I don't own the marvel characters. All rights of these characters background goes to the makers of marvel. The story however, is mine and mine alone. And I reserve the right to this story line and all story lines of or relating to this set up.

I wanted to start up a romance in the X-men that no one has heard of. So I made up a few characters of my own. This one is between Rogue and a mystery guy (You will learn about him as the story continues.) This is a one time story. But if I get some interested feed back on it, I will continue with this new character.

This is a mixture of Evolution and the original comics/comic shows (Not to mention a bit of my own spice added to the mix).

New Love

Getting Away

Rogue leaned toward the mirror a little more, bracing her hip against the edge of the sink. Outside the bathroom door she could hear the sounds of the others waking up. A soft sigh broke through her lips. She had been hoping to get out of the Mansion before any of the others woke up.

She finished putting on her makeup, running a comb quickly through her short, brown hair. Too quickly actually, she winced as it pulled on the tangles. As soon as she was done, she opened the door to the bath room, sticking her head out to see if anyone was in the hallway. The coast looked clear, for the moment.

She moved quickly past the doors of her teammates. Her eyes moved from door to door, searching for any sign that they might be opening. None of them did, and she let out a relieved breath as she reached the stairs. Again checking to make sure no one was around, she slipped into the kitchen.

She browsed through the contents of the fridge, looking for something she could eat on the way to school. She settled on an apple and a roll left over from last night. Putting them in the pocket of her jacket, she moved to the sink for a glass of water. Gulping that down, she headed for the front door.

"Up a little early aren't ya Ro?" came a gruff voice from behind her. "Seem a little anxious to get to school"

Rouge whirled around to see Logan sitting on the window seat bench, open newspaper in his lap, watching her.

She adopted a relaxed, 'whatever' stance before she answered him.

"I figured I'd get a head start, before everyone else. Is that a crime now?" Her voice had an edge to it. She was SO tired of everyone getting into her business. She just wanted them to butt out!

One of Logan's bushy eyebrows lifted a fraction of an inch, his only reaction to her tone.

"Guess not. Just never took you for the 'hurry off to school type'." He picked his paper back up and continued reading.

Rogue shook her head as she left the kitchen, a little smile on her face. Of all the different people who lived here in the X-mansion, Logan was probably her favorite. He never seemed to pry into her, or any of the other's, lives at all. That was a major relief.

She walked outside, quietly shutting the door behind her, as she heard Kitty and Bobby coming down the stairs. Her eyes moved from the garage and then down the long drive way, contemplating the long walk to Bayville High.

The smile on her face grew a little. She had gotten her Drivers License a week ago, so she knew she did not have to walk. It was such a relief not to always have to hitch a ride with Scott or Jean.

She opened the doors to the garage, and climbed into one of the four jeeps that were kept there. She started up the engine, drove down to the gates, and slipped out onto the road. She resisted the urge to speed all the way to the school.

Part of her wondered why she felt like she had to run away all the time. But sometimes, things just seemed as if they where closing in on her.

She just needed to get out.