Heart Of The Matter

Rose has fantastic breasts. They're perky and firm, yet soft to the touch – and Tim should know. While the truth is relative, it is the truth. Tim can attest to it, as he's spent many hours in recent days going over Rose's breasts with his fingers, his lips…his tongue.

He's gone over the rest of her with the same thoroughness, head to foot and all the secret places in between. Her breasts always grab Tim's attention, though, mostly because he can't take his eyes off of them when they have sex. They're right below his eyes when he moves inside her, warm/soft globes that Rose loves for him to touch as he fingers her clit, a secretive smirk on her lips as she stares up at him, sending him over the edge before he even knew he was that wound up. He sees them bounce lightly as she moves on him, sinking up and down on his cock, her hands running over his own chest, heat in her eyes.

Being on top is her preferred position; Tim's too, as it means he can touch practically all of her, and he does. The rest of her body is fucking gorgeous, as well, and it feels equally fantastic to touch her everywhere else, satin-soft skin, smooth with only a few scars.

In the dark of the night, they're always quiet; gasps and moans, but rarely ever real words. Still, they can read each other's bodies; Tim never thought he could be such an open book with someone, but Rose has taught him differently.

Rose has taught him a lot of things.

The sex is somewhat similar to love, Tim thinks; he's found a calm contentment in her arms, if not the all-encompassing passion that romance novels tout. It's something real, almost tangible to his touch, and if it isn't a blazing inferno of lust…it's comfortable, and that matters more in the long run, he thinks.

Tim never thought he'd have someone for the long run, but the heart of the matter is that Rose seems determined not to leave him alone. And not to let him leave.

Rose has fantastic breasts, creamy skin, a gorgeous, if flawed, face, and the body of a fighter, toned and sleek, lithe and limber, feeling like warmed velvet over steel as he runs his hands over her… She's a veritable goddess in body.

But it's her heart that drew Tim in, and keeps him there.