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Naruto let out a high pitched squawk and almost dropped the plate with pancakes. He was just about to scream "ghost" when said ghost smiled and spoke.

"You're Uzumaki Naruto, aren't you?" Naruto pulled himself together and kept his grip on the plate. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. He recognized her. He had never seen her in real life before but he had seen her on the walls of the mansion. She was Uchiha Mikoto. Sasuke's mother.

"Yeah." He nodded. A blush spread over his face. "Uh, I mean… Yes, Uchiha-sama." The beautiful woman scrunched up her nose, showing her distaste. Naruto's blood ran cold. Fuck! He had just met the lady of the house and he had angered her already.

"Don't call me that." She sat down on one of the barstools by the kitchen island. "Just call me Mikoto." Naruto was stunned. Call her by her first name? Seriously? Sasuke's mother? The lady of the house? Somebody who was so far above him? By her first name? It was different calling Sasuke by his first name. It was Sasuke! He was owned by him and…obviously got turned on when Naruto used his first name. But his mother!

"Sit down. Eat your food." She motioned towards the seat straight across from hers, where Naruto had set the table. Naruto blinked a few times. He was quite stunned but he walked over and sat down.

"Couldn't sleep?" She asked with a kind smile. It struck a cord inside of Naruto. That was a mother's smile. Sasuke's mother's smile. He shook his head carefully. She let out a chuckle.

"Don't be so nervous, Naruto-kun. Eat your food. I'm not dangerous at all." He nodded and opened the jar of jam he had found.

"Do you want some?" He asked, looking carefully up at her. Her smile brightened and she nodded. She got up from the chair and started to go through the cupboards.

"It's strange how I don't know my own kitchen." She laughed. "Have they redecorated in here?" She looked over her shoulder at Naruto.

"I wouldn't know. I've hardly ever been in here before. Other people always brings me my food."

"Ah, I see."

"But I found the plate in that corner." Naruto pointed across the whole kitchen. Mikoto sighed.

"Then they have redecorated. They were never over there before I'm sure." She walked across the floor, her high heels clicking. "It seems like a different color in here. I think. Well, I haven't been in here for almost a year." She took a plate down and walked back to the island. Naruto had already brought her a fork and a glass. "Thank you." She smiled kindly and took one of the pancakes from the pile, placing it on her plate.

"No problem." Naruto mumbled and took one of his own. Mikoto pushed the jar of jam over to him after she had helped herself.

They ate under silence for a while. Naruto felt uncomfortable. He didn't know how to take this, really. What did she want? Why was she up in the middle of the night? She wasn't in her nightgown but a nice dress suit, so he guessed she had just gotten home. Where had she been anyway? Naruto had not seen her once before during the time he had lived in the mansion.

He looked up from his plate and almost choked as he met her eyes. She was not embarrassed at all that she had been caught staring at him. She just tilted her head and smiled.

"You're really pretty." Naruto stopped chewing. He tried to read that smiling face but had a hard time doing so. He was used to the stoic masks the three men in the family wore. Especially the sons. Mikoto's face was so open. Was it in fact a mask too? A different one from the one they wore? "Don't get me wrong." She laughed. "I have no interest in young boys such as you. I'm just saying. And it would be quite a shame if Sasuke decided to sell you." Naruto started chewing again and looked down at his plate. He would rather not talk about that. He'd rather just forget.

"Especially since he cares so much about you." He swallowed and looked up at Sasuke's mother.

"Cares about me?" He said skeptically.

"He always talked about you when I was talking to him on the phone. Before the incident. And if I mention you now, he gets so upset. Poor thing."

"Poor thing?" Naruto repeated. Poor thing? No! Not poor thing! Sasuke was getting rid of him of his own choice! Just because he was a little scratched on the surface didn't mean he wasn't the same on the inside. He'd still beg. He'd still want Sasuke to be happy. He'd still let Sasuke fuck his brains out. But that didn't matter. Sasuke didn't need him anymore. He didn't need a scarred toy. He had made that quite clear.

"Both of my sons have very strange views of the world according to me." Mikoto continued and helped herself to another pancake. "They make rules and expect everybody to follow them. Even if they contradict themselves. He told me once when he was younger that if he found somebody he really cared for, he would never let that person go without a fight. But then he has this silly rule about scars. It doesn't make sense now that you have been hurt."

"It does make sense." Naruto said, looking at her coldly.

"Oh? How so?" She asked, seemingly unfazed by his tone towards her.

"Because he doesn't really care for me."

"That's a lie. And I think you know that too."

"What do you know?" Naruto said between gritted teeth, his knuckles were turning white from his grip on the fork.

"I know my own son, Naruto-kun. Even though I haven't been a good mother to either of my boys I know them. I know how they work."

"A person tends to act different towards their mother than what they do towards their toy." Naruto said coldly. "And when was the last time you met him anyway? Don't try to get my hopes up. I know my place."

"But you don't like that place do you?" She put the fork down on the table and folded her hands under her chin.

"No, I don't." Naruto said, watching her. What an Uchiha thing to do…

"Then try and do something about it." She smiled. That mother's smile. Why was she doing that? It frustrated him because he didn't understand what it meant when she directed it to him.

