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The Homecoming



After living abroad for so long, she had forgotten how bitterly cold the air was in Scotland. She had wrapped herself in her warmest coat, her thickest scarf tight around her neck, and it still managed to sneak in and chill her to the bone.

Cho had only been back in England for two weeks when the owl had arrived, it had surprised her to see the once familiar Hogwarts crest on the back of the envelope. Inviting her to Hogwarts to sit down with the Headmistress, Professor McGonagall at her earliest convenience. What had started as a simple return for Christmas, and a chance to see old friends, and spend some quality time with family had ended in a job offer. One that she was struggling to find reasons to turn down.

It seems the previous Charms professor, Professor Flitwick had fallen ill, Healers were battling to figure out what exactly was causing the very sudden illness. So he had taken in determinant leave from her position. Professor McGonagall had given her a lot to think about, this trip back to Britain was not supposed to be permanent or lasting for longer than the holiday season. This position however was something she had always hoped to achieve at some stage, Charms was her specialty. It also threw in the possibility of encountering old acquaintances, and that wasn't something she was entirely prepared for.

She wasn't the same girl she was then, back then she thought she had taken Cedric's death well, that she was just a little emotional. Looking back she saw what was happening, she had lost herself in her emotions, there was no one she could talk to, the one person who could have helped her through it didn't want to talk about it, which of course was understandable. Her friends brushed it to the side, Cedric had been little more than a glorified crush, nothing to get too attached to, it wouldn't have lasted anyway. It had hurt at the time to see her feelings, and grief pushed to the side, unacknowledged, but now she could understand it now. They were young, fifteen years old, too young to be dealing with what they were, and there was so much uncertainty about how it had happened. They shouldn't have had to deal with what they were. Cho however had come out the other side, stronger, nowhere near as weak as she had been. With a outer skin she liked to believe was thick enough to withstand any pressure.

She tightened her coat around her, and walked down the steps, deciding to head into Hogsmeade and see how much of the village had changed. Maybe taking this position would be a positive thing for her, all the stuff that had screwed her up when she was younger had happened her.

It was time to make some positive memories of Hogwarts.


He shook the snow out of his hair as he entered the Great Hall. It wasn't exactly the best weather for flying, but a fly around the Quidditch pitch managed to wake him up like nothing else. His stomach growled as the aroma of the waiting breakfast reached him, one would think that after countless meals in this Hall that one would tire of the menu, but every meal was precisely what he wanted. He sat down in his regular chair, a few seats down from Professor McGonagall, his colleague, that had taken some getting used to. She was no longer an authority figure, someone to keep him in line (although she still seemed to think she had to), they were equals.

The empty seat to the left of him, a sign that they had yet to fill in the empty position. Most of the professors were highly skilled in Charms, it was however spreading them a little thin, covering the classes left till the end of term. It seems Professor Sinistra had echoed his thoughts.

"Any luck with finding a Charms professor Minerva?" She asked from the other side of the table.

All heads at the table turned to see the answer, "Why yes, I was going to tell you all the good news this morning, I have been speaking with someone in regards to it."

"And?" Someone asked.

"They've accepted my offer, and they'll be starting at the beginning of next term," she said.

"Well don't hold us in suspense," Madam Pince said. "Who is it?"

"A former student, a Ravenclaw as well," there was positive sounds at this, "Cho Chang."

"Oh that is wonderful," someone laughed, "I remember teaching her, such a bright girl she was."

"Do you remember her Harry?"

"Yes she was a year above you wasn't she?"

He nodded, as he grabbed his pumpkin juice and drained the goblet.

"I remember her."