Angel Eyes For a Demon Guy

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Chapter 42: A Secondary Bankai: The End

"Uh, I can explain that!" yelped Naruto, as the girls found the box of pleasure creaters from the scroll. Each of them closed their mouths, and smirked seductively, then looked back at him.

"Oh Naru-koibito, I never knew you wanted us so badly." said Tenten, in a tone he's never heard before. The two of them turned to face him and held a bottle of pills in each hand. Ayame read the instructions first, then took two down the throat. Tenten repeated her actions, and Naruto was freaking out.

'They're going for it!?! I'mma be up all night!' He thought while crying over the thought. It wasn't that he didn't want to have sex. It's just that it was a bad time: sure they just got married, but he was very tired from the trip. So he walked into the bathroom while they stuffed themselves, and locked the door. The two girls looked at him in confusion as he left.

"What's with him?" asked Ayame.

"Probably tired. But if he's gonna go to sleep he should eat these." Tenten said, then picked up a bottle from another box, and took two pills out.


Naruto was inside the bathroom pissing in the crapper. He then took a while to look at the things around him. There was a bathtub big enough for them, a window much like others, a mirror right in front of him, and a sink right beside him. After he was done, he decided to bare the tiredness, and go out and give them what they want.

Naruto exited the bathroom, and looked at the sight before him: Tenten sitting on the bed with Ayame in revealing clothes and poses. Ayame was sporting a black lace bra without any underwear, showing him her bushy brown vaginal hole, covered by a finger. Tenten was...if I'm not mistaken a see through silver nightgown with no bra underneath and a pair of panties. She was fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Their actions had a very good effect on him, no later than his penis erected full just by watching and he bled through his nose.

"Uh, you know I can always-" He was cut off by Tenten jumping onto him and pulling him back to the bed, kissing and licking his mouth and lips as much as possible. After about a minute of tongue kissing Ayame intruded and pulled her away.

"It's my turn Tenten. You'll just have to wait." said the ramen girl, as she kissed him. The girl practically melted in his mouth, as she gave him more kisses and licks. She then stuck her tongue into his mouth, and battled his own for dominance over who gets to explore who. She won and traveled the world of Naruto's mouth.

Naruto's hands touched her shoulders, moving her off his body. He then went down to her chest, and snapped her bra off to get a good view of her chest. Now that he thought about it Naruto noticed that she was a lot more full figured than she is when she wears the dress. Her breasts were slightly bigger than Tenten's but large nonetheless. Naruto kissed and massaged her breasts, being rewarded by moans and 'oohs'(heh.). Naruto continued giving her a special treatment, and she wrapped her legs around him and wet humped him. Her pussy was growing wetter by the second, and she even began to scream loud, giving her such loving sucking and kisses that Tenten was growing even more jealous.

'I want some action too..oh well. Ayame is new to this so I shall just go with this until he's done.' Tenten thought as she stood by the sidelines and watched. The bushi ninja pushed him off of her as he was rubbing her nipples with his thumb and index fingers. Tenten began to remove his clothing, strarting with the shirt, then the boots and then the pants. What was left was a tent, or was it a pair of underwear with a bulging penis there? Only one way for them to find out, as Ayame jumped at it first and removed his white undies to reveal a fully erected stick standing up in the air, touching onto his stomach. She was amazed, this being her first time seeing a penis, and the fact that it was alot bigger than she was told by Tenten.

Acting on instincts Ayame grabbed the penis and inhaled it in her mouth. She began to pump it up and down her mouth as she licked the shaft as well. Tenten didn't want her to have all the fun and joined in, licking his testicles and sucking them as well. This was enjoyable to Naruto, so much so that he exploded and yelled out. The semen rocketed inside of Ayame's mouth, seeing as she couldn't drink it all so sudden. She released him as the rest of the liquid dripped onto Tenten's face and her own.

"I can see you're getting tired are you not, our koibito?" said Tenten, licking the sticky liquid off of her face and his penis. Ayame licked some off of her as well, then turned towards them. 'That was amazingly tasty for some reason. I want more of him.' thought Ayame.