"What's there to do? Sasuke is going to sell me no matter what, when he comes back."

"Perhaps. He is quite stubborn after all." She nodded a little.

"Then what can I do?" Naruto said dismissively and took another bite.

"Try to convince him to sell you to me." Her smile widened. Naruto stopped chewing again. He searched her face. What was this woman up too? What did she want? What did she want with him?

"To you?" He licked the corner of his lips to catch some of the jam.

"Sasuke really has talked about you a lot. And I know that you and I don't know each other, but I think you seem like a sweet boy. And I'm not stupid. I know what happens to people like you. I know what my own two baby boys do to people like you. And I don't like it. So I'd like to do what I can under the circumstances that I'm in. Try and talk to him. And I'll try to make your life a little better than it is right now." She stood up from the chair and took her dishes, placing them by the washing machine. Somebody would take care of them in the morning. She felt Naruto's eyes on her but wasn't uncomfortable at all. Why should she be? She walked up to him and grabbed his chin gently. Like a mother would. She smiled again and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Naruto jerked back as if he had been burned. He placed a hand over the spot and his face was colored red. Mikoto giggled a little.

"Good night, Naruto-kun. Thank you for the pancakes." She turned and left the kitchen. Naruto could do nothing but look after her. He licked his lips and started to chew again. He hadn't felt the kiss of a mother in years.


Sasuke was sitting in his chair. His elbows resting on the desk and his chin on his folded hands. There was a deep crease between his eyebrows. It was nearing five in the morning. He had gotten back about 30 minutes ago. He was still in his suit. The bedspread was still covering his bed. He wouldn't be able to sleep if he tried. He was tired, but his brain was so full of thoughts and didn't seem to be able to focus on just one. To focus on nothing so that he could fall asleep would be impossible right now. That was why he had been driving around aimlessly for hours. He glanced down at the little pile of folders Itachi had given him. People who wanted to buy Naruto. People who wanted him. His Naruto.

He licked his lips and grabbed the first folder. He knew what face it would reveal. He only flipped through before throwing it across the room. No way in hell. Itachi was not getting his hands on Naruto. No way. He couldn't have Naruto around everyday. It would be a constant reminder. A reminder of what Orochimaru had done. Of how Sasuke couldn't protect what was his. Of how beautiful Naruto had been.

He put the next folder in front of him and flipped the cover open. He slammed it back shut and threw it in the same direction as Itachi's. Gaara could not have him. No, no, and no. There would be no more scars on Naruto's body. It was not meant to be scarred to begin with. Absolutely not.

He opened the next. A picture of Neji looked back at him. Of course Neji would want Naruto. It wouldn't matter to him if Naruto was scarred. He didn't care. All he cared for were uncommon things. And Naruto was anything but common. His blond hair… His blue eyes… Sasuke threw that file away as well. It would be the same thing as if Itachi got him. He would have to see him everyday. No way. He would have to sell him to someone who'd put him in a different school. He could not stay at the same one as Sasuke.

He opened the next one. He shuddered and threw it away. Like a man with sausage fingers would ever be allowed to touch Naruto's tan skin. Fat son of a bitch.

He continued to the next one. No, not her either. Fucking hag. No, not that guy. He wouldn't give Naruto the attention he needed. This woman! Was Itachi crazy? Why even give him this file! Naruto was not going to be a part of a fucking reversed harem! He threw them all away one by one. No one seemed good enough. He opened the next. Hinata? Sasuke snorted at the thought. She wouldn't be able to handle all of Naruto's energy like he himself could.

Sasuke's mood got worse and worse for all the files he slipped through. None of them were good enough. But he snapped when he saw the pictures of the two remaining vice-principals.

"That fucking pervert!" Sasuke yelled and threw the file into the wall. He leaned back in his chair. None of them were good enough. None of them would be able to handle Naruto. All of them would soil him. Destroy him. Crush him until there was nothing left. He didn't need more fucked up masters that couldn't take care of him…

He snarled and shot out of his seat. He gathered the papers scattered all over the room and headed into his bathroom. He picked up his lighter from his pocket and stopped in front of the bathtub. If he had an open fire he would have thrown them in there. But since he didn't, the tub would have to suffice. He flicked the lighter and put the little flame under a corner of the mess in his hand. He watched in morbid fascination how the flames started eating the papers and rose higher. He felt a lick of heat against his hand and dropped the burning files into the tub so that he wouldn't get burned. He realized he was grinning as the little fire made its peak and started to die down. When there was nothing left but ashes of the photos and bids Sasuke turned the knob and watched as the gray pieces went down the drain. None of them were good enough. None of them could handle Naruto. He needed attention. He needed someone to take care of him.

When the tub was clean again he turned and went back into his room. He licked his lips before making up his mind. He shrugged his jacket off before he went to the door and practically slammed it open. One look. It wouldn't matter. He would just talk to him a little. It wouldn't matter. He would find somebody to take care of him. His mother would probably be delighted if he gave up a toy to her. He would just talk to him once more. It would be fine. It didn't matter. He would still send him away.

