10 Reasons Why Peter Petrelli Shouldn't Paint

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No, I don't know where Peter got a spine from. Maybe he traded one for his shirt?

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"Now I know there's somethin' wrong with that brain of yours. Completely daft, you are. Absolutely mad," Claude's tone, for once, was serious with nary a hint of sarcasm or mockery.

Peter refused to be fooled.

"And how'd you come to this conclusion?" Peter frowned and repressed the urge to roll his eyes.

Claude gave him that look. The one that questioned his sanity and/or intelligence. It was an oft-used expression.

"You've drawn a--I hesitate to call it a man--" Claude began slowly in the manner of those people who are trying to explain something to a particularly slow and/or crazy person. "Point is, he's wearin'tights."

Peter's face automatically arranged itself to express confusion. It was good at that.


Claude was giving him that look. Again. "A bloke in tights! With heels! And that ruffled shirt that no self-respectin' man would be caught dead in! Though you might. Is that glitter?! You've drawn a bloody fairy!"

"Sooo," Peter drew out the vowel insolently, "When you say 'fairy'…are those unresolved issues I'm sensing?"

Claude glared.

"I'll show you unresolved issues," Claude growled with frightening meance.

Peter gulped.

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