"You know, now that you mention it, I really am tired. Yesterday we did go through a mission that lasted most of the day, and carrying you two up here was hard enough, and now this-" He was about to continue but Tenten kissed his love maker sexily, and began to remove her nightgown and take off her panties to continue.

"Oh fine. Which one of you wants to go first?" said the yonnin. Ayame held her hand up real fast, making Naruto laugh a bit. Tenten saw this, and sighed. She can have him later, if he was awake. Tenten got off the bed, allowing Ayame to lay on the bed and wait for him to take action. Naruto played a bit, pumping two fingers in her vagina, causing her to moan wildly. The girl tried her best not to pass out from it all, and made a loud noise continuously.

"Oh, my, god, you're, awesome, Naruto-koishii!" She screamed, as she climaxed and wetted the bed. It was a good thing the blanket was removed so her juices only poured onto the sheets. Naruto then sat right up to her, and plunged inside for only an inch. An inch was enough for Ayame because she bit her lip. Naruto saw this and stopped.

"Don't stop. Keep going, please." Ayame said. She knew she was in pain, but from what she heard from Tenten it would only be tremporarily. Naruto was still uncertain, but went with her order, plunging deeper into the brunette. She began to wince and wimper in pain, but later on the pain went away.

"Oh yes! Keep Going! Harder! Please, go harder!!" Ayame cried, as the pain quickly turned into a wonderful sensation. Naruto kept up her request and pounded harder into the horny girl. She rose up and grabbed onto him, her nails digging in his chest, drawing blood. Naruto didn't mind, so the blood was ignored. She kept screaming and howling out, matching his thrusts with her own.

A few minutes later Naruto could feel her walls squish against his dick and made it harder for him to bear it. 'I can't. Take. It. Anymore!' He thought.

"Aya-hime, I can't continue...I'm gonna cum..." Naruto could make out.

"Go on my love! Do it inside me!!" She screamed. The two of them then climaxed, Naruto yelling her name and shooting cum inside of her stomach, and Ayame screaming 'Naruto-koishii', and giving her love juice on her penis. Ayame then fell to the bed, falling asleep. Naruto could feel himself tire, and removed his penis from her vagina. He looked to see Tenten coming towards him, and grabbing his cock.

"Now is my turn." She said, and sucked the thing. Naruto wanted to stop her and skip the foreplay, but she pushed him to his back, and climbed on top of him. She positioned her pussy over his face.

"Eat me out." She demanded, then continued to suck the man, and he went on to kissing and licking her goods. He put his two fingers inside her and began to thrust inside, causing her to moan louder than Ayame did. Later Tenten felt herself cum onto Naruto, as she kept licking the throbbing shaft. Soon Naruto could feel himself climax again, as his penis began to jerk around. Tenten saw this and grabbed firm onto his dick. This not only stopped his explosion, but kept him awake for more. "Not this time. Time for our fun, and go as hard as you can!"

Naruto nodded, then moved her above him, her womanhood right over his manhood. She then sat down on it, the rod going inside her like before. She cried in extreme pleasure as she bounced up and down on him. She continued going up and down, as Naruto pounded upwards in retaliation. She cried out in lust and joy, feeling those pills taking effect on her. She really wished though that she had given him those said things, and continued to pound onto him. She then stopped a bit, jerking her hips about and moving his cock.

"What are you doing?" Naruto whispered, feeling something new hit him like a tsunami. She continued to move about, feeling incredibly great from this. She then stopped and continued bouncing up and down. After a few minutes of love making he felt the walls in her pussy get even tighter than they were before already, if that was ever possible, and squeeze him. He kept going along with it until he felt himself get ready to go off. She began to feel the heat inside of her rise up, as she could feel her climax coming soon.

"I'm coming Ten-hime!" He yelled, and made one last moan as he ejaculated inside the woman.

"Na! Ru! To! Koi! Bi! To!" She screamed out loud, as her own love liquid consumed his penis. She passed out on top of him, falling on the man she loves enough to share and look into his eyes. Naruto had long since gone out like a light, which brings them to realize the light was still on. Ayame woke up when they finished just in time to see the finale. She then went over to the light and turned it off, heading over to see Naruto unconsciously drape her arm around Tenten, and she cuddled on the right side of his body, leaving another part open for one more. Ayame laid down beside him on his left side, and snuggled in, his other arm coming around her.

