The Homecoming - Part Seven

He didn't stir beside her, no matter that she hadn't taken her eyes off him for the last half hour, he still slept soundly. Cho softly ran her fingers over his forehead, through the hair behind his ears, and he didn't move. Which she didn't mind all that terribly, it gave her more time to observe and think to herself. This was Harry, her Harry. Over the last week after their misunderstanding, he'd made no short amount of effort to prove it to her. Whether it be words, or actions alone, it was enough for her.

Harry didn't need to do anymore, she was certain now. This was enough, they didn't need anymore of anything. If their life continued in the way it had been going, she would be perfectly content.

Cho was very glad that she had chosen to come back here, what she had gotten out of it far outweighed any benefits she got elsewhere. This was the prime example, the happiness, the peace she had been searching for had been right where they'd left it. They just needed to take some time apart, and come back to each other when they were ready. And she was ready, for whatever Harry wanted she could live with. As long as it involved the both of them, together. The future was bright as long as he remained by her side.


Small, and not all that brilliant. I kind of lost my interest for this story (completely), and it ain't coming back, but I wanted to at least wrap it and the 7spells claim up. ♥