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"Anders, Korina!" called the master of ceremonies. As Kori walked up to the stand accompanied by a tumultous applause by her peers, she noticed Xavier glaring at her from the front seat, but ignored it. Some people never learn.

Taking her diploma, she headed back to her seat.

"Arbor, Nicholas!"

"Austen, Trevor!"

"Baron, Alexa!"

"Baxter, Beatrice!"

"Beecher, Karen!" Kori clapped even harder for her friend, who went up to recieve her dimploma with a huge grin on her face. They waited about thirty minutes for all the names to be announced. Then, the master of ceremonies cried, "I give you the graduating class of 2020!"

The student body as a whole stood up and threw their caps in the air, yelling and laughing and creating utter chaos. Kori searched frantically, but couldn't find anyone she knew, let alone--

"Dick!" she squealed happily as he literally swept her off his feet. His twinkling, sky blue eyes widened as she kissed him out of the blue, but then he relaxed and smiled.

"We made it, Kor. Or at least, I made it. I think Bruce is having a heart attack. Beginning of the year, he thought I'd flunk."

Kori giggled. "Not on my clock."

"Watch," he corrected. It was second nature now.

"Watch," Kori agreed. He let her down gently, and she hugged him, unable to contain her happiness. "This is wonderful! We have finally completed our schooling, and have passed with flying colors! Colors, yes? Or was it banners?"

"Colors," Dick said, never letting go. "You passed with flying colors, I just barely made it."

"Oh, nonsense! You had straight A's!"

"Just barely," Dick grumbled.

"What am I to do with you?"

He grinned. "Hmm...I was thinking, somewhere along the lines of this...?" He kissed her again, and she laughed, returning it. After they had pulled away, he looked around. The uproar was dying down, and everything was a little more orderly. "Now, where are the others?"

"Right here, man!" Vic came over and clapped Dick on the shoulder. "Congrats, y'all, we're outta school!"

"And it's about time," muttered Gar. "Geez, I thought I'd flunk and have to endure one more year of torture!"

"You will," Rachel reminded him. "Four, actually. College, remember?" Gar was horror-struck. He obviously hadn't remembered.

"Gar!" cried Kori. Everyone turned to look at her in alarm. "You used the word 'endure' in a sentence! Your vocabulary is improving!" Everyone laughed, excepting Kori. Tears started to fall out of her eyes.

"Kori? You okay?" Dick as worriedly, drawing her into yet another embrace.

"I am fine," she sniffed. "Merely happy." He chuckled.

"I love you." Vic, Karen, and Rachel, recognizing their need to be alone (or as alone as they could get in a huge hall filled with seniors) dragged Gar away. Kori smiled up at her boyfriend through her tears of joy.

"I love you as well." Both grabbing their caps at the same time, they threw the hats up in the air, walking out the doors to the auditorium far before the caps fell to the ground, out into a promise of a bright, bright future.

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