He opened Naruto's bedroom door with a lot less force than his own. He closed it gently behind him. The curtains were closed. Naruto's room was dark. He reached out his hand and flicked a light switch on. A dim light from a lamp in the corner spread over the room. It was the one they usually used when having sex while it was dark. It created the right mood in the room. Sasuke licked his lips again. He saw the lump in the bed, made by Naruto's body, but he didn't say anything. Naruto was still asleep.

He walked up to him slowly. Quietly. He felt an odd feeling rush over him as he saw a part of Naruto's face. Naruto had pulled the cover up to his chin, blocking most of the view. He was curled up in a fetal position. Sasuke didn't like it. Naruto usually sprawled over the entire bed when he slept. It had caused several arguments in the middle of the night when Sasuke had hit him over the head for taking too much space.

"Naruto?" He mumbled and reached out his hand. He pushed the cover down to reveal the toy's face. He tilted his head to the side. Three quite prominent scars were striped over each of Naruto's cheeks. Sasuke didn't know what to think. He brushed his fingertips over them. His skin was still soft, just not as smooth as before. It made him wonder… He had always thought big scars like this felt disgusting to touch. That the shivers going down his spine always would be unpleasant. But this time they weren't. He let his fingers run along the line of Naruto's hair. It had grown so long in the time Sasuke had been away. He wasn't sure if he liked that or not. Naruto let out a questioning purr and his eyelids started to flutter. Sasuke was suddenly filled with excitement.

"Naruto?" He said again and retracted his hand as Naruto rolled to his back and stretched out his legs, looking around confused. Sasuke sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out his hand again. He wanted to touch the warm skin. Naruto blinked tiredly and tried to focus.

"Sasuke?" He mumbled and looked into the dark eyes above him. He was clearly not completely awake yet.

"Hn. Dobe." Sasuke smirked as he kept petting Naruto. The blond boy's eyes widened as he started to get a grip on what was going on and just who it was sitting on his bed. Sasuke was just about to open his mouth to say something else when a pillow made connection with the side of his head. He lost his balance and fell down in a heap on the floor.

"Don't look at me!" Naruto hollered and slammed the pillow down over his own face, hiding it from view. He held the pillow in a vice grip, determined to keep it there. Sasuke was not going to look at him! He was ugly! He didn't want Sasuke to see!

"Naruto! You idiot!" Sasuke yelled and pushed the hair back that had fallen into his face. "You hit me!" He turned his head up, to glare at Naruto and scowled at his hidden face. "What are you doing!" Sasuke got to his feet and grabbed Naruto's wrists, trying to make him let go of the pillow. "Are you trying to suffocate yourself?"

"Of course not, you bastard!" Came the muffled reply. Sasuke had to strain his ears to actually hear what he was saying.

"Naruto! Remove this pillow right now!"

"No way! What are you doing here anyway? You're not supposed to be here!"

"It's my house! I come and go as I please, thank you very much! Remove the pillow!" He tugged at it instead of Naruto's arms.


"Don't be such a girl, Naruto!"

"I'm not a girl!"

"Then what the fuck is up with this? Remove the pillow!"


"God damn it!" Sasuke pushed himself up and straddled Naruto's hips instead. He got a good hold of the pillow and tore it from Naruto's hands. They could both hear how the seams and fabric ripped and the feathers flew as Sasuke threw it to the floor.

"My pillow!" Naruto whined and tried to reach for it. Sasuke gritted his teeth and pushed Naruto down onto his back. He grabbed Naruto's wrists again and pinned them above his head by the headboard.

"Do not make me go and get the handcuffs, Naruto! You know I will!" He was pissed off. Beyond pissed off! This was ridiculous! This was not how this was supposed to go! This was not how he had pictured seeing him again! Well, actually he hadn't pictured it at all since he had been very convinced he wouldn't see him again. But still!

He was about to give Naruto a lecture when he saw how tightly Naruto clenched his eyelids together. How his eyebrows were furrowed. How his lips were pressed together. His anger started to die down. Naruto seemed scared.

"Naruto…" His grip on the boy loosened.

"Please, Sasuke… Please…" Naruto begged. Sasuke had a hard time swallowing. Naruto's voice, begging him so sweetly. His body beneath him. The scars… They didn't matter. They didn't matter! Naruto's voice was the same. Naruto's body still gave out the same heat. His eyes… Naruto opened his eyes as if on cue and looked up into Sasuke's. Sasuke had to repress a shudder. It felt like the first time he saw him. That time at the party at the Hyuuga mansion. That time when he had seen Naruto dance for the first time. It felt like he was beaten over the head with a bat. And he knew he wouldn't be able to let go so easily. The dobe was still the same. The scars were there, but his skin was still soft.

"What, Naruto? What do you want?" He tried to keep his voice steady. It felt like he'd give Naruto whatever he was asking for at that moment.

"Please, sell me to your mother." Alright, so maybe not.

"Excuse me?" Sasuke hissed, his eyes narrowing. What the hell had Naruto just asked of him? What the hell had he just said?