"I love you Naruto-koishii. I hope you have some sweet dreams about us. I know I will." Ayame said softly, kissing his cheek and falling asleep.

Back In Konoha...

Tsunade was wandering around the city borders, as if trying to find something. She loked behind her and saw Shizune coming towards her. "Tsunade-kaasan, what seems to be the problem?"

"I think I just heard something loud. Like, group-sex loud." said the Hokage. Shizune held her nose together in hopes to not sport blood from it, and walked back.

Haku was walking back from a trip to the store with a black box under his sleeve. He looked at it again and smiled. 'Should have done this from the start.' He thought.

The ice ninja finally made it home, and entered into the apartment. He walked around and locked the door, and saw the love of his life sitting in a chair waiting for him. "Haku, where the hell did you go?!"

"Tayuya." Haku took her left hand and got down on one knee. "Tayuya, when I first saw you, I was sad that you might have to be killed by one of us. When Shikamaru took over fighting you, I had a feeling you would survive, but I dismissed that because I couldn't weigh my friend's lives over a lovely enemy. And when I ran into your room that day, I fell in love again, and we became a couple."

"Well, I can't say I'm not sorry. I never liked that snake bastard, or his friends. The only one I liked was Kimmimaro, and he died because of you." She said with a laugh. Haku sighed, then proceeded to continue.

"I spent more time with you so I wouldn't be wrong to love you. I wanted to spend everyday with you like it was a wedding day, and this time, I will grant that wish, if for only one." He finished. The former sound ninja gasped at him.

"Haku! Are you saying-" Her worries were put to rest when he pulled out a black box, and opened it. Inside was a gold ring with a ruby gem in the middle. Around the side of it were two snakes, each one the bone snake whip she uses all the time, each with a golden hair mane. It's obvious he's spent a fortune on it.

"Where the hell did you get this!?" asked Tayuya.

"I had Naruto forge it for me once I gave him the materials. Cost a lot of money to make it, but within two weeks I finally got it." Haku then took her hand, and placed the ring on her left middle finger. "Tayuya, I don't have a last name, so I'll make us one...Will you become Rikka Tayuya?"

It was within an instant. It happened so fast that you would need chakra-enhanced eyes to see it. Tayuya jumped onto Haku and kissed him hard. "So, is that a yes?"

"You're so fucking retarded. Hai."

Next Morning In Amegakure...

Naruto opened his eyes to see everything around him again, and saw that Tenten was gone as well as Ayame. He looked at the clock next to the bed, and it read '8:13 A.M.' The yonnin began to think about why Tenten came to help him that day...

Flashback no Jutsu...

"Why I did what?" asked Tenten, looking back at Naruto, who was eating ramen at the Ichiraku shop.

"Why did you help me? You knew nothing about me and yet you tried to help me back then in the forest." said Naruto, not eating anymore.

"I helped you...because you didn't deserve it. I helped you because I hated the way people saw you, the way they treated you, and the way you took it. What you think I didn't notice your plan to destroy this village?" Tenten looked at a blushing Naruto, who couldn't look at her.

"Yeah, I really wouldn't have been good at that. I'm not real good at fighting. Besides I'm only 10." He said, earning a laugh from his friend. "But until I met you I became serious."

"So I guess seeing a pretty girl help you stop you from such a long-term fate." She said, then finished her bowl. "Hey Ayame! Bring another bowl!"

The ramen girl turned back towards them, then went back in to get their refill. After another minute she came out with anothe bowl and handed it to her. "There you go Tenten. Will Naruto-kun be having seconds too?"

'Kun? Where did that come from?' Tenten asked herself pouting in jealously. Naruto nodded. "Yes I would Ayame-nii-chan." He requested handing her an empty bowl. Ayame pouted when he called her his sister, and Tenten smiled.

End Flashback...

He sighed, thinking they went off somewhere, when he heard wretching noises from the bathroom. He walked over to see who was there, and found Ayame and Tenten stark naked. Both were above the toilet spitting up some nasty looking things. He remembered something similar to this happen on a tv sitcom comedy, and lifted his eyebrow in shock.

