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Too Quiet



Something was wrong, walking down the halls between meetings, she thought it had been quiet, too quiet. He was up to something, she couldn't just savour this peace. He was doing something. She should have returned to her office and let him be, if something happened, she would know. Before she could stop herself she was on his floor, and there was his office. The blinds were drawn on his little think tank, she had seen his team walking down to the cafeteria for lunch. She imagined him either hiding from her somewhere, or he could be in his office. Just a little peek around the corner to make sure he wasn't up to something, that wouldn't hurt.

He was in there, he had his back to the door, reading by the looks of it. Her curiousity got the better of her, and she had to see what he was reading. Pushing the door open soundlessly, she pulled her shoes off, and walked slowly towards him. A low groan startled her for a moment, then she realised what he was doing, and reading.

"House! Have you no decency at all?!"

Spinning around his chair, magazine clutched to his front, "What exactly am I doing that offends you greatly?"

Hazarding a glance down, zips were in place, a motorcycle magazine was placed on the desk between them, and nothing else was making it's presence known. "I thought you were, oh it doesn't matter! You should be working."

He got up from his desk, "Of course boss." She breathed in slightly as he walked past, "and I don't use the motorcycles for that purpose, I have a plethora of other material."

She looked up, and noticed where his line of sight was, "Work House."

"Yes Ma'm."


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