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Love Lay Waiting, Patiently


It was not that Love favoured the Card Mistress more so that it was the genki girl who was the first to find herself with a boyfriend.

Or that Love was being lazy of the duties required of it, because Love was most definitely busy, making sure that around the world, people fell in love and proposed marriage.

Rather, Love knew what a delicate matter it was to make her, and him, finally admit what was never obvious before.

He was quite popular, after all. In his highschool, girls (and boys) flocked to him, everyone wanted to be the one to put a smile in those unsmiling lips. Also, there was his bestfriend, who was constantly by his side. The bestfriend was a big obstacle, as far as Love was concerned. True, the young man was a gentle soul and really very sweet in his quiet demeanor. Unfortunately, their friendship had created a complication. They were lulled to thinking that only the two of them mattered.

Love can't have that.

Now, she was another obstinate character. She was just as bad as he is, for she deluded herself about what Love was exactly. In her head, she thought that Love equaled a camcorder, some out of this world costumes, and a green-eyed girl with a magic wand, and a deck of magic cards. Anyone who would tell her otherwise were liars to the first degree. Not even the appearance of a hot-headed boy with brown hair and hazel eyes, coming between her and the green-eyed darling, convinced her otherwise.

Love can't have that, either.

Because whether they knew or not, Love had already answered their call.

It happened, a long time ago, when she was but a babe, and he was a young boy mourning his mother's death. She was carried by a retinue of servants, and he was holding his little sister as his father greeted the new comers. He had stared with dulled eyes at the group of people now clustered around the white casket, and found himself scrutinized by an amethyst gaze.

That was the time, that exact moment, when Love was summoned from the enchanted world it lived in and asked to chronicle the would-be-lovers.

But, oh, Destiny enjoyed too much putting twists and turns in mortal lives.

Time moved on, not really caring about Love's dilemma, nor of Destiny's crazy plots and storylines.

Time waited for noone.

Not even for Love.

But Love lay waiting, patiently, for that one moment when one of Destiny's strange twists would come in handy.

Because Love knew, if you waited patiently enough, the perfect oppurtunity would come knock, knock, knocking, ready to be used.

That moment came, when she was thirteen years old, and she was sitting in some semblance of her queenly self, her trusty recorder lying on the ground. In front of her was a red faced Kero, his small beady eyes ready to pop out of his furry head. And Sakura? Well, she was running around the house, screaming like there was no tomorrow and cursing the day she ever found the Clow cards.

::Oh, yes::, thought Love, :: Wait patiently enough, and one is bound to get a reward.::

Daudouji Tomoyo raised her violet eyes to Kero and said, "Please tell me this can be undone."

The Sun Guardian looked at the goddess before him and mused why would anyone want to undo what he was seeing now. But Tomoyo's smooth face was now marred with a frown and that just won't do at all. "Iie, Tomo-chan...I really don't know. This, well- This had never happened before," said Kero in a still stunned voice. He has yet to get out of the shock of what had transpired.

The Card Mistress, in the act of calming down at last, heard the answer and proceeded to do another round of ear-splitting shrieks.

Love grinned like a maniac and started to cackle with glee.

::Let's see Touya and Tomoyo deny me after this,:: thought Love, slyly.

And right on cue, Destiny, with her sudden bouts of unique situations, played along at long last.

The front door opened and Kinomoto Touya walked in, with his usual scowl.

To come face to face with a now sobbing Sakura, a still red faced Kero, and an exquisite eighteen years-old Tomoyo.

-Let me (the author writing this story) repeat that:-

To come face to face with a now sobbing Sakura, a still red-faced Kero, and an exquisite EIGHTEEN years-old Tomoyo.

Touya looked at his 'thirteen' years-old cousin and tried to still the sudden speeding of his heartbeat.

Love, who had waited patiently for so many years, was now about to do 'THE WORKS'.

And when Love do 'THE WORKS', even Destiny listened and obeyed.

For 'THE WORKS' had produced some of the most interesting love stories ever known. It created the Trojan War, inspired Shakepeare to write "Romeo and Juliet", and made "The Titanic" a hit movie around the world. In the scale of one to ten, 'THE WORKS' was a twenty and one half. It was a jumbled brew consisting of a thousand of Cupid's love arrows, a hundred ton of Love Potion #9, every sappy Lord Byron poems in existense, a handful of Emily Dickenson for luck, and every Shakesperian play centered on romance. There is a dash of 'Once upon a time' and a pinch of 'Happily ever after', as well as heapfuls of Valentine Day magic.

Tomoyo gave the handsome young man a small smile. "Afternoon, Touya-san," she said in her soft voice.

::Check!:: thought Love, ::And checkmate. No way out of this, boy. So be a dear and admit defeat.::

Amethyst stared deep in melted chocolate.

In the background, Sakura started wailing again, after Kero had told her they might have a hard time finding the right spell to return everything to normal.


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