. The noise inside the class was so loud that it gave Sakura a huge head ache. There was people yelling, talking, throwing stuff, and girls chasing a guy. No one had notice her since she came in, so she just sat down in front of the class waiting patiently for the sensei. 'Um…o-kaaaaaaaaaaaaay…'

Then finally the door opened and showed a man wearing a mask that covered his face except for one eye. He walked in and everyone was stood out of their seats, silent.

"Sorry I'm late class you see this building was on fire and I…"

"Liar!" yelled the whole class. Kakashi-sensei sweatdropped. Sakura just looked at them strangely. They were very immature. He then noticed a girl seating in front of the class looking confused. She looked around the classroom, blushing a bit, and looked and waved at Kakashi. 'So…this is my new student…okay…'

"You must be Haruno Sakura-san, the new student that Tsunade-sama told me about. I'm Kakashi your new sensei," he said smiling.

Sakura nodded, and bowed out of respect. She lifted her head up and smiled. The boy population sighed taking notice that she was there now. She just rolled her eyes, 'they just detected me as of now? Psh, whatever.'

"Attention, we have a new student with us. I hope you find her a welcome addition. Haruno Sakura." Kakashi sensei said.

"Konichiwa…" said Sakura, forcing a smile with a curt bow.

"Let's see you can sit down next to Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke raise your hand." said Kakashi sensei.

Then Sasuke raised his hand and Sakura recognized him as the guy who the girls were chasing earlier and the guy who almost ran over her! He looked at her with raised eyebrows and smirked slightly. She glared at the male, with hell the smirk gave it all away! 'Hey…matte matte!'