"I know I'm not what you want anymore. And I met your mother tonight, she was very nice to me. I think she'd take good care of me." Naruto didn't like the cold way Sasuke was looking at him. It felt like the calm before the storm. "She said she wanted you to sell me to her."

"Did she now? So she's home? Took her long enough." Sasuke let him go and climbed off him. He sat down on the edge of the bed with his hands in his lap. He looked at a poster Naruto had pinned to his wall. Some silly anime character. It held no interest to Sasuke. But he couldn't look at Naruto right now. He was afraid to say or do something he would regret.

So this was Naruto's devotion? His loyalty to his master? As soon as he came back, Naruto asked to be sold. Sasuke thought that it meant more than that. Maybe it had. But then Sasuke fucked up. He couldn't protect Naruto when he needed it. Of course Naruto wouldn't want to be with him anymore if he had the choice. Why would he want to be with a bad master? A master who couldn't take care of him? He was just as bad as the ones in the folders. He was not good enough to be Naruto's master either. He had been the one who had destroyed whatever loyalty Naruto had felt for him.

He felt Naruto shift on the bed behind him. He didn't move as he felt a hand on his shoulder carefully touching him.

"Are you mad?" Naruto asked carefully. "Maybe you've already decided on a new master for me? I'm sorry, Sasuke. I just… I just think she'd be good to me. I-"

"Do you want to go with her?" Sasuke cut him off.

"Well, yeah?" Naruto didn't understand.

"Would you rather be with her than here?" Sasuke's voice was as cold as his eyes. What was unspoken? What was Naruto missing here?

"This summer has been torture, Sasuke. Please don't let me live here alone anymore." He knew he was putting himself out there. He knew he was putting the weapon in Sasuke's hand. He could either use it and torture him to the end of his days. Or he would let Naruto go. He didn't know what he wanted more.

"And if you had company?" Sasuke asked. Naruto's blood ran cold. Not Itachi! Please, not Itachi! He wouldn't be able to be reminded every single day of his failure anymore. How he wasn't worthy of being with Sasuke. He wouldn't be able to handle seeing Sasuke in the mansion and not be allowed to touch him. To see Sasuke's indifference. To see Sasuke's face in Itachi's every time they had sex.

"I can't stay here! Please don't make me!" Naruto grabbed a hold of the back of Sasuke's shirt. Sasuke had a hard time breathing. "Please, Sasuke! I'll do anything!" Sasuke's hand fisted his shirt over his heart. He didn't recall moving it. It just hurt. "Please, Sasuke! Don't let Itachi have me! I can't handle that." Sasuke blinked slowly and looked over his shoulder. Naruto looked at him with big blue eyes. His lips were parted and he was actually panting. From fear? Fear of Sasuke passing him off to his older brother? Was that what Naruto was scared of? To be Itachi's toy? Not of staying with Sasuke? Sasuke turned to the side, propping one knee up on the bed while his other foot was still on the floor.

Naruto didn't know what Sasuke was doing. He didn't know what was going on in his head. Sasuke felt so closed off to him. He didn't know. All because of those fucking scars. It was all because of them. Because of what those people had done to him. Sasuke didn't want him anymore because of them! He didn't-

His mind made a screeching halt. It took several moments before it started to catch up. This was certainly not what he expected.

Sasuke raised his hand and grabbed a hold of Naruto's hair. He didn't like how frozen Naruto had become. But he couldn't help it. He didn't want to stop. He didn't want to move away. He wanted to feel Naruto's heat. His skin. His scent. He had missed it. He didn't want to move away. He didn't want to stop kissing Naruto.

He pulled at Naruto's hair, making him tilt his head back. It made Naruto let out a moan and he parted his lips. Sasuke flicked his tongue over Naruto's upper lip teasingly. Tasting him. Naruto put his arms around Sasuke's shoulders. He tried to pull him closer. He wanted closer! He wanted to be as near as possible. The kiss got deeper. It was messy. It was desperate. Sasuke put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and pushed him back on the bed, breaking the kiss.


"You have a choice to make, Naruto." Sasuke said, stood up and started to pull on his tie. He looked down on Naruto with now superior eyes. "You can still ask to be passed off to my mother. And then you'll leave this house. We'll never see each other again. Because my mother never sticks around. Or, you can stay here. With me. And things will go back to the way they were." He slipped the tie off from his neck and threw it on the floor. He started to unbutton the cuffs on his shirt. Naruto's eyes were wide, looking up on Sasuke as he rolled up his sleeves.

"I have a choice?" Naruto whispered.

"Wasn't that what I just told you? But you have to make it right now. And you won't have any other chance to change your mind. What's your answer Naruto?" He unbuttoned the first two buttons by his neck, pulling the collar apart and exposing his collarbones. "Decide."

"But I'm ugly!" Naruto protested, not understanding at all. What was going on? He had been so sure he'd be sent away. Of course he would have been! There was nothing different when it came to him and all the other toys Sasuke had had before him! Why did he get the chance to stay?

"You hate scars! I'm ugly with these on my face! You- You don't think I look horrible?" Naruto's voice was filled with doubt.

"You're a bad toy, Naruto. A bad pet. Fishing for compliments like this." He shook his head at him.

