For my next fic another Toad story!! I love Toad stories!!

The summary for this one is…someone from Todd's past comes back and after some persuasion gets Todd to work for him, after a few weeks everyone in the Brotherhood house thinks it's brilliant but the more Todd goes to work, the more weaker he seems to get. What is he doing for a living???

Chapter 1: from the mist of the pasts…

Todd lay in his favourite tree of the wood, looking out into the park where he was napping. The reason why this was his favourite tree was because there was some flowers underneath it and plenty of bugs would try and get their dinner from it only to become dinner themselves.

"Bugs, sunshine and money from a stolen wallet, life don't get no better than this!" he sighed he looked at one of his stolen watches and gave another sadden sigh. He had to go back to work soon…well what he considered work but besides an old man's wallet there was no one else in the park to steal from! The Brotherhood was facing big money problems and it was Toad's turn to try and get some decent cash for food. Suddenly a man walked past the tree and he saw a wallet practically stuffed with monkey peeking from his back pocket.

He leapt down and sneaked up trying to walk by nipping the wallet out and carry on walking past as if nothing wasn't a miss, he then turned a corner and crouched in some bushes to see his prize.

"Oh yeah baby!" he smiled "I scored big today!"

"That's a coincidence so have I" said a voice, Todd spun around to see the man looked down at him with a cold smile. "I knew if I wandered around here with a big enough wallet you'd come out from your hiding place Todd…or do you call yourself Toad now?" he asked politely, Todd leapt back and stared at him.

"Harold!" he cried "I thought I got rid of you!"

"As I thought I lost you but when I saw you in that ridiculous outfit on the news it lead me here" Harold smiled, Todd gulped nervously he remember seeing a clear shot of himself when he had to look at the News Reel during the Sentinel incident.

"Look Pal you have nothing on me anymore, last time you reeled me off the streets cos I had no where to go, well sorry Harold I have a place now and a family and a home so back off!"

"Now Todd don't talk like that, you know I have nothing but the deepest respect for you" Harold said sadly and Todd scoffed.

"Yeah I got as much respect from you as you had for your cannabis plants!" Todd sneered "I want no more to do with ya and that's final!"

"Very well Todd" he smiled and patted him on the shoulder "Till we meet again"

Todd sat there watching him carefully until he had gone, he then reached into his pocket not only to find Harold's wallet gone but the other one too!

"Aww nuts!"

"TOAD!" Pietro yelled "It was your turn to get money and you screwed up!"

"Sorry I ran into a pro thief" Todd muttered.

"You're an idiot!" he growled and walked past.

"Well now what?" Fred grumbled.

"We'll have to budget somehow" Lance declared "But we're scrimping and saving every penny we find as it is!"

"I say we get rid of dead weight" Pietro exclaimed and walked past the others. "Let's think of this battle wise shall we? Lance can stay as he is the leader and plus his power of earthquakes is useful in battle, I can stay as I'm quickest guy around and plus I can steal a good amount of money and food, Fred can stay as he is the muscle and lets face it he's a good cook and a brilliant distraction when it comes to stealing stuff" he then pointed to Todd.

"Toad…hmm…let's see…he's a crap fighter, crap thief and a crap liar!" Pietro sneered "All he can do is stick to walls, slime stuff and eat bugs…whoa what a power!"

"Hey I was here first Mystique must've seen something in me!" Todd growled.

"Uh huh…where did she find you?" Pietro asked sharply and Todd looked at his feet.


"She found you in garbage skip!" Pietro cried "Dude if that doesn't say something I don't know what does!"

"That's not true!" Todd yelled "I am useful"

"Toad I'm gonna put it like this, pull your weight and then some or you'll find yourself on the street again!" Pietro declared just then the doorbell went and Lance got up and went to the door.

"Hi" Lance mumbled.

"Hello is a Mr Tolensky here?" a voice asked.

"Huh?" Lance demanded "Tolensky?" just then it dawned on him "Oh you mean Toad! Hey Toad there's someone to see you!"

"Who?" Todd demanded and then froze when he saw Harold walking into the hallway. He leapt in front of him and snarled.

"Dude you freak you followed me home!" Todd yelled "Well I can tell you know you can fuc…"

"Calm down Todd" Harold smiled and then showed the bags of steaming hot Chinese in his hands "Anyone hungry?"

Slurps, munches and guzzling sounds could be heard as the Brotherhood ate their first decent meal in ages, Harold sat there nibbling on a prawn toast when he finished he looked at Todd and smiled.

"So this is your new home then?"

"Yeah what of it?" Todd snarled.

"Judging by how all of you wolfed down the food and by how cold and damp it is I take it you need money" he smiled and looked at the others.

"No really?" Fred laughed sarcastically.

"Well how about I offer you a job" Harold suggested and they all froze and stared at him.

"What have you got in mind?"

"Oh no not you three what I had in mind was a job for Todd" Harold laughed "You see Todd used to work for me in his younger days I found him on the streets and gave him a profession, however he was found to be a mutant and was chased away, very sad really" he took a bit of his prawn toast and then looked up slyly at Lance.

"You do know he's a mutant? There's so much scandal about it now a days most people freak at just the name"

"Yeah we know and we're also…" lance growled but Todd leapt up and grabbed him, covering his mouth.

"Well aware of how dangerous it is for normal human people to house mutants, you know with all the mutie-haters out there an' all!" Todd exclaimed. He then whispered into Lance's ear.

"He knows I'm one but not you, the less he knows da better!" he whispered.

"Yes well what can we say, we find having a mutant like Todd a really useful" Lance smiled "We don't have any bug problems that's for sure!"

"Indeed" Harold said and then smiled again "I am willing to give Todd a job and I will pay well for it"

"How much?" Pietro asked eagerly.


"I want 50 of whatever profits you make" Todd declared coldly and the other Brotherhood stared at him like he was insane.

"What! Toad he's offering you a job dude this is a miracle alone! Don't waste it" Lance cried.

"Very well" Harold declared "When can you start?"

"ASAP!" Pietro cried "He'll start tomorrow if you want!"

"Brilliant then!" Harold grinned and then stood up and held out his hand to Todd "Bright and early tomorrow then?" Todd led him away from prying ears and glared at him.

"Why are you here?"

"I'll be blunt you have something I need and I've try synthetic and all sorts you're the only one who can provide me with the vital ingredient of what I make" he whispered "Fine, but the only reason why I'm doing this is cos we need money bad"

"See you tomorrow" Harold grinned coldly and left.