I'm totally revising this story, just so you guys know. It'll be a lot different, just not this first chapter, it's pretty much the same. I hope you like this version better! I'm working on the second chapter right now, and it should be up really soon.

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Kori Anders stopped in front of her new school, staring up at the gigantic building where she'd be learning for at least this entire year. The building had the words "Gotham High" sprawled across what she took to be the gymnasium in huge letters.

Suddenly, someone collided with her. Hard. Everything she was holding fell to the ground. "Watch where you're going!" an angry senior yelled. Kori, whose eyes had started to fill up with tears, attempted to shuffle her papers back into her folders. The unfairness of it all! Why did Koma have to move us here? I have no friends, and everyone is so mean! No wonder. Koma loves making my life miserable. Then she looked up and almost gasped.

"I am very sorry, but I was standing still!" said Kori in a voice a lot shriller than she had thought she had. She couldn't help it. This guy was…hot, a word Kori never found herself using before. His long, jet-black locks were spiked interestingly, and sunglasses covered his eyes, not even the silhouettes showing through. From what she could see of his expression, though, he looked extremely surprised about something, but quickly his face contorted with anger.

"You mean to say I bumped into you?" he growled. Kori had the impression he was not very happy with her right now. Leaving would be a good alternative.

"No, I am very sorry. I...I believe I shall be late for class. Good bye!" she said, gathering up her things and running.

Richard Grayson still heard Bruce berating him in his head. "At least try to like it here, Dick! You've been like this for the past ten years, and now it's worse. You need to grow up and get over it!" he had yelled. Richard gritted his teeth. Like that was ever going to happen. Bruce just didn't get that you never "got over" your parents dying. Richard hated him.

Then came this redhead just staring at the stupid school. Who does that? Richard bumped into her, just for the fun of it. He heard her shriek and he almost laughed. Almost. "Watch where you're going!" he yelled.

She looked up at him with the most innocent look he had ever seen. Not only that, but she was absolutely gorgeous. She tucked her long, soft-looking red hair behind her ear. Even that everyday little action sent his mind whirling. He almost reached out to help her and wipe away the tears that were quickly forming in her huge, jade eyes.

"I am very sorry, but I was standing still!" she said. Her voice seemed kind of high for a girl like her. Maybe that's what happens right after someone you don't even know bumps into and starts yelling for no apparent reason. Richard wouldn't know.

"You mean to say I bumped into you?" he growled at her. The girl shook her head fearfully.

"No, I'm sorry. I--I believe I shall be late for class. Good bye!" she said, gathering her things and running. Richard watched her go, and couldn't help thinking, Her accent's cute. And, The bell for homeroom won't ring for another ten minutes!