"I am not!" Naruto huffed. "I just don't understand!"

"You don't have to understand. You've said on several occasions during our time together, that you wanted me. Was that just then? Was that because you were horny, Naruto?"

"No, I-"

"Do you want me, Naruto?" Sasuke leaned over his blond with a predatory gleam in his eyes. He pushed Naruto's legs apart and crawled up over his body. Hovering over Naruto, on all fours. He loved the blush spreading over Naruto's face.

"You fucking bastard…" He whispered.

"Do you want to stay here with me?"


"Do you want to keep being mine, Naruto?"


"Say it!" He commanded.

"Please, Sasuke! Let me stay here with you! I want to stay here with you!" Sasuke let out a groan and leaned down, his lips crashing against Naruto's. So good. So good…

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck again. He mewled happily when their tongues met. He lifted his legs and wrapped them around Sasuke's hips, trying to pull him down. He wanted to touch him more. Sasuke chuckled at Naruto's clinging, but did what he wanted. He lowered himself so that he was lying on top of his Naruto. His precious Naruto. They were both panting. It was so exciting. Being close like this again. It had been too long. They kept moving against each other. Rubbing against each other. They were both getting hard.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered and nuzzled his master's neck. Sasuke liked how content he sounded. He felt Naruto's tongue on his skin and smirked. He liked having Naruto taste him.

He felt a murmur against his skin sounding an awful lot like 'bastard'. His smirk only widened.

"Undress me, Naruto." He demanded. Naruto let his head fall back against the mattress.

"How am I supposed to do that when you're on top of me like this?" He glared halfheartedly. He was too happy in that moment to actually be annoyed by Sasuke's stupid demands. Stupid bastard.

"Figure something out." But that smirk and that gleam in the dark eyes, might have pushed a button or two. Stupid, stupid bastard. He was so going to kick his ass after he got what he wanted. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulders and with the help of his legs, he rolled them over so that he was on top of Sasuke instead. Sasuke laughed. He laughed. Beautiful laugh. "Good job, moron. Did you really figure that out on your own?"

"Shut up and let me have this moment, teme." Naruto smiled. Beautiful smile. He started to unbutton the rest of Sasuke's shirt. He didn't really know when he had started, but a groan from Sasuke's lips made him realize he was rocking against him. It felt really good. He just sort of hadn't noticed. He had been too occupied by the sight of creamy skin coming into view.

He leaned down and kissed the skin that was being revealed. He had missed this. His taste. He had missed this so much and he wasn't afraid to admit that to himself. Not after what he had been doing to himself earlier that day…

He pushed the shirt off the pale shoulders. Sasuke sat up and let Naruto pull it off completely. He laid back down as Naruto threw it to the floor, not caring to hang it up properly.

Naruto slid back, down from Sasuke's lap. He knelt on the floor and started pulling on Sasuke's belt. Sasuke pushed himself up again and leaned back on his elbows, so that he could watch his blond. Naruto blushed a little under the gaze from him and fumbled a little with the button on the slacks before he got it open. Sasuke didn't mention it.

He gave Sasuke's thigh a kiss and grazed his teeth over the fabric as he pulled the zipper down. Sasuke wet his lips.

Naruto grabbed the hem of the pants and boxers pulling them down a little. Sasuke pushed his pelvis up so that Naruto could pull them down all the way. His erection bobbed as it sprang free. Naruto pushed off Sasuke's slippers and socks at the same time as the pants. Sasuke was now completely naked. Naruto was still in his pajama pants and t-shirt. He resisted the urge to pout. Even though he wanted to be naked too.

He ran his palms over Sasuke's smooth thighs, up over his hips. He leaned forward, making sure his breath grazed over Sasuke's erection. He licked his lips. He liked the lust he saw in Sasuke's eyes.

"Want me to suck you off?" He asked, running his fingers through the black curls. Sasuke reached out his hand and cupped Naruto's cheek. He ran the pad of his thumb over Naruto's bottom lip. His breath hitched a little when Naruto's tongue peeked out and gave the tip of his thumb a lick.

"No." He decided. He let his hand fall lower and grabbed a hold of the collar around Naruto's neck. "Come here." He ordered instead and tugged at the collar, making Naruto straighten his back as he sat up himself. Naruto tilted his head back, still on his knees, and met Sasuke's lips. Sasuke pushed his tongue deep into Naruto's mouth and took a firm grip on his hair. Naruto wouldn't have been able to break the kiss if he wanted too. It didn't matter. He wanted it.

Naruto wasn't stupid. But he honestly didn't understand what was going on. Sasuke said he wanted him to stay with him. He didn't allow himself to believe that just yet. Sasuke wanted him tonight. And he was going to take advantage of that. He was going to use Sasuke as much as he himself was being used right now, if Sasuke lied to him. It didn't matter. Staying or going, Naruto would still kick his ass. Later. In the morning.

They were both out of breath when Sasuke pulled back. Naruto let out a little whimper. He wanted more. He wanted to touch more. He wanted to taste more.

