Angel Eyes For a Demon Guy

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Chapter 1: Revelations

It was a quiet day in the village hidden in the leaves. No wait, nevermind. When you take another look at it, you'll see that it's not so quiet at all; A vicious beast is tearing up the forest before the town, as it heads towards it. Ninjas have gathered from the cafety of Konoha to stop it, only to gasp in fear to what they saw.

Before them stood a red orange fox glaring down at the small humans. It had glowing red eyes with a black slitted iris in the middle. Its sharp claws looked to be able to slash through even diamonds and behind it were nine lashing tails. Each of them swinged wildly, but almost insync with another for none of them collided with the other.

"So the Kyubi no Yoko." One of the ninjas said, as he gaped in fear while his nakama jumped into battle against the large demon. Some threw kunai, others shot shuriken, the rest unleashed their arsenal of ninjutsus at it; But alas all efforts of attacking failed.

Minutes later, maybe even less, and the fox was still proceeding towards the village, as what some could feel as earthquakes could be felt as it approached. More ninjas came by to fight, this time as nothing but a stall. But it didn't take long for Yoko to dispose of them as well. It all seemed hopeless, until another shock that quaked the earth could be felt in front of it. Before Kyubi stood a large red toad, wearing a blue kimono and a dagger by its side. On top of it stood a figure, a man wearing a fire flower pattern cape with a jonin vest underneath. He had golden yellow hair on top of his head, and the bluest cerulean eyes you could see.

In his hands you couldn't tell from afar, but to the man and the fox, and of course the toad, you could tell it was a tiny little infant, wrapped in a cloak. The large toad jumped forward to latch onto the fox, who swiped its claw down and scarred its left eye. But it didn't stop, and grabbed the fox, doing its best to not let go.

"Get off of me! This has nothing to do with you mortals!!" The fox bellowed, trying all its might to get free. Of course it knew it couldn't die, so why would they try to stop him?

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to kill anymore people. You must be stopped. Shiki Fujin!" The man on top of the frog yelled, as a blinding light could be seen blocking the rest of what could be seen.

9 Years Later...

After the battle the yellow spiky haired guy, known as the Yondaime Hokage, was able to defeat the fox at the cost of his own life. But the truth is this was a lie. This was what the kids today were told. The real thing that happened was this;

During the climax of the fight Yondaime used an S-class Jutsu he made for this situation and summoned what everyone calls the God of Death/Shinigami. The process of this jutsu makes it so the user can use the power of the Shinigami to remove the soul of a being, whether it be human or demon, and seal it inside something. Obviously he couldn't do it in him; With the fox being stronger than all other demons, it wouldn't have died along with him. And sealing it inside an object would only be even more foolish. It would just break out.

So giving as much thought as possible he sealed it inside a tiny little infant who was just a few minutes old, and performed other complex seals in order to keep it there and not kill him. Why he chose this kid and not some other child who was still a baby is unknown but only one person knew the truth and wouldn't speak it. After the incident, and the body of the fox dispersed into dust and scattered into the winds, the last Hokage that governed the village took over his place, a guy past his ossan years but was still ready and able to take over. After he told the people of the truth they turned furious and attacked the baby, thinking the Yondaime weakened the fox into the form of a helpless infant.

After trying to reassure them and failed, Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi had no choice but to create a law; Forcing anyone who spoke of what really happened to the fox behind his back would suffer the death penalty. It was in hopes to protect the boy, named Uzumaki Naruto, from having to live a life of becoming mentally disturbed, emo, vengeful, and evil, but alas that didn't stop people from torturing him so that he would want to die. After turning nine he was kicked out of the nursery that 'took care' of him and was forced to live alone.

With no place to go, and nowhere to live, Sandaime tried multiple times to give him a home of his own, but no one would take him in though. So here we find Naruto, down on his luck, leaving the Konoha Academy for Growing Ninjas from another unsuccessful day of learning. For some reason he didn't end up all evil and blood-thirsty. Instead he just remained distant, as if solitude was his only faithful friend. The boy kept moving towards the forest, thinking he can get a new home there, unknown to someone watching and following.