"You guys are pregnant right?" asked Naruto. The two of them looked at him in shock, seeing as how he found out so fast.

"How did you know?" asked the two of them in unison.

"I saw something like this happen on Friends." He said. The girls looked at him, blinked a couple of times though but stared at him nonetheless.

"Koishii, we're not really sure. Do you want kids?" asked Ayame, already forgetting who he is right then and there. Tenten sighed at Ayame's annoyance. She would have said something, but she then turned back to the toilet, and vomited again.

"I love the both of you. Not only would I want to have children with you two, but I would love to be with you two for the rest of my life. Alongside them too." said Naruto. He smiled that smile that Ayame loved so much, and jumped up to hug the man.

"I would kiss you, but I really should brush first..." She said laughing a bit. The two of them shared a laugh as well, but stopped when Tenten wretched again. Ayame puushed him back into the bedroom connected to the bath, and pushed him down on the bed, inhaling his manhood, making him erect soon. He thrusts into her mouth, making her moan in her mouth. He then stopped and turned her around, pounding into her ass this time. She cooed softly, then screamed when he went fast. He then latched onto her back and made love to her like a chipmunk on a turtle. It wasn't until after Tenten stopped wretching until the two of them climaxed. His cream went inside her ass, only to have it die later on, and her juices dampened the bed.

"Oh, having fun without me?" Tenten said, then pulled Naruto out of her ass and sat on his dick, it going inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his back, moving up and down him like a horny school girl who finally meets her pretty boy fantasy. The poundings and such continued for a few minutes, and he yelled her name and ejaculated inside her vagina, not worried that he might make her pregnant because he already did. Tenten screamed out his name and covered his penis with juice. The two were left panting hard.

"You seem energetic today. You wanna continue?" asked Tenten, shifting her hips on him. Naruto shook his head.

"Naw. Let's go check out the village. Then we'll have some food and then we came do this again." He suggested, and pulled her up off of him. She kissed the man hard on the lips, and moved off of him. The three of them got dressed, and enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon.

And the rest of the week went by peacefully, not regarding the noises they kept making, and even on after their returned to Konoha. After telling others of Ayame and Tenten's pregnancy, things seemed to have quieted down, besides the certain missions and shit.

Epilouge: 8 Years Later...

Out of a hospital ran two people. Both males but one left in a flash. The other had long black hair, white eyes, and a white cloak around him. Hyuga Neji was certainly disturbed. "I hope Lee can get to him soon. This is more annoying than when Haruno-san fought against Tenten-san."

"Hokage-sama, there's something you need to know!" said someone who just burst into the room. The green-streaked blonde haired man looked over at the guy, and saw who it was. He was Rock Lee, Number 1 Taijutsu specialist of Konoha. He was wearing the jonin vest like most of them, with blue spandex underneath and his headband around his waist. He kept the bowl-cut hair and bushy eyebrows, in remembrance of his teacher, but stopped the youthfulness when Gai passed away.

"What is it this time Lee? And don't tell me it's Manabu again." He said, getting up from painting something.

"Actually, it is your son again. His condition has put him in the hospital. I just thought you need to know." Lee continued. The Hokage sighed, then put on his straw hat on, walking out the door. On the way he grabbed his black sword and teleported in a flash of black, heading over to the hospital.


The Rokudaime made his way inside the hospital, walking in to see that things were the same as usual. He saw a blonde nurse he knew, and grabbed her shoulder to turn her around. "Yamanaka-san, where's Manabu?"

The medic ninja turned to him. She had on the standard nurse uniform on, with her blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail. Her blue eyes were the same, but a bit more determined than they used to be. She pointed down the hall to the door on the left far in the back. He walked over to there, and entered in. He walked in to find his son on the bed coughing blood and his mother right beside her. She looked the same as before, but a trained eye could see the grey in her hair and the wrinkles in her cheeks.

"How's Manabu?" He asked for the fifth time this week. He looked down at his son. He was a stunning image of him with a bit of his mother within. He has blonde smooth hair with streaks of brown on it. He had it in a ponytail samurai fashion like his father, with blue eyes with a swirl of black ringing the majority. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit with black pants and wooden sandals.

