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A Good Impression



Her grandmother had told her from a very young age that it was important to make a good first impression. It was after all what they judged you on from then on.

She sat in her carriage by herself on the Hogwarts Express, on her way to school. While she was terrified, and incredibly anxious about what was to come, she managed to project a calm front to whoever could see. Anyone looking in would see books neatly organised on the seat next to her, her trunk was out of the way, and a rather calm girl, sitting properly reading a very large book. The perfect picture of the makings of a good student.

Little did they know she had the spent the first fifteen minutes of the journey to school, arranging everything perfectly. The books had been in her trunk, but she pulled them out, and arranged them in a casual way next to her, before moving them, deciding that wasn't the right way. So she placed them in a neat pile, that showed that she was taking good care of them. She had stood in front of the mirror then, making sure that this new school uniform was on perfectly. The tie was perfectly knotted, her shoes shined to perfection, she looked exactly like a model student would. Now if only someone would see her.

A lady went by with a trolley full of sugary snacks, which she turned down. She sat, and she waited. Every time she heard footsteps coming down the hall she would pick up her book, and look studious. Each time though they kept walking; and every time they did she would return her gaze to the window, as she watched the country side rush by, taking her to this new school.

After what seemed like hours, someone finally opened the door. Hermione had opened her book, and was looking intently at the page in front of her.

Looking up she saw a boy of her age, with a nervous expression on his face.

"Can I help you?" She asked politely.

"Um, yes, I've lost Trevor."

"Trevor? Who is Trevor?"

"My toad," he sighed.

Hermione thought about it for a moment, now this would make a good impression. Helping another student? Everyone would see what a nice, helpful person she was. It would be wonderful.

"I haven't seen him, but I'll help you look for him if you like," she said, hopping up.

"Oh thank you!" He exclaimed, "he's brown, looks like... a toad."

"Well lets find him then," she said, "oh by the way, my name is Hermione Granger."