Inside The Forest...

"I'm real hungry...I don't think I can take anymore searching." He complained, searching through the woods for a suitable tree to make into his own home. But due to fatigue maybe he fell down a hill and slid into a puddle of muddy water.

"Man...maybe I should turn around and try sleeping in the school. It worked last time..." He said, pulling himself up from a vine attached to a tree and wiping the mud off. But that's when he heard a russling nearby. Getting into a taijutsu stance he learned at the academy he checked his surroundings. It didn't take long for him to be hounded by wolves.

Naruto checked them out, four of them, a bit scrawny, grey on the top, drool leeking off their teeth and fangs, blood-shot eyes looking straight at him, and they looked hungry. "I'm gonna die." He cried, a stream of anime tears falling from his face. That's when they pounced, attacking him left to right, biting hard on his arms and legs. He broke free though and had to run, sprinting as far as he could towards a well lit place, or better yet the village.

But with his injuries no worse than the ones he get from back in the village almost daily, he didn't run as far as he could have hoped from the wolves. Infact he was losing enough blood to crimple him to the ground. Of course he's always healed in worse situations, but then again that's when no one's striking him anymore. These wolves would tear him up til there was nothing left.

But then he felt something inside of him, as if some surge of energy erupted from him. This said energy was enough to keep him up a bit, and gave him a bloodthirsty characteristic. As the group of okami came at him he stood his ground, on all fours. As one came at him he grabbed its mouth and ripped off its bottom jaw, as blood squirted onto his body. The second one came straight for him, but he swung the one he had at it, taking out an eye. The third and fourth snuck up behind him, then pounced. Naruto turned to face them and grabbed them by the necks, crushing their necks.

As he let go the bodies lied limp on the floor. He too passed out in bloody wounds and exhaustion.

Hours Later...

Naruto woke up, seeing that he was still alive again. Well, he was use to it anyway. But he looked to his side and saw a beautiful sight; a beautiful girl was rubbing ointment on his wounds. She had the graceful face of a lovely angel, brown hair done up in the shape of meatballs, chocolate eyes that look just delicious enough to eat, and the body of a goddess, wrapped in a pink shirt and dark green pants.

Naruto shook himself out of his stupor to focus on the subject at hand. "Oi, ne-chan, what are you doing?" The girl looked up at him, and gave a weak smile.

"Oh, I'm just giving you some ointment. It's mandatory if you need to-"

"No!" He interrupted, stopping her from talking anymore. "I meant why are you helping me? I can look at you right now and tell you're from Konoha. I don't want someone to get hurt because of me."

"Don't be a fool." She said, still rubbing his wounds. He rose up to stop her, but was haulted when she slapped him. Sure he's felt worse than a slap before, but for some reason, this one hit, knocked the fight out of him. "I've been watching you for some time, and seen how everyone else has treated you. I don't want that. I don't know why they hate you, but I know that you don't deserve it."

While she talked, he was quietly listening and blinking in disbelief; She seem to have tears coming down her face freely. It was like, she understood his pain completely and only saw a frightened little child who just got screwed over by people who don't even know him. But he had to make sure she wasn't like the rest of them, and would betray him later. "If, you truly think that way, is there a way for you to help me?"

"Yes, I was thinking you with me." She spoke in a soft yet strong voice. The moment she said that, his eyes lit up bright, and he made a smile. It wasn't one of those fake smiles he puts on as a front back in the school, it truly was the real freakin deal. "A-a-arigatou, ne-chan. I would love to stay with you."

"Don't call me ne-chan. I feel so much older. My name is Amane Tenten." She said, holding her hand out to him.

"Thanks. You probably know me, but incase not; Uzumaki Naruto." He replied, shaking her hand back.

End Chapter...

Ne-chan: It's what you would call your sister, or some older girl you speak to in familiar. Naruto is doing it since he doesn't know her name.
Shiki Fujin: Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Arigatou: Thank you.