"Take off your clothes." Sasuke smirked and let Naruto's hair go. He pushed himself back on the bed and was about to prop the pillows up against the headboard. That was until he pretty much got tackled by a naked Naruto. It must have been a record in undressing.

"Sasuke, please!" Naruto begged. He sounded so desperate. His arms wound around Sasuke's waist, kissing his chest, flicking his tongue over a nipple.

"What do you want, Naruto?" Sasuke asked with a very content smirk.

"I want you!" Naruto panted. "I want sex! Please, Sasuke! I can't wait anymore!" Sasuke gave Naruto another rough but short kiss.

"Don't worry. I'll give it to you. Take out the lube." He turned back to the pillows and started to arrange them the way he wanted them. He didn't notice Naruto leaning off the bed to take the lube up from where he had tossed it on the floor during his earlier activities.

Sasuke turned around and leaned back against his little pillows, very amused by the way Naruto jumped him again.

"So eager." He smirked. "I like that."

"Teme…" Naruto's voice was rough with lust. "I've been without this for too long!" He straddled Sasuke and both moaned loudly at the contact. Naruto rubbed against him.

Naruto couldn't believe this. He couldn't even imagine that this was true. Sasuke was here. Sasuke was beneath him looking at him with those dark eyes. They were filled with lust. With want! Naruto hadn't expected to see anything else in them but disgust anymore. He was scarred. He was broken. But still Sasuke was here. Why? What was going on? Was it a mind game? One last fuck before he was dragged off by some fat man with sausage fingers? He didn't know what to believe. He licked his lips and moaned again. Sasuke had grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling them apart. He felt Sasuke's arousal rubbing against him. So good. He leaned forward on his hands. The look that Sasuke was giving him was to die for. The blush over that pale delicious skin. Naruto wanted it. He wanted it badly. He'd take whatever he was given and was able to take tonight. He didn't understand. But that was a problem to handle in the morning.

"Sasuke!" He arched his back as an unlubricated finger made its way inside of him. It didn't hurt. He was still a bit stretched from when he had masturbated earlier. He hadn't cleaned himself out properly. His insides were still slick from the lubrication he had used then. It would take more than a finger to hurt him. Sasuke noticed that fact too. But he wasn't as pleased as Naruto by that fact.

"Naruto?" He asked, pushing the finger in a bit deeper. He only got a sharp intake of breath as an answer. "Naruto?" He pulled it out and pushed two fingers in more roughly.

"Ah, yes!" Naruto moaned and threw his head back.

"I need to ask you something." He continued, fucking Naruto with his fingers. His voice was cold, but Naruto was so into the moment and didn't seem to hear it.

"What?" Naruto breathed, moving back against the fingers. He desperately wanted more.

"Care to tell me why your ass is lubricated and stretched?" Naruto stilled, his eyes widening. Oh crap. He let out a pleasured half moan, half scream, as now three unlubricated fingers worked his ass. "Well?" Sasuke hissed and gave Naruto's shoulder a bite. It was harder than he would usually bite him. He was angry. Naruto tried to think fast. But he had never been good at that and the fingers inside him and the scent of Sasuke's arousal made it even harder to think.

"Come on now, Naruto." Sasuke said in a sing song voice that actually scared Naruto. Sasuke wasn't mad. He was furious. And he would snap any second. "It's been months since I did this to you. You should be as tight as the first time we did this. And your ass isn't self lubricated." He grabbed a hold of Naruto's collar and pulled his head down so that their eyes met, their faces only inches apart. "So tell me. Who did you let into your bed? Who did this to you?"

"I did!" Naruto choked out. His face was deep red. This was so embarrassing. To let Sasuke of all people know that he had masturbated thinking of him! Sasuke would be delighted of course. But he would never let Naruto forget about it. If he believed him.

"Liar!" Sasuke hissed. "Who did this? Who fucked you!" He was so angry. He couldn't believe this. Of course Naruto had found someone else to fuck him while Sasuke was gone. The little slut! Of course he had! He was always begging for it! If Sasuke wasn't around to give it to him, someone else was surely going to. He wouldn't have cared so much really. If he had decided to sell him to one of those people it would have been their problem. But now! Now when Sasuke had decided to keep him! It was humiliating! He had gone against so much of what he believed in! For Naruto's sake! And this is what he got in return?

"I did it to myself!" Naruto choked out. It hurt now. Sasuke was too rough with him. He didn't like it. He didn't want Sasuke to be angry with him. He didn't want Sasuke to think he had been with somebody else. He had been so depressed! Of course he wouldn't have been able to be with somebody else! All he wanted was Sasuke! "I did it!" He said, once again. "This afternoon. I was here in my bed. I did it to myself thinking of you."

"You're such a good liar, Naruto. Why would you do that? Why would you think of me?" Sasuke's fingers went so deep. He worked that spot deep inside of him, making Naruto let out a whimper. It was torture. To have Sasuke doing this to him after so long, but now he was angry with him. He thought that Naruto had been with somebody else. That he had gone against one of the first rules Sasuke had given to him. He was not to be touched sexually by anybody else but Sasuke. Naruto had a hard time keeping himself up on his hands. His arms were shaking. His ass clenched around the fingers every time he brushed up on that spot. It was such a mix between pleasure and pain.

