Title: Intoxication
Author: Louise
Rating: Nc-17
Spoilers: Hydro and Crimson
Category: Romance
Pairing: Lois/Clark
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Smallville or its characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: When Lois is infected with red kryptonite Clark needs to help her to snap out, but something gets backfired when he is infected as well.
Dedication: To Rachel for beta reading this fan fiction and helping me with my English.
A/N: This fic is inspired in some of the Crimson spoilers, especially the ones from the last Erica Durance interview.

Crater Lake - Night

One day to Valentine's Day. Chloe convinced Clark and Lois to join her in a luau an old friend from high school was throwing that night in the Crater Lake. Even with Lois and Clark protesting about that kind of of party.

"Come on, guys, it will be great. Some music, some dance, some drinking. Plus, I heard Rachel contracted some artists to do tattoos in the guests. So, it will be awesome." Chloe explained excitedly as Lois rolled her eyes, already annoyed for being there.

"Tattoo?" Lois scoffed moody. "Well, maybe it's not a bad idea after all. I was about to do one anyway."

"Unfortunally, it's not a permanent one." Chloe explained as they are walking in the sand. "It's a henna tattoo, so I guess it will wear off in a week or so."

"I know how it works, Chloe." Lois snapped at her already annoyed. "I've already made some of them, did you forget?"

"How could I? Your father locked you into your room until your tattoo wasn't visible anymore." Chloe said with a giggle, remembering a few years during Lois most rebellion age, to challenge her father. "But now he isn't here, I guess you can do one if you want."

"Yes, I'll do that." Lois nodded with a proud smile before walking in the tattoo's tent direction. A blond woman was there finishing another tattoo in a red-haired woman.

"So, Clark." Chloe called Clark who had his eyes lost in Lois's direction. "Are you planning to tell her?"

"Tell her what?"

"Tell Lois that you actually have feelings for her. Like Oliver said when they were dating." Chloe pointed out, for Clark's surprise. "Come on, it's so obvious."

"It is?" Clark narrowed his eyes surprised. He didn't tell Chloe he kissed Lois dressed as Green Arrow but Chloe figured out by herself, after Jimmy showed her the pictures of Lois kissing the Green Arrow and told her he had vanished faster than the speed of light.

"I don't know, Chloe." Clark shook his head uncomfortable with the questions. "Can you just drop this? Please?"

"Fine, Mr. Sensitive."

Back in the tent, Lois was sitting in a chair waiting for her turn to be tattooed when Miranda, the blonde woman, came with a brush to do her tattoo. The brush was already with the red ink in the tip.

"Are you ready?" Miranda asked as Lois gave her a piece of paper after shaking her head with confidence.


"So, let's do it."


While Miranda was doing the tattoo on Lois, she suddenly felt a shiver down her spine as red shadows filled her eyes and she felt dazed for a moment. Miranda looked at her and frowned.

"Are you okay? This ink has caused some weird reactions in some people."

"I'm fine." Lois smiled devilishly while Miranda kept doing the tattoo without knowing the ink was filled with red kryptonite.

Later in the beach, Clark was drinking a soda when suddenly Lois came from the tent as she noticed Clark and started to smile and giggle. Clark was the first man she saw after leaving the tent. Everything around him was glowing and Clark looked like a Greek God to her.

"Clark!" she said with goggling eyes looking to him, who turned around to notice she was already back.

"Lois, you are back. That was fast!" Chloe pointed out returning with some beers in her hands. "So, what did you do?"

But before Lois could answer she moved her body close to Clark's, looking at his blue eyes seductively.



"Is that a new shirt?" Lois asked making Clark looking at her suspicious. "You are so sexy with it."

"Sexy?" Clark gasped confused with Lois's behavior. "What do you mean?"

"You are sexy, Clark Kent." Lois pointed out playing with her fingers in Clark's shirt as Chloe was looking at her with an odd look in her face.

"Okay, cousin. No more beers for you today!" Chloe said, pulling her cousin away from Clark. "What did you drink before we came here?"

"I didn't drink anything, Chlo." Lois protested pulling Chloe away and returning to Clark's side. "I'm just stating the obvious. Clark is a sexy and handsome man."

Clark rolled his eyes and shakes his head. "Oh I get it. What do you want, Lois? A ride to your place? Fixed your pipe or buy you Tai food..."

Lois giggled even more at Clark's response. "I don't want anything... except you." she said, before grabbing Clark's hair with her hands and giving him a very passionate kiss in the lips, shocking Chloe and Clark.

Clark looked at her even more confuse. Not that he didn't want to kiss Lois again since the Green Arrow incident. He did. So bad. And do some other stuff too that he couldn't even think about right now.

Focus Clark!

He tried to snap of that kind of thoughts right now, but Lois looks different like she was possessed or something.

"Lois, what are you doing?" Clark asked confused trying to control Lois who was trying to hug him as she was with her hands around his neck ready to kiss him again. "Are you drunk or something?"

"I'm not drunk... or maybe I'm drunk with love!" Lois said giggling even more for Clark and Chloe's surprise. "I love you, Clark Kent and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Okay, now I know you aren't really yourself." Chloe pointed out looking skeptical to her cousin. "Who are you and what did you do to my cousin?"

"Can't a woman be in love anymore?" Lois asked frustrated. "But it's always like that. When you finally find your man, people start to let you down about it. It's not fair."

Clark and Chloe exchanged glances before Clark pulled away of Lois's embrace and decided to take her back home. "No, Lois. It's not that. We're just surprised. But you look tired. I tell you what. I'll drive you back home and we talk tomorrow about that, okay?"

"You promise?" Lois asked with her hands behind her back looking at him with her hazel eyes.

"Scout's Honor."