"He's still suffering from tuberculosis. He's been having this problem for years and he doesn't seem to be getting better.Will he die?" asked Shizune. The Hokage sighed, shaking his head.

"He's too courageous to die. I won't let him. Besides he'll always be back on his feet the next day. I need to go tell Tenten and Ayame. Tell Wataru and Yuki I won't be able to pick them up from school." He said, then vanished in a black blur.

Hokage Manor...

The Hokage had managed to get to his home real soon. He found two of his friends asleep on the couch, hand in hand. One of them had finally lost his girlish charm, if only a little, and had on a lightblue yukata outfit with a white haori over them. He had black hair over his face in two riverlike motions, and the rest behind his head in a wavy waterfall. The girl he held onto was a red head who had it behind her head in a spiky pineapple. She was wearing a brown and red version of Shizune's usual outfit. Their weapons were set on the side of the bed.

"Haku and Tayuya were never this lazy. They better not have done it on my couch!" He whispered loudly. He walked up the stairs and made it to his room. He saw the door open and entered in. He saw his two wives sleeping on the bed seperate from one another, and fully clothed for you people to know.

Tenten had grown a lot stronger in the past 6 years, her tuned out body, not manly like but still headstrong, showed evidence of it. She had her hair still in buns, but used yellow ribbons instead. Ayame was there on the other side of the bed, asleep as well. Her hair had now been growing longer than before. She even had Shizune and Tenten braid it to go in front of her chest. (Think of Unohana Retsu from Bleach.) She had the same job as before, but now became a professional chef and even traveled around the world to different resturants. It wasn't as cool as Tenten's job being a Densetsu no Yonnin, but she loved to do it, even more so when her husband helped her get tutors for lessons.

The Rokudaime placed a hand onto their shoulders, jerking them awake. It only worked on Ayame, but Tenten was still asleep. So Naruto went over to her and kissed her lips to get her awake. It worked, and she looked up at him.

"Hey my himes. I would like to tell you that Manabu is in the hospital again." He said. Tenten's eyes opened in worry.

"Oh not again. Naruto-koibito, why does he has this disease? Our child has been suffering this for 11 months. I envy you Ayame-chan." She said, looking at the other woman in his life. The chef sighed.

"Manabu is a strong boy. He'll be ok don't worry. He's like Naruto-koishii, so he'll be fine." Ayame stated, smiling to make her feel better, which worked. Naruto kissed Ayame as thanks for cheering her up. Tenten, becoming jealous, pulled him away and made out with him. As she pulled away, the two of them talked about their day. Tenten had it out with Sakura once and for all, and Ayame's store was closed temporarily for having a single rat seen running out the kitchen while other chefs were trying to grab it. Other than that, life was good for them.

'This job seems to have gotten harder ever since Baa-chan made me her successor before she died. It's a shame though. I guess age caught up with her and the Ero-sennin. I'll try to protect their legacy.' thought Naruto as the two argued over who's day was better. Though his and Tenten's son had tuberculosis, and being Hokage gave him a shitload of paperwork, he was happy with the way things were. He wouldn't want his life any other way.

Elsewhere In Some Dark Place...

In a sandy where nightime was the light, a figure walked down a pair of stairs. He was wearing the Akatsuki robes around him, and looked down at the people he ruled over. Ten. Each of them were wearing white vests and pants.

"My have each been reborn and stronger than before. I am Pein, and together I shall give you all what you desire!" He yelled, as the ten of them bowed. Behind him came a girl with blue hair and white eyes. She was dressed the same as Pein, but had a white lotus in her hair. The second person was a guy as pale as them all, wearing the same as the other two.

"Orochimaru, why are you two here? I never called for you." He said.

"My apologizes. but I can't stay still ever since you ressurected me after you stole Arashi's-" He began, but was slapped by the girl. "Do not speak of such things in front of Pein-sama."

"Bitch." He said. Pein looked up at the moon outside the window, and laughed evilly. Things were about to get a bit interesting.

The End...Or Is It?

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