"Because I missed you!" Naruto's outcry was pathetic in his ears. Was this what he had been reduced to? How had he let this happen? How had he let Sasuke do this to him? He knew what he had been. What he was. He knew that he was a toy. A tool for Sasuke's pleasure. At least he had resisted before. He had kept a small part of himself. Where was that part now? Now that he was desperate to have Sasuke understand. When he so desperately wanted to form words, but couldn't get them out. Now that he had tears running down his face again. He hadn't cried so much over a person as he had over Sasuke, not since he found his father dead.

"Please! Sasuke, please! Believe me!"

"Tell me." Sasuke demanded. His eyes and voice still cold, so cold. "Tell me what you thought of, Naruto." Naruto's eyes snapped open. He looked into Sasuke's eyes. He didn't believe him yet. But he was willing to try. Sasuke wanted to believe him. "What did I do to you? In your thoughts?"

"I was on my back." Naruto whispered. He couldn't bring himself to talk louder about what he had done. " I pictured you above me." He closed his eyes. It was too embarrassing to look at him. "You looked down on me with that bastard smirk of yours. I pretended that my hand was yours when I started to jerk off."

"What else?"

"It wasn't enough. I needed more than that. So I got the lube and started to finger myself. I imagined it was you. I pictured the way you would look at me when I made sounds. I begged you to-"

"You begged me?" Naruto opened his eyes again. Sasuke was genuinely surprised. That Naruto would beg him even in his fantasies. Damn. Would Sasuke think he was lying or telling the truth because of it?

"I begged you. But I didn't really know for what. But you seemed to know. You went harder and faster. Fuck, it was so good! But it was nothing against the real you. What you're doing now. Fuck, Sasuke, I thought I'd never be allowed to touch you again! You bastard! I hate you! Teme!" Sasuke didn't say anything. He only looked into Naruto's eyes. Those pools of emotion. He realized he had never really paid as much attention to them as he did tonight. And it seemed like Naruto was doing the same to his. What were they looking for in each other? What did they want to see in the others' eyes? Sasuke didn't know. And he didn't know if the feeling he got inside was because he saw what he was searching for or if it was because the lack of it in Naruto's eyes.

"I'm not sending you away. You're going to stay here with me." He said. He didn't know if it was his words or if he hit a good spot inside of Naruto, but the young man on top of him let out a loud moan and couldn't keep himself up anymore. He fell down against Sasuke's chest, making them both lose their breaths for a second or two.

"Dobe. You don't hate me." Sasuke smirked, but Naruto only answered with burying his face in Sasuke's neck. He seemed to breath in his scent.

Sasuke reached out to grab the lube with his other hand. He opened the cap and pulled his fingers out of Naruto. He got a bite on his shoulder in protest, but he didn't mind. At least it wasn't as hard as he had bitten Naruto earlier. He smirked at the thought of the nice row of teeth that would be seen there tomorrow.

He squirted out some of the slick substance in his hand. Even though Naruto had been somewhat prepared, Sasuke was bigger than three fingers. And he should have used more lube before inserting the third finger anyway. He had hurt him. He had felt how tight Naruto was. If somebody had fucked him, he had a tiny cock. Sasuke smirked sadistically. But he didn't think that had happened. He believed Naruto. Maybe not about the begging part. Even though he found that very hot. But he had a feeling that if Naruto ever masturbated at the thought of him, it would be Sasuke who was on his back begging for harder, faster, more.

He groaned as he put his hand around his cock and squeezed. Naruto nipped on his collarbone and moved his way up Sasuke's neck with kisses and licks. He was pressing his own erection against Sasuke's stomach, desperate for friction.

"Sasuke…" He moaned before he reached Sasuke's lips and gave him a deep kiss. Sasuke moved his hand over his cock, coating it. He ran his palm over the small of Naruto's back. Naruto broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Sasuke's own. "Please! Oh, please, Sasuke!" Naruto's moans were so beautiful. How could he ever deny him anything he ever wanted?

Sasuke put his cock against Naruto's entrance. He was more than pleased by the shudder that went through Naruto's body and how he pressed back, eager to take it inside.

"Sasuke!" He moaned, pushing his face into the crook of Sasuke's neck again, as his master filled him.

"I've missed this…" Sasuke said, running his left hand over Naruto's back soothingly and ran his right fingers through the already sweaty locks by Naruto's neck. "Naruto…" Naruto smashed his mouth against his own again. Sasuke didn't mind the least. He liked how desperate Naruto seemed to be. How he was longing for touches. How he wanted to feel Sasuke's tongue. His desire.

"Please, please, please!" Naruto whispered against his mouth.

"Sit up, Naruto." He commanded and tugged gently at his hair. "Sit up." Naruto put his hands back on either side of Sasuke's head and pushed himself up. He opened his mouth in a silent scream as Sasuke was pushed into him, all the way to the hilt. "Does it hurt?" Sasuke asked running his hands over Naruto's hips and sides. Naruto shook his head. It did hurt. But it was nothing he couldn't handle. Nothing that didn't just tell him that this was real. Sasuke was here. Sasuke still wanted him. It hurt. But it was just an ache. Not repeated bursts of pain as before when Sasuke had fucked him with his fingers. This… He liked this.

