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Chapter One: Dates and Accidents

Edward and I have best friends since the day I was born. When I got older I realized that I liked Edward a lot more than I should. I was born in Forks and am now 17 and attending Forks High School. When I was 11 my mother died and Edward was always there for me. Carlisle, the local doctor, and Esme, the nicest mother you will ever meet, adopted Edward. Alice and Emmett are the Cullens and Rosalie and Jasper are the Hales. Jasper and Alice are together and Emmett and Rosalie are together.

Tonight I have a date with Mike Newton. But there seems to be a problem.

'Bella, I don't like you going out with Newton.' Edward said in a concerning tone and pleading eyes.

'Why not? I don't complain when you go out with Jessica.' I argued and that was true. I hated Jessica with a passion. Everyone knew that she was just using Edward to make Mike jealous, but Edward was either clueless or trying not to believe it. I felt bad for him because I knew that he was just being used.

'I know that…but I don't know…I just don't like him, Bella.' Edward looked down as if he was hanging his head in shame.

'Awwwwwe! Is Eddie getting all protective?' I joked using a baby voice. He looked up at me and smiled sheepishly, 'Sorry.'

'For what?' I asked confused.

'For trying to talk you out of your date when all you ever did was support me. I'm sorry. I'm not being a very good friend am I?' He came up to me and wrapped his arms around me to pull me into a gentle hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his warm, muscular chest.

'Don't say that Edward. You were only caring for me and that's what makes you a good friend. My best friend.' There was a moment of silence as we just stood there in each other's arms. 'Oh and just for the record, I hate Jessica.' I said into his shoulder.

Her leaned back to look into my eyes, but kept his arms wrapped around me. 'Why do you hate her? I thought that you and Jessica were friends.'

I laughed a sarcastic laugh and looked into his beautiful green eyes. 'No. We were never friends. I just said that so you would be happy.' I admitted.

'Well, why do you hate her?'

'Do you promise that you wont get mad?' I asked breaking away from his gaze in my eyes to look at the wall. He lifted my head back up with his index finger and leaned in so our faces were level and our bodies were together. His face was only inches away from my face and I could smell his warm, sweet breath on my face.

'I would never be mad at you.' He breathed. All of a sudden my breath caught. 'Breath Bella.' He whispered.

'Well…its just…I think…' I started to mumble.

'What?' he breathed in my face again.

'Fine.' I took a deep breath, 'I think that Jessica is using you to get Mike.' I looked at him and his expression was stunned. It would break my heart if I ever saw Edward hurt. Just visualizing what his expression would look like brought tears to my eyes.

I started to cry, 'I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. I just didn't want you to break up with someone you love because of me-' I was cut off by Edward.

'Its okay, Bella. I'm not angry with you.' He whispered and held me tighter and closer, brushing my hair while I cried in his chest. He whispered comforting words to me. Once I calmed down I didn't fell like going on that date anymore.

'I have to make a phone call.' I said while Edward was whipping away my tears. He nodded and let go of me. I called Mike to cancel the date. I could tell that he was disappointed, but I didn't care. I just wanted to make sure Edward was ok.

When I got off the phone it rang right before I could go back into the living room with Edward. 'Hello?'

'Yes, hello, Bella. This is Carlisle. I have some news for you about your father.'

'What happened?!' I was panicking. Right then Edward came in and sat in my father's kitchen chair.

'Calm down. Everything is fine. Charlie was on call and got in a speed chase and wrecked. He will me fine but he will be in the hospital for about two months.'

'Oh, thank you Carlisle.'

'Your welcome, Bella. I was also wondering if you would like to stay with us while your father is in the hospital?'

'Um…ok. Why not? I will pack my things and be over later. Thank you Carlisle.'

'Your welcome and goodbye.'


I hung up the phone and turned to look at Edward. 'Guess I'm staying with you guys for two months. I hope you are ok with that.'

'Why would you say something like that? You know I love it when you come over.'

I blushed and then I realized who was going to be over there tonight, 'But what is Jessica going to think when she spends the night with Alice tonight?' I was starting to freak out now.

'Don't worry about Jessica. I will talk to her.'

'Thank you, Edward.'

'No problem.' And with that he gave me another hug. Then I went upstairs to my room and packed all my clothes and everything else necessary. I went back the kitchen to see Edward sitting in the kitchen chair still. I gave him a smile and he instantly got up and opened the front door for me.

He grabbed my bags and set them in the backseat of his Volvo, while I slipped into the passenger seat up front. He quickly went to his side after making sure that I wouldn't hurt myself getting into the car. In no time at all we were at his house and he was carrying my bags to my spare bedroom.

We all went into the living room to watch some TV when I saw something that made my entire body flare with fury…

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