"Ride me, Naruto. Show me how much you missed me." Sasuke ran his hands over the tan thighs. When the morning came, not an inch of Naruto's skin would be untouched by his hands or mouth.

"Teme…!" Naruto muttered but did as he was told. He pushed himself up, making them both grasp for their breath. "Fuck…" Naruto bit his lower lip, sucking it into his mouth. Sasuke hadn't seen anything as erotic in a long time. He swallowed when Naruto lowered himself again. How had he been able to go without this for so long? How had he managed to go without Naruto an entire summer? How had he managed to convince himself that the scars on Naruto's face mattered? How had he managed to convince himself that he could live without him?

He ran his hands over Naruto's chest, smirking as he made Naruto's breath hitch as he pinched a nipple. Naruto looked down at him with half lidded eyes. A deep blush over his face. He could see everything in that face in that moment. Naruto really had missed him. He had longed for this as much as Sasuke had. That even scared him a bit. They both had been so sure it would never happen again. Because Naruto had been broken. Because Naruto's face had been scarred. That fucking snake had almost ruined everything. But having Naruto riding him like this, taking it all inside and the faces he made… Sasuke realized that he was happy for the first time in a long while.

Naruto moved faster. Grinding his hips down harder against Sasuke's own. Their breathing was quicker. Their moans louder. Sasuke's grip on Naruto's hips was bruising. Neither cared. Both liked it. They needed to feel as much as possible. They both knew neither of them would last long. They had been without each other for too long.

"Oh, fuck Naruto…" Sasuke groaned. "It feels so good!" He breathed. Naruto's heat was so good. He was so tight and fitted so good around him. He couldn't stop himself but continued to squeeze his thighs, grabbing his ass cheeks. He could feel Naruto's muscles move under his skin as he rode him. He loved the way their skin would stick together when Naruto lowered himself. He reached up a hand and caught a drop of sweat running down Naruto's neck, before it hit the collar. He loved the clinking noises from the Uchiha fan.

"Sasuke!" Naruto's face was so beautiful. How could that be with those hideous scars? His face had been split open. He had been broken. He wasn't anymore. Why? Because Sasuke had avenged him? Because Orochimaru was dead? Or because Sasuke still wanted him? Still liked to have him like this? Seeing him like this?

Sasuke pressed his head into the pillows. He gritted his teeth. He didn't care. In this moment he didn't care. It was Naruto. Only Naruto. He couldn't take this.

He reached up his hand and grabbed Naruto's collar, yanking him down. He had such a fascination to it tonight. Naruto belonged to him. His most prized possession had been returned to him. He flipped them over so that he was on top, Naruto's thighs still clenching around his hips.

"Bastard…!" Naruto breathed and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck. He cried out as Sasuke pushed inside again. He hooked his hand behind Naruto's knee to get even more power behind his thrusts. He took a deep breath with his nose against Naruto's skin. He smelled so good.

"Naruto!" He pulled out to push back in hard and fast. Naruto arched against him, making them even closer, as Sasuke fucked him. "Fuck, I'm going to cum!" Sasuke groaned into Naruto's ear. He pushed himself up a little so that he could sneak a hand in between their bodies. He grabbed Naruto's cock and started to fist him.

Naruto's short, blunt nails, dug into his shoulders and his mouth let out the most wonderful noises. With only a few more thrusts, Sasuke came. He buried himself as far as he could into Naruto. He might have screamed Naruto's name. He wasn't sure. He was so lost in it. He probably did, because Naruto came soon after. He did love to hear his name on Sasuke's lips when they had sex after all. He sprayed Sasuke's hand and their chest with a loud moan. It was almost a scream.

Sasuke was still hovering above him when Naruto opened his eyes. They said nothing as their eyes met. They just kept looking at each other. Neither could really believe that this had happened again.

Sasuke closed his eyes and released the breath he had been holding. He rolled off Naruto and wiped them both off with the corner of the cover. Naruto grimaced at him and gave him a glare.

"I don't care." Sasuke said, ignoring the pout and gave the cover trapped underneath Naruto's body a tug. "Get off it."

Naruto glared but did as he was told. He pushed himself up and pulled the cover away. He crawled underneath it and watched as Sasuke followed. He felt butterflies in his stomach as Sasuke reached out his arms and crawled closer. Sasuke gave his head a gentle push and he lifted it so that Sasuke could put his arm underneath.

He put his own arm around Sasuke's waist and snuggled against his neck. Their legs entangled and with a kiss to the forehead, Naruto fell asleep, listening to Sasuke's heartbeats. Sasuke was home.

'I'll still kick his ass tomorrow. That's a promise.'

I know many of you people wanted a more dramatic reunion. Just keep in mind that Naruto never backs out on a promise.

I'm also very aware that this story seems very close to ending. Especially with my sappy 'thank you' comment up in the beginning. XD But we still have some chapters to go. If it goes according to plan chapter 25 will be it.